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"To be honest with you with the last lap I could see he (Ibrahim Jeilan) was there ... With 200m to go I could see him again trying to make a move ...

That home straight I was thinking, 'Not again, not again, not again.'"

- Mo Farah talking about his spirited duel with 2011 World 10,000m champion Ibrahim Jeilan at Day 1 of the 2013 World Championships. This time Farah came out on top.

2013 Worlds Have Started (W10k Final 1:05PM ET, M100 At 1:50PM) *Results *Television/Event Schedule *LRC Day 1 Photos *Women's 1500 Day 2 Photos *LRC Previews: *800M *800W *1,500M *1,500W *5,000M *5,000W  *10,000W *SteepleM *SteepleW *Video Highlights (US Visitors Only)

Men's 10,000m: LRC Mo Farah Turns The Tables On Jeilan, Galen Rupp 4th Ibrahim Jeilan did his best to beat the "unbeatable" Mo Farah but came up just short as Farah and Jeilan traded the lead down the homestretch. It was Farah's first 10,000m title at Worlds, but his 4th straight title at a global championship at 5,000m or 10,000m.Olympic silver medallist Galen Rupp was fourth, Wisconsin's Mo Ahmed 8th, and Dathan Ritzenhein 9th. *BBC Story *LRC Men's 10,000m Video Interviews Here *Video Highlights Of Race (US visitors only)

LRC Analysis:
5 Thoughts On The Men's 10,000m
The king Mo Farah still reigns, Ibrahim Jeilan is a stud, 30 is the new 20 for Mo Farah but not Dathan Ritzenhein, and more. Analysis and post-race commentary intertwined.

Men's 10k On The Boards:

Men's 10k Photo Gallery:

Day 1 IAAF Preview

Assessing The US Mid-D And Distance Hopefuls' Odds For A Medal - 11 Have A Shot At A Medal And We Rank Them 1-11 US fans are certainly dreaming of a few medals for their stars. We tell them which 11 athletes have a shot and rank them 1-11. Who is #1? Nick Symmonds, Jenny Simpson or Galen Rupp?

The Fix Is In:
Tirunesh Dibaba Is In Better Shape Than Last Year, Wanted To Double But Ethiopians Wouldn't Let Her Imagine if Tom Brady was told he couldn't play in the Super Bowl.

LRC Men's 10,000 Preview: Can Anyone Possibly Beat Mo Farah? (Maybe) We break down the action like only we can and tell you we think Galen Rupp's going to have a hard time repeating what he did last year, and Mo Farah's victory may not be nearly as easy as you think.
*MB: Men's 10,000 - Rupp will have to PB to medal
More 10k News:
Brendan Foster Talks About How To Beat Mo Farah And Remembers When Farah Wasn't Very Good Telegraph Farah was 59th at the 2001 World XCs.
*Reuters Looks At Farah's Attempt To Double

Moscow Diary Entry #1: LetsRun.com Travels To Moscow With Banned Agent Mark Block It would be hard to make this stuff up if we tried. LetsRun.com's trip to Moscow was very eventful as Rojo shared a plane from NY with Mark Block, the entire Somalia World Champs team, as well as the guys from flotrack.
2013 Pre-Meet World Championships Photos We've got a ton of photos of Canadians, Jamaicans and Kenyans plus Ryan Hill and DeSean Turner.

World And Olympic Steeplechase Champion Yulia Zaripova Is Injured And Not Competing At Worlds An astute LRC visitor noticed yesterday that Zaripova wasn't on the start list. The Russians have confirmed that Zaripova injured her groin and is out. Also we note that Kenya's Lidya Chepkuriui is on the Kenyan team and Tunisia's Habiba Ghribi has withdrawn.
*Tunisia's World And Olympic Steeplechase Silver Medalist Habiba Ghribi Pulls Out Of Moscow With Injury She has recently had knee surgery.
*MB: Zaripova NOT on startlist

