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– An outraged mother talking in Alejandro Danois‘ incredible 8,600+ word expose in on the ramifications of Beth Alford-Sullivan‘s shameful acts when she took over at Tennessee last fall. In October, Alford-Sullivan cut a slew of women from the team. Moving in “another direction” is one thing (personally we think NCAA scholarships should be good for 4 years) but cutting freshmen on full scholarships before they even compete and not letting them train, use the weight room or athlete dining halls is an UNCONSCIONABLE ACT that the NCAA, Tennessee and Alford-Sullivan should be ashamed of. The actions by Alford-Sullivan jeopardized the athletes’ mental health and their prospects to get in shape to get another scholarship (let alone prove their fitness at a meet). At a minimum, if she wanted to go in “another direction,” she should have told them in the fall but let them compete and be on the team for the year. Athletes are human beings with hopes and dreams (academic, athletic and financial), not simply potential points to a track team.

We’re not the only ones outraged. See the following thread (450 + posts and counting):
*MB: Sullivan making headlines at UT

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WTWOne More Look At Timothy Cheruiyot Vs. Ben Blankenship, Who Ran Well At Stanford, Who Just Missed, Poolside In The Bahamas, And A New Prep Star?

The World Relays are gone until 2017, Stanford is in the books until next year, we take a deeper look at both and even go way back to the 1984 Olympic Trials 1,500 and a dive for the line by Chuck Aragon. Why? His daughter just ran a 4:16 1,500m in high school.

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Sad: A Beloved Track Coach Dies At State Meet

Oregonian’s Ken Goe Talks To PAC-12 Network Coordinating Producer About Difficiulties Of Having Track On Live TV Will O’Toole: “It’s definitely a challenge. Things are so spread out and so much is happening.”

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Sunday World Relays Sprint Action With Video *Results *LRC Photos

The Search For A Better Running Shoe

pegasus30LRC The Most Popular Running Shoe On Is … Not Made Anymore … The Nike Pegasus+ 30 Thousands of you filled out our detailed running shoe survey in the fall and more of you ran in the Nike Pegasus+30 than any other shoe. Only problem is all of you need to find a new shoe, help us out below:

runningshoesurveyLRC The Improved LRC Running Shoe Survey Is Back – Three Minutes To A Better Running Shoe The running shoe buying process sucks and we want to improve it with data. We took your reviews from the fall, made a running shoe beta site, and have improved our survey to ask you what shoe your previously ran in. We now need more reviews from you on the latest shoes.

3 World XC Getty Images Photo Galleries:
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2) New Rojo’s Women’s Photos
3) New Rojo’s Men’s Race Photos

Two Recommended Reads – One Positive, One Negative

Saturday: LaShawn Merritt And Kirani James To Clash With Each Other At Jamaican Invitational

The 2015 Diamond League Season Begins Next Week

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LRCWhat A Race: USA Breaks World Record In Men's DMR With 9:15.50 In A Crazy, Crazy Race

Kenya's Ferguson Rotich (47.84 first 400 on 800 leg) and Timothy Cheruiyot (51.96 first 400 on 1,600 leg) ran like mad men while the quartet of Kyle MerberBrycen SpratlingBrandon Johnson and Ben Blankenship (3:51.24 anchor) ran superbly to get the win and the world record in a race like no other.

LRCDominant: US Women Break American Record To Show They Are The World 4 X 800 Powerhouse

The US repeated as World Relays 4 x 800 champs in American record style with only Chanelle Price returning from last year’s team.

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LRC It’s Gold! U.S. Quartet Of Duane Solomon, Erik Sowinski, Cas Loxsom & Robby Andrews Win 4 X 800 In 7:04.84 Erik Sowinski ran like a beast on leg #2 and the rest was history as all 4 guys did a great job.

More In Depth: A Mature “Cool And Calm” Robby Andrews Anchors US To 4 X 800 Gold Andrews ran like a pro on the anchor and talked maturely about being back with coach Vig and the rest of 2015.

LRC The US Women Dominate And Set A New World Record Of 10:36.50 In Women’s DMR Total and complete domination by the US, which nearly had the best leg on every leg.