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MB: Official Day 3 2015 USA Outdoor Live Discussion Thread 

LRC Emma Coburn Sets Meet Record In Women’s Steeple As Stephanie Garcia And Colleen Quigley PR And Punch Their Tickets To Beijing Coburn was simply sensational, but also a little lucky to not be DQed. We explain. Leah O’Connor wiped out on the last barrier.
Leah O’Connor: “God damnit, f***” 
*MB: Gut wrenching fall for Leah O’Connor in the steeple
*MB: Ben Blankeship appreciation thread. Thanks for not being a pansy and leading the race.

Screenshot (1284)1,500 Final: LRC Matthew Centrowitz Amazes & Robby Andrews Kicks His Way Onto US 1500m Team as Leo Does What He Always Does What a race. Matt Centrowitz destroyed everyone with the largest margin of victory since 2004, Robby Andrews had an incredible kick, and Leo Manzano had his 10th straight top 3 finish.
Post Race Reaction:LRC Matt Centrowitz On the NOP Doping Investigation and Dominating the 2015 USATF 1500m Final
*MB: 1:48.7 last 800m for Centro 
What was Robby Andrews thinking? I’ll tell you – I wanna go to Beijing!!! He’s Back Baby!! Andrews 2nd, Leo 3rd
*MB: Ben Blankeship appreciation thread. Thanks for not being a pansy and leading the race. 

Juniors: Blake Haney Takes Down Andrew Hunter & Grant Fisher to Win USA Jr. 1500 Title Haney got the best of the high schoolers Haney and Fisher. Post-race video with all three.

Day 2

100s LRC Tyson Gay’s Return To USAs Results In Victory In Men’s 100 – Tori Bowie Wins First US Title In Women’s Race Afterwards:
*Tyson Talks About Being Listed As Nike And Supplements

Complete Coverage In Our 2015 USA Outdoor Special Section

More NOP Doping Investigation Developments

Excellent Recap: BBC’s Mark Daly Responds To Salazar’s Open Letter And Recaps Where Things Stand Now – What Questions Remain? This is an excellent recap by the man who did the investigation into doping and Salazar for the BBC. He suggests Alex Salazar could face a ban.

Mo Farah Issues Statement And Says He Will Remain With Coach Salazar – “I feel I have to believe in Alberto and the evidence he has provided.”

Non-USA News

 News From Jamaica 


Absurd: Bureaucrats Strike Again: Athletics Canada Won’t Send 1:59 Runner Fiona Benson To Pan-Ams As She Didn’t Know She Needed To Declare For The Team She didn’t know as until a few weeks ago she had a 2:08 PR. Stupidity on Athletics Canada’s part.

 Africa / Asia 

Day 1 From USAs

LRC In A Battle Of American Record Holders, Molly Huddle Sprints Away From Shalane Flanagan To Win US 10,000 Title; Emily Infeld Takes 3rd Full recap with video interviews and analysis.
*Oregonian: Molly Huddle Defeats Shalane Flanagan For U.S. 10,000-Meter Title, Passing Career “Milestone”
*MB: What!!! Molly Huddle is scratching the 5k!!!???

Screenshot (1140)Updated LRC Galen Rupp Wins His 7th Straight US 10,000 Crown; Ben True 2nd; Hassan Mead Third  7 in a row is amazing.
*Tim Layden Of SI With A Tremendous Piece On Galen Rupp/Alberto Salazar It opens like this: “Things were much the same Thursday night, yet things were also different, in such a way that they can never be made entirely whole again.” Plus he reveals Mo Farah is on asthma medication.
*Oregonian: Allegations? What Allegations? Galen Rupp Runs Away With The 10,000 At The USATF Championships
*Chris Chavez: No One Booed Rupp, But Rupp’s Battle Not Over
*Hayward Field Fans React To Allegations Against Galen Rupp
*MB: Galen Rupp is a mother F*&(*&iXXX Bada$$ !!! congrats!

