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A Look Back At 2012

LRC An Oral History Of The 2012 Olympic Trials Women’s 5,000, Part II: The Race Four years ago today, the women’s 5,000 final at the US Olympic Trials was a race that no one who watched it or ran in it will ever forget. Over the span of three days, we’re giving you the full story of the race – how the main protagonists got to the start line, their thoughts during the race and how those 15 minutes have affected the rest of their lives.
*LRC Part I: The Road To The Trials
*RR: DailyRelay: “Chaos Reigned: An Oral History Of The 2008 Men’s 800m Olympic Trials Final” Andrew Wheating: “There’s never going to be a race in my life that will ever have the same meaning to me as that race does.”

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2016 British Championships / Trials *Results *TV & Streaming

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Junior / NCAA News: 2016 USATF Juniors *Live Results *Meet Home With Schedule, Entries And Other Info

The 2nd-Fastest Man In World History Is On The Comeback Trail

LRCThe Rebirth Of Yohan Blake

Last year, on the comeback trail after hamstring surgery, Yohan Blake, the second-fastest man in history, was running and losing "B" heats in Europe. Now, the man formerly known as "The Beast" is back in form, having exorcised his demons. "The nickname was holding me back. I keep on getting injured and it was related to the beasts in the Bible ... God didn't like it, so I had to change it."

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It’s Time to Put Your Game Faces On

LRC$200,016 LRC Running Warehouse Trials Prediction Contest Is Here!

The Olympic Trials are here. It's time to get down to business.

Will we see the same podium as last year or can Kipchirchir, Lagat or Jenkins crash the party?LRC US Olympic Trials Men’s 10,000 Preview: Galen Rupp Goes For 8 Straight as Ben True & Hassan Mead Lead Challengers; Can Bernard Lagat Make It at Age 41? The first final of the Trials is Friday night and it’s going to be a dandy.

Huddle will be looking to make up for the disappointment of Beijing in Rio this summer; that starts with earning her spot on SaturdayLRC US Olympic Trials Women’s 10,000 Preview: Molly Huddle, Then Who? Molly Huddle will be your winner. After that, a bunch of women will be battling it out for a spot in Rio.

Recommended Read: Brenda Martinez Has Had To Overcome A Lot Of Setbacks To Become The World Beater And Olympic Medal Hopeful She Is Today Before getting Joe Vigil as her coach, Martinez was without a sponsor and rejected by multiple training groups. She and her husband struggled to make it financially and had to hop track fences at night to do workouts.

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African Championships In The Books *Results

What Are The Toughest National Teams To Make For Rio? USA women’s 100 hurdles tops the list with 37 women who have the Olympic qualifying standard. Kenya’s men’s marathon and Ethiopia’s women’s 5,000 squad also make the list.

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WADA Head Craig Reedie Catching Flack

Jama Aden Doping Updates

Jama Aden Gets Arrested

farah-adenLRC Jama Aden Doping Raid Update: How Might The Raid Impact Mo Farah, The Dibabas And Nike? Today, we look at some of the connections between Aden and the sport’s biggest names like Genzebe Dibaba, Tirunesh Dibaba, Mo Farah, and Nike and wonder what type of impact, if any, the scandal will have on them. We also reveal for the first time in the English press that Mo Farah trained in Sansabell, Spain in 2014, a fact his agent didn’t even know, but claimed to be more than 100 miles away in France. Why?

LRC Everything You Need To Know About The Jama Aden Doping Raid That Took Place With Three Dibaba Sisters Being Present We give you the scoop on the biggest doping scandal in distance running’s history and the biggest non-country-related (i.e. Russia) doping scandal since BALCO. In the near future, we’ll have much more for you, including “What does this mean for Nike, Mo Farah and Alberto Salazar, who all have ties to Aden?”

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Nike Raised The White Flag

Will Berian now sign with NB?LRC David 1, Goliath 0: Nike Has Dropped Its Lawsuit Against Boris Berian Berian is now free to run for whomever he pleases at the 2016 US Olympic Trials.
*Keflezighi Tells Bloomberg Berian’s “First Preference” Is To Now Sign With New Balance

*Out Of The Goodness Of Their Hearts? Nike Says It Dropped Their Lawsuit To “Eliminate The Distraction” For Boris Berian Ahead Of The Trials We’re sure eliminating all the bad publicity was among the considerations as well.
*The Oregonian: “Nike, Facing Skeptical Judge, Drops Endorsement Lawsuit Against Berian” This a day after Nike told the federal court it would suffer “irreparable harm” if Berian went to NB.
*Ken Goe’s Take On The Case Before Nike Dropped The Suit “I don’t understand … why Nike wants to force Berian to stay in the fold if he doesn’t want to be there. Let him go.”

More Late-Week Action *Meeting Madrid Results

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Once A Doper …

2008 Olympic Race Walk Champ Alex Schwazer Fails Drug Test Just 6 Weeks After Returning From 3+ Year Ban This from the guy who got his girlfriend banned for helping him evade drug tests and broke down in apologetic tears after testing positive in 2012. Pathetic.
*Schwazer Claims He Was Sabotaged, But Aussie Jared Tallent Isn’t Buying It Schwazer returned from his doping ban to beat Tallent at the World Race Walking Team Champs last month.
*AP article

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What Makes Asbel Kiprop So Good? We Try To Tell You

LRCA Week With The World's Best Miler: An Exclusive Look At Asbel Kiprop's Last Two Workouts Before The Pre Classic

The Pre Classic is this weekend and the Bowerman Mile is LOADED with Olympic champ Taoufik Makhloufi, all three medalists from Worlds last year, plus studs like Matthew CentrowitzSilas Kiplagat and Ayanleh Souleiman. But the headliner is Asbel Kiprop, and our man on the ground in Kenya, Andy Arnold, says hand him the victory and world record later this summer after getting a behind-the-scenes look at his preparation for Pre.
*MB: The secrets of Asbel Kiprop revealed - Our man on the ground in Kenya says hand him the gold and WRecord