Week That Was

In our weekly recap, we catch up with Mike Smith and ask him about his team's loss a the Big Sky xc champs, wonder if a team can go from 8th at SECs to #1 at NCAAs, and rave about Yuki Kawauchi and Athing Mu.

A look at record runs past and future

Learn how Tuntivate managed to run 27:17 despite having a 5000 pb of just 13:57.

Chelimo and his teammates are racing in a special 5000 - the Firefly Recovery 5000 - at the Virginia Beach Sports Complex. The goal? Galen Rupp’s American Record of 13:01.26.

Marathon News

Kawauchi talks about continuing to try and run sub-2:20 marathons into his late 40s or 50s. “I personally think I will never retire from marathons and continue to do this as long as I live.”

COVID Vaccine Discussion

"My mind still stays strong, I don’t want the vaccine. ...I don’t want to get into it right now, but I have my reasons." Asafa Powell on the other hand was under the impression he would need to take the vaccine to compete abroad.

MB: Yohan Blake: "I’d rather miss the Olympics than take the vaccine. I am not taking it."

European Indoor Champs Start Thursday
Doping News
SEC Champs - Another Record For Athing Mu

The magical freshman season of the Texas A&M sensation hit a new high as the 18-year-old went from 2:01 to 1:58 in a single race.

Tokyo 2020 Updates
Atlanta Half-Marathon

A year after making the US Olympic Marathon, team Seidel was back in Atlanta setting another PR. Abdisamed Abdi won the men's race in 63:59.

Non-Distance Action

The last time Lavillenie vaulted higher was when he set the former WR of 6.16m in 2014. He ended his evening with three failed attempts at a would-be world record of 6.20m. GB's Holly Bradshaw won the women's competition with 4.78m.

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The Latest Shoe Talk
Texas Qualifier

The event ended up being a bit of a misnomer as few qualifying times were earned as 11 days after 7 degree temps (-13.9 C) were in Austin, warm and humid conditions made fast times difficult in the long distance events. But Klosterhalfen and Wilson were impressive as was 5000 meter man Justyn Knight (3:36.62) who dropped down and spanked the milers in the 1500.

NCAA XC Conference Champs

NAU's Abdihamid Nur won the individual race in 23:55.6. The NAU women won handily behind Taryn O’Neill‘s individual win. *Results

Southern Utah Coach Eric Houle: "I didn't expect to win the dang thing, but we'll take it."

More NCAA Action

Scroll down for video; Penn State's Domenic Perretta won the race in 1:50.90.

Six women ran under 4:32 with Oiselle's Angel Piccirillo second in 4:30.65. Washington State's Colton Johnsen won the men's 3000 in 7:53.18.

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    We believe it's the fastest split in NCAA history.

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    This Week's Podcast

    What a show. We recorded this right after Grant Holloway's WR. Our featured guest is Ben True who tells us how he just ran a 26+ second pb of 27:14 at age 35. Yes, the shoes helped but True reveals he's become rejuvenated by paying Dan Curts $20,000 a year to train with him. Plus is a marathon in True's future?