LRC 800 Prelims: Charles Jock & Brandon Johnson Go Home As The Rest Of The Favorites Advance

LRC M 1,500/W Steeple: Half Of The Men’s 1,500 Final Are Oregon Ducks + Andrews & Wheating Advance
OTB: *Leah O’Connor Runs Her Last Race For MSU And Signs With adidas (Video Interview)
Colleen Quigley Talks About Turning Pro With Bowerman Track Club And Her Dad Driving Her Stuff From Florida

Five Things On ESPN’s Radar At USATF Outdoor Championships Ben Blankenship and Boris Berian make the cut.

More Day 1 On The Boards

#Cleansport #Transparency #Leadership

LRCConvicted Doper Dennis Mitchell Is Now The Paid Head USA Relays Coach Hired By USATF National Office Without Input Of USATF High Performance Committee

USATF has quietly hired convicted doper Dennis Mitchell to lead the USA Relays program. Sadly, they are afraid to take ownership of the decision and have Dennis and Max Siegel discuss why Dennis is the best man to lead Team USA or have Dennis publicly account for his doping past.

Employee 1.0 Is Back With An Excellent Guest Column

LRCWhat A Surreal Scene - The 2015 Portland Track Festival - Where (Most Of) The US Distance Stars Came Out To Play

Alberto and Galen were notably absent but the stars were out in full force at the Portland Track Festival with Shannon Rowbury, Steve Magness, the Gouchers, Alan Webb, Kevin Hanson, Desi Davila, Mark Wetmore, Shalane Flanagan, Evan JagerChris Solinsky, and many more in attendance. Employee 1.0 is back to recount the surreal scene in light of the Nike Oregon Project Doping investigation.

More Data=Better Shoes

runningshoesurveyLRC Real Reviews by Real Runners: A Better Running Shoe Site is Here Today the shoe buying process gets better with the beta release of the LetsRun.com Better Running Shoe site. See what shoes runners just like you are running in and which they like best. Want to see what shoes 6 foot 150 lb runners rate the best? You can do that. Want to see the top shoes for pronators training for a marathon? You can do that too. Click here to on the first step to a better running shoe

The Search For A Better Running Shoe

pegasus30LRC The Most Popular Running Shoe On LetsRun.com Is … Not Made Anymore … The Nike Pegasus+ 30 Thousands of you filled out our detailed running shoe survey in the fall and more of you ran in the Nike Pegasus+30 than any other shoe. Only problem is all of you need to find a new shoe, help us out below:

LRC The Improved LRC Running Shoe Survey Is Back – Five Minutes To A Better Running Shoe The running shoe buying process sucks and we want to improve it with data. We took your reviews from the fall, made a running shoe beta site, and have improved our survey to ask you what shoe your previously ran in. We now need more reviews from you on the latest shoes.

3 World XC Getty Images Photo Galleries:
1) Pro Photos From Getty Images
2) New Rojo’s Women’s Photos
3) New Rojo’s Men’s Race Photos

USA Friday Distance

Screenshot (1186)LRC W 1,500/M Steeple Prelims: Alexa Efraimson Goes Home While Mary Cain Advances; Evan Jager & Donn Cabral Look Great In Steeple The favorites advanced except for Efraimson while Evan Jager talked supplements and what about people who think he might be doping after.

Screenshot (1207)LRC 800 Semis: US #1 Boris Berian Goes Home, Nick And Duane Are Back Ready To Rumble, And What A Women’s Final We Have The 800 finals on Sunday are tremendous even without Boris Berian as Nick and Duane look like they are back just in time.

LRC: Nick Symmonds: “I owe Salazar an apology unless some better evidence comes out … this process is great for this sport.” Symmonds was impressed with Salazar’s rebuttal, thinks more evidence will come out, and praised the Gouchers and Steve Magness for coming forward and LRC for asking the tough questions.
*Duane Solomon Going To Go To “Twilight Zone” And Take 800m Final Out At WR Pace Video.

