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LRCFemale Track And Field Stars: "Dirty" Or "Clean" Doping Poll Results

Without further ado, we present to you the results of our current female stars doping polls - from Molly Huddle (8.4%) to Carmelita Jeter (89.4%) and everyone else in between, who do the most sophisticated track and field fans think are "clean" and who do they think are "dirty." *Discuss The Poll Here

Some Crazy, Some Encouraging Drug News

King Carl Makes Headlines In Kenya

Others News On A Friday

 Mo's Marathon Debut Is Fast Approaching 

Mo Farah To Headline 2014 NYC Half Marathon March 16th

It's official. Mo will be running the NYC Half as he tunes up for the 2014 Virgin London Marathon. *Discuss Here

As If Running Form Wasn’t Complicated Enough: New Study Uncovers Fourth Type Of Running Footstrike? Before, there were rearfoot, midfoot, and forefoot, but now running biomechanics expert Ned Frederick says there’s a fourth: the “atypical rearfoot striker.”

2014 USA Indoor Photos *Day 1 *Day 2 (Link Fixed)

Weekend Pro Action

Sunday Pro News Of Note

Neely Spence Gracey To Have Knee Surgery To Remove Fragmented Piece Of Patella

Neely last year was 13th at the World XC Champs, but hasn't been able to run since November. Hopefully, she returns to action soon.
*Neely's Blog Post On Which The Article Above Is Based

7 Days Until 2014 World Indoors

Gold And Silver For USA? LRC Full Kenyan And Ethiopian Squads Unveiled For 2014 World Indoors – Chanelle Price And Ajee’ Wilson Will Face Zero Competitors From Either Country The Ethiopian women actually had no one qualified in the 800 and the only Kenyans qualified were from last year’s times. *Kenyan Team Named For World Indoors

LRC More Albuquerque Craziness: Sanctioned Doper Christian Hesch Volunteered As A Drug Testing Chaperone At USA Indoors Before Having Credential Revoked By USATF No, it’s not April Fools. Who knows what we’ll have tomorrow.

 More Craziness At Indoors 

LRC The Inside Story Of The Andrew Bumbalough DQ: A Case Of Mistaken Identity Or A Near Catastrophe Bigger Than The Grunewald DQ Averted? Salazar, possibly fixated on Bumbalough since he out-leaned Rupp at the 2012 Trails, got Bumby DQed from a race where he made no contact with Rupp as the officials and Salazar got him confused with Ryan Hill. But we get you to ponder for a minute, how big would have the outrage been if Hill had beaten Rupp on the track and then been DQed for making this (see above) amount of contact 1k from the finish?
*MB: Challenge: Post Examples of DQs for Actions Similar to Grunewald and Ryan Hill
Imagine for a moment that Hill had beaten Rupp and then been DQd for bumping him 1k from the finish

 USATF Drama 

How About A Little More Drama? LRC Lopez Lomong Says He Was Verbally Berated By Alberto Salazar After Men’s 3k: “To see the outrage in his eyes, he was very, very mad. … It was very hard to see how unprofessional, the (lack of) sportsmanship.”

Wall Street Journal Picks Up W 3k Story: USA Track Reinstates Disqualified Champ 744-word article by Sara Germano and Kevin Helliker.

The Most Popular Single Day Story In LRC History
The Inside Story Of Gabriele Grunewald’s DQ – Insider Access, False Promises And A Violation Of USATF’s Own Rules? By now, you’ve heard bits and pieces about what happened on Saturday but we tell you the inside story of what really went down, plus reveal that the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet as an arbitration hearing will take place later this week.

LRC Gabriele Grunewald Reinstated As USATF Champ As Jordan Hasay Withdraws DQ USATF CEO Max Siegel said that “they followed the process laid out in our competition rules.” Scary thought if true, with no transparency on the part of USATF. *Discuss

USA Indoor Champs *Results *Full 2014 USA Indoor Coverage *New USATF Indoor Photos 200+

Conference Championships Weekend *USTFCCCA Conference Champs Central

Q&A With Patrick Makau, Who Says That On Feb. 25th He Did The First Workout Of His Comeback

This Weekend’s Pro Action

Solinsky Doing The Marathon

LRCChris Solinsky Is Moving Up To The Marathon

Chris Solinsky believes the speed and endurance combo are no longer there at the same time, and thus it's time to move up to the marathon. We break down the news and pause to remember the greatness of his 26:59.60 10,000m.
*Discuss Solinsky's Move To The Marathon

USATF Controversy

2nd Good Read: Grunewald’s Coach Dennis Barker: Time To Act “The controversy that involved the women’s 3K was just one of several incidents that created an uncomfortable meet environment, but became a catalyst for athletes, coaches, and fans to question the credibility and independence of USATF.”

A Hollow Victory? Everything Still Remains Unanswered

LRC Editorial: Far From Resolved, All Of The Questions Leading To The Uproar About USATF’s Initial DQ Of Gabriele Grunewald Remain The results has been changed but none of the issues that led to the nationwide uproar have been addressed – just glossed over. #USATFchange #integrityofsport

A Pro Speaks Out: LRC Mark Wieczorek: “Either USATF indeed does have conclusive video evidence or they, in collusion with Alberto and Nike, lied and cheated to manipulate the system.” The 800 Olympic Trials finalist says there is “so much to be answered for” and hopes this doesn’t end up being remembered simply “as a happy, good feeling memory where an athlete did a good thing.”