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WTWMary Cain Loses, Excitement For Desi And Ritz In Boston (And Bekele In Paris), Garrett Heath's Scalps And The Underpaid UK Athletics CEO?

This week, we don't panic about Mary Cain's loss in her pro debut, we get excited for Ritz and Desi to run Boston, praise Garrett Heath for taking the ultimate two scalps, and we note an ignominious anniversary for Ryan Hall. Plus talk of Geoffrey Kipsang, John Trautmann, Mark Coogan, Kenenisa Bekele, Chris Derrick and more.

Distance News

More Distance Results: Yuki Kawauchi Loses To A Fellow Amateur

More Pro News: Farah Running From Taxman

Top Women In The News

A-Rod Banned For Entire 2014 Season For Drug Use In an appeal, he had it reduced from 211 games to 162, but it is still the longest ban for drug use in baseball’s history.

2014 London Is Going To Be Awesome – Men’s Field Announced – Mo Farah Faces A Stiff, Stiff Test

LRC 6 Thoughts On The 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon Elite Men’s Field – A Win By Mo Farah on April 14th Would Be The Greatest Achievement of His Career Fantasy marathoning will once again be taking place in real world in London yet again this year as the field is loaded. We break it down and tell you why if Farah wins it will be the best accomplishment of his career. But we also tell you how last year’s field was deeper and who isn’t running London.
*RRW: 2014 London Elite Men’s Field Announced – Mo Farah To Face Stacked Men’s Field The field includes six sub 2:05 guys including world record holder Wilson Kipsang and 2:03:02 man Geoffrey Mutai.
*MB: FARAH TO FACE WORLD’S BEST AT 2014 LONDON MARATHON :elite field announced
*MB: Ibrahim Jeilan Running London!

 Drink Up 

Study: Zero Connection Between 4 Cups Of Coffee A Day And Dehydration “Coffee, when consumed in moderation by caffeine-habituated males, contributes to daily fluid requirement and does not pose a detrimental effect to fluid balance.”

 Sex Up 

10 Track And Field Athletes Who Excelled After Childbirth Inspiration for Christin Wurth-Thomas, Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce and Jessica Ennis.

 Let's Throw 

New Zealand Is Getting Ready To Enjoy Decade-Plus-Long Rivalry Between Shot Phenoms Tom Walsh And Jacko Gill Up until now, the 19-year-old Gil has gotten all of the publicity, but the 21-year-old Walsh is the national record holder despite the fact he works 3 days a week as a builder.

2014 Bupa Great Edinburgh XC – Double American Victories To Start 2014 *Results

LRC Garrett Heath Over Asbel Kiprop And Kenenisa Bekele; Chris Derrick Dominates 2014 got off to a great start for Americans Garrett Heath and Chris Derrick as Heath beat both Bekele and Kiprop to win the 4k and Derrick dominated the 8k. It was a long day for the American women. Also, who finished higher? The third placer at Foot Locker or third placer at NXN in the junior boys race?

NCAA Indoor Gets Going *All NCAA Weekend Results

Where Your Dreams Become Reality

LRCWhen Should You Give Up The (Olympic) Dream? We Tell You - The Oldest American First-Time Olympians Revealed

Along with the oldest American first-time Olympians, we crunch the numbers and tell you which US 1,500 guys should "hang 'em up" before 2016 and why there is hope for Chris Solinsky to make his first Olympic team in 2016.

Other Pro News

 Winter Running 

Mary Cain’s Pro Debut

RRWMary Cain Makes Pro Debut; Finishes Second In 500, Wins 800 At Armory

In her first race as a pro, Cain lost but ran the 7th-fastest 500 ever.
*Alberto Talks About Cain’s Races: He talks in great detail about her form changes, which Cain described incorrectly, and reveals she’s behind on her mileage but faster than last year.
MB: Mary Cain about to run a 500 at gotham cup
MB: Mary Cain beaten in pro debut
*DyeStat Video Interview

 This Weekend: 

MebLoaded Fields Set For 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon – Aramco Houston Half Marathon To Host USA Half Marathon Championships Meb Keflezighi leads a men’s half field that includes Aaron Braun, Luke Puskedra, Shadrack Biwott and Josphat Boit. The women are led by Adriana Nelson, Serena Burla, Sara Hall, Mattie Suver and Lisa Uhl. Defending champion Bazu Worku (2:05:25) leads the men’s marathon field while Afework Bekele (2:23:59) leads the women.

Doping News From Jamaica

 Formerly One Of The Toughest Races In The World To Win 

No, It Isn’t April 1st: Convicted Oregon Pimp Sues Nike Over Lack Of Shoe Warning Label Apparently he stomped some guy’s face in, was sentenced to prison and is suing Nike for $100 million as they didn’t have a warning label saying the shoes could be used as a deadly weapon. You can’t make this stuff up.

 Sochi 2014 News 

Bekele Explains Why Paris: “I have many years running together with Mo. But at the moment I want to get experience. … So for that reason Paris is better at the moment for me.”

Olympic Heptathlon Champ Jessica Ennis Is Pregnant (So Is Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce & Christin Wurth-Thomas)