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lausannegifMen’s Preview: LRC Worlds Comes Early: Thursday’s Lausanne DL Meet Is Totally Loaded – 5 of The 6 Fastest 5000 Men Will Battle With Mo Farah and Caleb Ndiku in 5000; Amos, Aman, Rudisha and Centro in 800 The distance fields in this one are unreal. If you want to know who the favorite for Worlds is in the 5000 and 800, you must watch this meet.

Take That, England, Wales And NI: Scottish Women Won Every Single British Title 800 Through 10,000

2015 Paris DL On Saturday Was Special *Full Results *TV & Streaming *2014 LRC Coverage

Screenshot (1451)EVAN MF Jager! LRC In A Brave, Brave Run, Evan Jager Nearly Crushes The World’s Best In Men’s Steeple, Settles For 8:00.43 American Record (Updated with several post-race interviews) Jager took it to the world’s best. He had destroyed the world’s best in the steeple and was just meters away from a truly shocking 7:56-7 win. Then down he went. He still got up and moved to #13 at 8:00.43.

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*Race Video *10 Minutes Of Post-Race Video With Jager
*Jager Paris Photo Gallery (does not have fall)
*MB: Evan Jager is F*cking Brave Beautiful Man 
*MB: Should Someone Resign from LRC for The “unless he falls,@EvanJager tweet?”
*MB: Thank you Evan Jager Thread!
*MB: Facts about Jager’s performance
*MB: Evan JAGER on pace for 7:55 steeple before fall. Would CLEARLY beat Galen RUPP at 5000 if they raced – YES OR NO
*MB: Paris Areva 3000m SC Full Video – French w/slow motion

LRC Rest Of Distance Action: Genzebe Dibaba, Silas Kiplagat And Eunice Sum Get The Victories With Blazing Times As Molly Ludlow And Chanelle Price PR What a meet Paris was. Ludlow joined the 1:58 club.

LRC Full Results: Kiplagat Over Makhloufi And Souleiman In 1,500, Eunice Sum 1:56, SAFP 10.74, Powell 9.81, Van Niekerk 43.96, Dibaba 14:15, Valerie Adams Loses

MB: Official 2015 Paris DL Live Discussion Thread

Excellent Guest Column

LRC Dealing With Depression: How I Got Past Suicidal Thoughts While Running In College For a while, life didn’t feel real to Nico Composto – it existed entirely in his head. Might a fall from the 12th floor window make all the pain go away? Thankfully, Composto realized that suicide wasn’t the answer. He shares his powerful story of how he overcame suicidal thoughts out of a desire to help others.

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Cam Levins Says Biggest Change Under Alberto Salazar Is He’s Had Him Lose 8 Pounds
*MB: Good read: Cam Levins’ college coach Eric Houle talks about how you can benefit from 190 mpw – Exercise phys disagrees

Recommended Read Steve Magness Article On Why Distance Runners Need A Coach Humans are famous for being bad at predicting their own behavior. “I strongly believe in having a coach. It’s not so much for the training, though that is important, it’s for the outside observation. I always say, a coaches job at the elite level is to hold the reigns. It’s not so much to motivate or poke and prod to get through a workout; instead it’s to prevent smart people from making dumb mistakes.”

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Yet Another Big NOP Doping Scandal Development – Whom Do You Believe? Magness Or Salazar?

AndrogelLRC Questions Arise Regarding Alberto Salazar’s Explanation For Testosterone Experiment On His Sons – In 2006, Alberto Salazar Said The Idea That Gatlin Was Sabotaged Was “Preposterous On So Many Fronts” A key part of Alberto Salazar‘s defense is that he tested testosterone on his sons as he was fearful that someone like Chris Whetstine could sabotage Galen Rupp, not because he wanted to see how much micro-dosing one could get away with.

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LRCLetsRun.com's Top 10 Video Interviews From The 2015 USATF Outdoor Nationals

Goucher, Lagat, Centro, Solomon, Symmonds, Johnson, Infeld, Huling and Blankenship make the cut.