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WTW German Fernandez Does The 10k, Meet The Breakthrough Athlete Of The Year: Violah Jepchumba, Plus Martin Lel’s Brother, NCAA Leaders Galore, Leo Manzano Struggles But Says All Is Well, Pregnancy Photos And More Martin Lel‘s brother is making a name for himself, so is Violah Jepchumba and Stephanie Bruce. Plus German Fernandez does the 10k, the college track season heats up and more.

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More Doping News: Some Good, But Mostly Very Frustrating

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Upcoming Sprint Action: 1 Month Until Diamond League Season

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Pretty Terrible Stuff: Max Siegel And Other USATF Staff Targeted By Racially Charged Emails Six months ago, USATF staff members received a slew of racist emails from an anonymous emailer. Police were called to investigate, but so far there have been no arrests or major leads.

Marquise Goodwin Causes Stir With April Fools Day Tweet Goodwin said he was leaving the Bills to focus on Rio, but it was only a joke. He says, “Football is my deal. Track is my fun.”

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Really, IAAF? IAAF Won’t Let Cuban Defector Orlando Ortega Compete For Spain At The Olympics Ortega defected from Cuba way back in 2013. For all the times the IAAF looks the other way as Middle Eastern nations essentially buy athletes, you’d think they’d let this one go.

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Better Late Than Never United Airlines NYC Half Photo Gallery


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LRC Twitter Fight With Racial Overtones Breaks Out Between USATF Athletes Advisory Committee (AAC) Chair Dwight Phillips And Lauren Fleshman And Nick Symmonds It’s official. Twitter is not the place to try to carry on a constructive dialogue.

*Merhawi Keflezighi Weighs In: “A Call for Respectful and Productive Discourse” “Aggressive and assertive approaches are sometimes necessary, but l do think it is important to resolve all matters, respectfully. … Personally, I would be more critical of the athletes that aren’t advocating for their rights at all.”

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The Hot Drug Topic In 2016 Is Meldonium

Scary Stuff Tim Noakes, Author Of Classic Book Lore Of Running Is On Trial In South Africa For Tweeting Low-Carb, High-Fat Advice To The Mother Of An Infant Noakes’ views on diet have become very controversial after he wrote a top-selling book, The Real Meal Revolution, and he could now lose his medical license.

News From Down Under: Aussie Olympic Trials In The Books

Boston Updated

04NYCHalf14_Mutai-Finish_VSLRC Geoffrey Mutai Pulls Out Of 2016 Boston As He Doesn’t Hit His “Training Goals” – 2:20 Marathoner Amane Beriso Added To Women’s Field Mutai has struggled since winning NYC in 2013.

Catching Up With The US’s 2016 Marathon Squad

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The Dibaba Sisters Get Profiled By Vogue: “Meet The Dibabas – The Fastest Family On The Planet” Definitely written from a different perspective than you see in most running articles, but some interesting insights here for fans of Tirunesh, Genzebe and all the other fast Dibaba women. We’re sorry to inform the men of LetsRun that Genzebe says she has a non-runner boyfriend.

More Weekend NCAA Highlights *All NCAA Results

Washington Times: New Play, “Finish Line,” Tells Stories Of Boston Marathon Bombing The play will focus on the people affected by the bombings rather than the bombings themselves.

Lots Of NCAA Action This Weekend *Texas Relays *Florida Relays (link fixed) *Stanford Invite *All NCAA Results

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Farah_MoBoltPose-LondonDL15LRC What About The Sport? Big Praise For Mo Farah; The IAAF And Abbott World Marathon Majors Needs To Improve Their Broadcasts How can we improve our sport? By taking one little step after another.

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Dopers Making Headlines In Kenya, Russia The UK And US *LRC Throwing Archives

Doping Updates: Good News For Kara Goucher And Shalane Flanagan

LRC Running Warehouse Worlds Contest Recap

brooks running warehouseLRC Doping Scandal Comes To LRC $200,015 Running Warehouse World Indoors Prediction Contest Doping has tainted our contest but you still can meet the interesting winners who make up LRC and win our contests.

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LRCEthiopian Distance Runners Need Your Help After Truck Plows Into Them, Killing One And Severely Injuring 4 Others - Please Consider Donating To Their Recovery

One Ethiopian runner is dead, another is in critical condition after a truck plowed them over on a training run on Saturday. Help them now. *Donate here.