2015 Dubai Marathon *Results

Hayle Lemi All Alone Before the Finish

Unbelievable! LRC Some Guy You’ve We’ve Never Heard Of (Hayle Lemi) Wins Sport’s Richest Prize Of $200,000 As Bekele Drops Out This doesn’t happen in any other sport. A total unknown (Hayle Lemi), who previously had one international race to his name and had not broken 2:10, took home the sports richest prize ($200,000) at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon as Kenenisa Bekele dropped out.

MB: Official 2015 Dubai Marathon Live Discussion Thread

Must Read: Coach Canova Talks To Alberto Stretti About Bekele’s Buildup & Future In The Marathon – “His engine is still the most powerful in the World.” Canova, who also reveals he coached the race winner, is still VERY bullish on Bekele’s future. 
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Pre-Race: Kenenisa Bekele Talks At Length With Sabrina Yohannes About How He’s Learning To Be A Marathoner

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Updates On Pair Of Welsh Athletes Who Got Reduced Drug Bans

Japanese Road News

LRC Remembering LRCer Van Townsend The running world lost one of its bright lights this week with the death of Van Townsend.
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Standard Chartered Dubai Women *Results

Screenshot_2015-01-22-23-10-22LRC Aselefech Mergia Edges Gladys Cherono In An Epic Stretch Run To Win A Cool $200,000 Ethiopia’s Aselefech Mergia is back. The Dubai course record holder prevailed by :01 in an epic final straight battle over World half marathon champ Gladys Cherono to take home $200,000 in the deepest women’s marathon ever (top 10), bumping Desi Linden from the fastest 10th place finisher ever.

Olympic News / The 1st Amendment Doesn’t Apply

Boston Mayor Has Signed A Formal Agreement With The USOC That Bans City Employees From Criticizing Boston’s Bid For 2024 Games The “joinder agreement” forbids the city of Boston and its employees from making any written or oral statements that “reflect unfavorably upon, denigrate or disparage, or are detrimental to the reputation” of the International Olympic Committee, the USOC, or the Olympic Games.

Learn Something About The 1964 Olympics: 50 Years Ago, Jim Alder Was Left At Home As Alternate For Tokyo Olympics; He Went Out And Ran Nearly 95 Laps On Track To Blow Off Steam And Set 2-Hour WR That Still Stands *Discuss On MB


Russian Doping Updates


LRC 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Jenn Suhr And Husband/Coach Rick Suhr Share Thoughts On The “Year Of The Vault” Since the women’s pole vault is expected to be one of the marquee events of the 2016 Olympics with hometown favorite Fabiana Murer, it’s time for you, the LRC visitor, to learn about one of the event’s biggest stars. We sat down with Jenn Suhr on Tuesday in Boston. She’ll be back there for the NBIGP and USAs this winter.

Upcoming Track / XC Action

LetsRun.com’s 2014 Awards – We Need Your Vote

LRC Meb Or Galen? Vote For LetsRun.com’s 2014 Award It’s time to vote. Vote and tell us who are the male and female runners of the year for the World, US, and NCAA. Plus vote for the “best record-breaking performance,” the “race of the year,” the “moment of the year” and “unusual moment of the year.”

Less Than One Month Away

LRCGet Your Butt To Boulder, Colorado For The USA XC Afterparty One Month From Today

Steve and Sara Slattery are hosting the party and want runners, non-runners, and LRCers to be there.

GB Women: Everything You Didn’t Want To Know About Women’s Periods


Russia: At What Point Do You Just Ban The Whole Country?

Paula Speaks: Doping, Career And Her Last (?) Marathon