2013 US Champ Treniere Moser Drops Out Of Worlds As Well - Sarah Brown Likely To Replace
Brown now has until Sunday to secure a visa and fly to Moscow for the first round of the 1,500.
*Nike Oregon Project Issues Statement Saying Moser Has Partially Ruptured One of Her Hamstring Tendons
*MB: The Curious Case of Treniere Moser
Moser out with hamstring injury
*MB: Treniere Moser Dodges Test?
*MB: If Mosier is Doping, so if Farah
*MB: Sarah Brown's Facebook Page

2013 Worlds Have Started *Television/Event Schedule *LRC Previews: *800M *800W *1,500M *1,500W *5,000M *5,000W *10,000M *10,000W *SteepleM *SteepleW

LRC Women's 5,000 Preview: Meseret Defar Tries To Get A Second World Championships Gold To Add To Her Two Olympic Golds This race could have been something special - Defar vs. Dibaba Round II - but now Defar is the heavy favorite. Rojo goes on a tirade about how this shows an inherent problem in the marketability of track and field. In other sports, greatness (say, Federer) always must eventually face other greatness (say, Nadal). In track, two greats can just avoid each other by choosing different events.

LRC Men's 5,000 Preview: Yenew Alamirew And Edwin Soi Try To Take Down Mo Farah - Do Rupp And Lagat Have A Shot? What are the odds someone can actually take down Farah and besides the Alamirew and Soi, who are the other medal contenders? We break down the men's 5,000 for you.

Pre-Worlds Doping News

More Worlds Previews

LRC Women's 1,500 Preview: Can Jenny Simpson Repeat Or Does Abebe Aregawi Get Gold? Jenny Simpson was the surprise World Champion in 2011. This year she's running way better than in 2011. Before you hand her the gold medal, realize the rest of the world is running much better too and in particular Abebe Aregawi. If you've got time to read one preview today, read this one.

LRC Men's 1,500 Preview: Can Anyone Stop Asbel Kiprop And The Kenyans? Can Leo Or Centro Get Back On The Medal Stand? Asbel Kiprop leads a strong four-man Kenyan contingent that got shut out as last year's Olympics. Will one of them serve as an unofficial rabbit in the final? Can American Olympic silver medallist, Leo Manzano, or Worlds bronze medallist, Matt Centrowitz, get back on the podium? Read to find out.

LRC Men's Steeple Preview: Can Ezekiel Kemboi Take Global Title Number Five Before Conseslus Kipruto Takes Over? Can Evan Jager Medal Ezekiel Kemboi versus Conseslus Kipruto for the win with Olympic silver medalist Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad, two more Kenyans and Evan Jager in the mix.

Women's Steeple Preview: Yuliya Zaripova Looks For Gold Medal Number Three - Can An American Make The Final? Russia's Yuliya Zaripova is the heavy favorite, but could be challenged by Morocco's Habiba Ghribi or Kenya's Milcah Chemos.

LRC Women's 800 Preview: Alysia Montaño And Brenda Martinez Try To Prevent Mariya Savinova From Three-Peating At Home The American medal chances just went way up as it's being reported in the French press that Francine Niyonsaba is a scratch.

LRC Men's 800m Preview: Nick Symmonds And Duane Solomon Searching For Gold An American has not won a global 800m title since 1972. That could all change at the World Championships in Moscow, where Americans Nick Symmonds and Duane Solomon are two of the gold medal contenders. They'll have their hands full with Mo Aman. We break down the action that starts on Saturday (thumbnail from Trackandfieldphoto.com).

The Fans Lose Again: Dibaba And Defar Both NOT Doubling In Moscow Dibaba vs. Defar X 2. It doesn't get any better than that for track and field fans. Now it won't happen at all as Ethiopian journalist Elshadai Negash is reporting neither Meseret Defar nor Tirunesh Dibaba will double in Moscow. Dibaba and Defar seem to be saying they would rather not lose to one another than win another World Championships medal. There is one positive to this - Shalane Flanagan's medal hopes went WAY up. *Discuss

Next Sunday: LRC Women's 10,000 Preview: Tirunesh Dibaba And Meseret Defar Clash For The First Time Ever At 10,000 - Can Shalane Flanagan Medal? Track fans won't get to see rivals Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay clash at 100 but they will get to see two all-time greats clash in the women's 10,000. Does Dibaba cement her status as the GOAT or does Defar upset her like she did in London? Plus Jordan Hasay's world debut and Amy Hastings looks to be just fourth US woman under 31:00.

