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– Statement from the Track and Field Athletes Association calling on USATF to release the “conclusive video evidence” that was used to DQ Gabriele Grunewald from the women’s 3,000 at US Indoor Champs. Even though this statement from the TFAA came before Grunewald’s reinstatement, we still think that USATF needs to answer for how this happened in the first place. *Sign Petition Here

A Hollow Victory? Everything Still Remains Unanswered

LRC Editorial: Far From Resolved, All Of The Questions Leading To The Uproar About USATF’s Initial DQ Of Gabriele Grunewald Remain The results has been changed but none of the issues that led to the nationwide uproar have been addressed – just glossed over. #USATFchange #integrityofsport

A Pro Speaks Out: LRC Mark Wieczorek: “Either USATF indeed does have conclusive video evidence or they, in collusion with Alberto and Nike, lied and cheated to manipulate the system.” The 800 Olympic Trials finalist says there is “so much to be answered for” and hopes this doesn’t end up being remembered simply “as a happy, good feeling memory where an athlete did a good thing.”

Non-USATF Results From The Weekend

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3 Great Reads With Past And Present Stars

Explosive Interview With Former Mile Indoor Record Holder Eamonn Coghlan

Best Rabbit Of All Time? Haile G Will Pace London Marathon

#Thankyoujordan. (We Still Need To Get To The Bottom Of How This Could Happen In The First Place)

LRCGabriele Grunewald Reinstated As USATF Champ As Jordan Hasay Withdraws DQ

USATF CEO Max Siegel spoke to the parties involved and Jordan Hasay did the right thing and withdrew her protest, meaning Gabe Grunewald could not be DQed and is your USA 3,000m champion. The fight is not over, however, as fans and athletes need to stay on top of this issue to address its root causes. Siegel said that while he is "looking forward and will address our processes to try to minimize the potential for controversy or misunderstanding in the future" that in this case, "they followed the process laid out in our competition rules." Scary thought if true, with no transparency on the part of USATF.
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LRC The Inside Story Of Gabriele Grunewald’s DQ – Insider Access, False Promises And A Violation Of USATF’s Own Rules? By now, you’ve heard bits and pieces about what happened on Saturday but we tell you the inside story of what really went down, plus reveal that the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet as an arbitration hearing will take place later this week.

MB Podcast From Last Night With Lee Troop, Dennis Barker, Ben Rosario And LRC’s Rojo Talking About USATF Controversies

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Dickson Chumba (2:05:42) And Tirfi Tsegaye (2:22:23) Set Tokyo Marathon CRs As Five Japanese Men Break 2:10 The race was fantastic as both the men’s and women’s races were decided after 40k.
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Asian XC Champs: Non-Asian Born Runners Dominate Asian Cross-Country Champs They took the top 5 spots in the men’s race and four in the women’s.

Lauryn Williams Makes Olympic History In Sochi *LRC Sochi 2014 News Section

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VCB Wins CAS Case To Overturn 2-Year Ban No One Knew About

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More Good Reads From The US

LRCAlan Webb Retires From Track And Field

Webb, the American mile record holder, talks about his career after running one last mile in the place where he first broke 4:00.

The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For: The Results For Our “Dirty” Or “Clean” Doping Polls

LRC World Record Holders “Dirty” Or “Clean” Doping Poll Results Without further ado, we present to you the results of our world record doping poll. LRC The “Dirty” Or “Clean” Doping Polls: Why Did We Do Them? Many of you get it. You voted and gave us some very interesting demographic data. We think you’ll find the data very interesting. Some of you don’t get it and have said so. Here we address some of your concerns.
*Blogger Reflects On LetsRun’s “Clean Or Dirty Polls” And Says It Has Helped Promote Belief In A Clean Sport He writes, “The most surprising aspect of the data to me was the percentage of voters who thought that athletes were clean. … This data is surprising because I thought that as a community we were more cynical than the numbers show.”
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*MB: Wait a minute! Over 40% of letsrun visitors DON’T think El G was doped up?