LRCAsbel Kiprop Runs 3:29.18 To Win an "Astonishing" 1,500m To Kick Off Diamond League Season

Asbel Kiprop, Silas Kiplagat, Makhloufi and Wote produced a "classic" and "astonishing" 1,500 to start the season. The Ethiopian national record was set and it only got 6th place.

What a Race #2:Mo Aman and Nijel Amos Wage a Thriller- Aman Wins by the Tiniest of Margins

The 1.75-year wait for for young studs Mo Aman and Nijel Amos to race each other was worth it. Read all about and watch the race.

One of the more entertaining track meets we’ve seen in a long, long time. *Results
Doha On the Boards:

ReWatch it On Demand for Free: Watch the Diamond League (and tons of Soccer, Bloomberg News, Much More) in the USA if You Don’t Get Universal Sports for $10 a Month link fixed Free 48 hour trial available without a credit card. Watch on Computers, Roku and Android Devices. Also you can watch Doha on demand after the fact. The meet was so good we advise you to watch on demand.

Asbel Kiprop, Ezekiel Kemboi And Other Elites Speak Out Against Tyson Gay Getting A Reduced Ban As A “Plea Bargain” For Providing Information Kiprop: “I think it is the wrong message to send. If reductions on bans are going to be made, athletes will take advantage of it. They should tell what they know anyway.”

Stephan Shay Wins OC Marathon In 2:23:09 After Original Winner Mohamed Fadil DQed Fadil was videotaped getting extra aid on the course from a biker who paced him and handed him his own fluids. Bonnie Axman won the women’s race in 2:45:56.
*Results/Race Website

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LRCInterview With Chanelle Price After She Joins Sub-2:00 800m Club In Doha

Race recap coming. Email interview with America’s 2014 breakout star.

Ritz Moving Back To Michigan

Dathan Ritzenhein Is Leaving Oregon, Going Back to Michigan Ritz and his wife are both Michigan natives and want to go home before the kids get too old. He’ll still be coached by Alberto.
*MB: Ritz is leaving the Oregon Project

Week In Review

WTWBen True, Hassan Mead, Adam Goucher And The Payton Jordan 5,000, Molly Huddle's 30:47, Aisling Cuffe, Elise Cranny And Brannon Kidder

Our crack stats team gives you the lowdown on Stanford's fast times. How do Ben True and Hassan Mead compare to Adam Goucher and Galen Rupp? Will there be a slew of sub 13:00 Americans in 2014? Plus, some fast times from Aisling Cuffe and teen star Elise Cranny. The performance of the week was Molly Huddle's 30:47 10k. And some props for Brannon Kidder.

Medtronic TC 1 Mile Was Cancelled

 USA News 

More From The Anniversary Of Bannister’s Sub-4

60 Years Ago History Was Made – May 6, 1954

Usain Bolt Sending New Pair Of Signed Spikes To The Person In London Who Had Theirs Stolen Bolt tweeted, “I know u love me..but please why u had to go stealing that signed Usain Bolt spikes ..I know u going to return it. Right?”

Doping News: Tyson Gay Offers To Pay Back All Appearance Fees/Prize Money