Friday Live MB Talk: 1,500 Semis: Order is restored. Mary Cain is in!! Alexa Efraimson is out!! Videos with both.
*800 Semis: Shocker In Men’s Race: Order is restored. Nick Symmonds is in!!! Boris Borian is out!!
*Women’s 800 Final Is Gonna Be Unreal In heat 2, Wilson, Price, Vessey and Montano were within .09 of each other and that was just one heat.
*Evan Jager Addresses People Who May Think He’s On Drugs And His Supplement Usage
*Dan Huling Talks About His Allergies And Getting An Inhaler

Nike Oregon Project Doping News Dominates 2015 USAs

LRC Steve Magness Issues Passionate Rebuttal To Alberto Salazar’s Open Letter: “(Salazar’s) statements actually confirm what I witnessed and what I told to the BBC/ProPublica reporters in their documentary last month.” Magness reveals that Salazar trusted his coaching ability so much that he was given complete control of the team for 10 days just weeks before the 2012 Olympic Trials. He also says that he knew he’d be attacked by Salazar and have his career put in jeopardy if he came forward but but it’s something he had to do so he can “walk away with a clean conscience.” Magness: “I thank the others who have showed incredible courage and determination in taking a stance for clean sport. While it is incredibly intimidating and no doubt will result in your reputation being attacked, at least you can walk away with a clean conscience.”

LRC Kara Goucher Issues Brief Response To Alberto’s Open Letter: “Alberto’s false statements and one-sided partial stories don’t tell the truth … I have more to say about this topic, and I will be happy to share after USAs.”

ruppLRC Galen Rupp Discusses Nike Oregon Project Doping Allegations With The Media Rupp stuck to his talking point and reiterated he stood by Alberto’s response.
OTB/Video: *Ben True Discusses Nike Oregon Project Doping Allegations, 2nd Place Finish, And What Supplements He Is On
Chris Derrick Reveals What Supplements He Takes
*Chris Derrick: “We are not sociopaths, we have values and we have things we believe in”

LRC Justin Gatlin Still Doesn’t Want To Answer Our Or Any Drug Questions But Christian Taylor did and talked about what supplements he’s on.
A Day Earlier:  Convicted Doper Dennis Mitchell Is Now The Paid Head USA Relays Coach Hired By USATF National Office Without Input Of USATF High Performance Committee

LetsRun.com Sleuths Strike Again

LRCOuted By LetsRun.com Sleuths Yet Again - Abdelaati Iguider's Then-World-Leading 3:32.88 1,500 Was Run From The Wrong Start Line

History has shown that if you cheat in a marathon and don't run the full distance, you will be caught by the LetsRun.com nation. The same rule applies - even if you attempt the same feat in an internationally broadcast 1,500-meter race.

Big Nike Oregon Project Doping News

Alberto Responds To Doping Allegations With 12,000-Word Open Letter – “I will never permit doping.” Salazar’s epic response demands a retraction and among other things claims Steve Magness was fired and that Kara Goucher left after the group after Salazar called out her husband Adam for an “insulting rant.” Salazar does admit to having doped his own son with testosterone, but says it was done to make sure the group wouldn’t be sabotaged and showed evidence that he has a prescription for Androgel as he has hypogonadism.

ProPublica Responds To Salazar Within Hours With New Allegations After Salazar’s manifesto came out, another ex-Nike employee came forward and says he witnessed Salazar “going crazy” after he failed to get Galen Rupp an IV drip in 2010. Plus pro athlete Jackie Areson came forward on record and says Salazar “distributed prescription painkillers ‘like it was candy'” and that she “never let [Salazar] massage me because I knew he had the testosterone cream and didn’t trust him.”
*MB: ProPublica Responds to Alberto Salazar’s Response – “Alberto Salazar Disputes Allegations – Some of Which Were Never Made”

2 Hours Before Alberto’s Response Went Live: AP: The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Has Launched A Formal Investigation Of The Nike Oregon Project More than a dozen witnesses have already been interviewed.

 British Press Pans Alberto's Response 

 Salazar Finds Some US Support