Robert Young – Run Across America Fraud

Photos of Young pounding out the miles while riding in the comfort of his RV are unavilable (photo via facebook)LRC It’s Official: Robert Young an UltraMarathon Cheat Inspired in part by the fastest-growing thread in history started by Asher Delmott, Skins – Young’s primary sponsor – has released a 100+ page independent report to determine if Young cheated in his run across America. The evidence is conclusive, he didn’t run the entire way.
*MB: Robert Young fakes run across America

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The Real Winners From Rio – LRC Running Warehouse Prediction Contest

rw-hires-horizontal-dark-on-whiteLRC Who Rocked The Rio Prediction Contest? A State Champion High School Coach, A Dude On His Honeymoon – The Talented Winners Span The Globe See who the kings and queens of are. Our winners hail from all over the globe. A state champion coach from the US won overall, but other winners included a woman from England, a 66-flat half marathoner from Atlanta and a Canadian. Our runner-up made his picks just days after landing the woman of his dreams.

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The Great OnesLRC Debate: After Berlin, Who Is The Distance Running GOAT – Kenenisa Bekele, Haile Gebrselassie Or Mo Farah? The LRC “brains” may have reached a rare consensus.
Discuss: Has Bekele just legitimised his WRs? Clean? GOAT?

screenshot-2016-09-27-at-15-49-47Listen On Demand Special Berlin Marathon Track Talk Podcast With Professor Of The Marathon Sean Hartnett Get the inside scoop on one of the greatest marathons ever. Plus, learn about the reaction of Bekele and Kipsang and the friendship between Bekele and Eliud Kipchoge.

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LRC Book Review: Run The World By 2:30 Marathoner Becky Wade Is An Easy And Fun Read That Anyone Who Enjoys Running And Travel Will Enjoy Rather than embark immediately upon a professional career, Wade – an All-American at Rice and 2016 Olympic Trials qualifier – spent a year visiting running cultures across the globe. The result is Run the World, a fun log of her running adventures in 22 different countries, including Japan, Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand.

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