Doping News Continues To Dominate The Headlines

Brit Steven Way Wins Stockholm Ultra Marathon

2013 TD Beach To Beacon *Top 10 Results

Deena Kastor Preps For Moscow With Fastest US Masters 10k Ever As Joyce Chepkirui Wins Kastor's still running well at age 40. Top non-African honors overall went to Great Britain's Gemma Steel, who had a huge breakthrough to grab 2nd.

In First Race Since Boston Marathon, Micah Kogo Wins As Meb Takes Top American Honors Meb was fifth but Ryan Hall was a total non-factor in 10th.
How did Ryan Hall do in the Beach to Beacon 10k? 2013 Discussion Thread
*Press Herald Recap *Toni Reavis Recap

More Road Racing News: Boston Marathon To Have An Extra 9,000 Runners In 2014

A Lot Of Drug News Updates

Doping News

Will Russia's Anti-Gay Laws Cause Conflicts At Moscow World Champs?

2013 Worlds Have Started (W10k Final 1:05PM ET, M100 At 1:50PM) *Results *Television/Event Schedule *LRC Pre-Meet Photo Album - Stadium, Practice Track, And Moscow *LRC Previews: *800M *800W *1,500M *1,500W *5,000M *5,000W *10,000M *10,000W *SteepleM *SteepleW

While You Were Sleeping (Sunday AM Action): LRC Mary Cain Adances As Does Jenny Simpson, Sarah Brown Cain let the field gap here 700m into the race, but rallied back to make the semifinals. Defending champion Jenny Simpson advanced with more ease.

LRC Women's 1500m Round 1 Photos *LRC Post Race Video and Audio Interviews: We talk to Simpson, Brown, Cory McGee, Nicole Sifuentes, and Sheila Reid 
Round 1 on the Boards: *Cain Advances *Sheila Reid Doesn't *Sarah Brown goes through to next round!

*IAAF Day 1 Recap Trey Hardee NH in Decathlon high jump as he had a bad hamstring cramp. *Kelly-Ann Baptiste Tests Positive - Leaves Moscow

LRC Women's Marathon: Edna Kiplgat Repeats As World Champion Talks of the Kenyan women not winning any gold medals at Worlds were a bit premature as they won gold in the first event of the Championships, as Edna Kiplagat pulled away from Italy's Valeria Straneo over the final 2km and Japan's Kayoko Fukushi put it together on the world stage. The strong Ethiopian team disappointed as the agless Deena Kastor was 9th.
*LRC Video Interviews With Deena And Dot McMahan (18th)

Alan Abrahamson: A Marathon Or An Ideal? Abrahmson believes it was too hot and it was. But we heard the Japanese paid for TV rights on the condition the marathon be in prime time, so we aren't as outraged as the sport needs money and normally it's only a high of 70 in Moscow.

Marathon Talk On The MB: Official Women's marathon thread
*Why is this Italian being so dumb?

LRC Men's 800 Heats: Americans Duane Solomon, Nick Symmonds And Brandon Johnson And The Other Favorites All Advance Solomon and Symmonds won their heats with Solomon looking the best but the best guy overall was Mo Aman, who put up a rare 1:44 in the first round. Read about that and the guy who PRed by more than six seconds to advance and learn about the guy who told us Olympic 1,500 champ Taoufik Makhloufi isn't here because he's "fat."
*RRW: America Enjoying 800m Renaissance

*LRC Post-Race 800m Interviews: *Nick Symmonds *Duane Solomon *Brandon Johnson *Others - Ireland's Mark English, Ayanleh Souleiman, Andrew Osagie, Michael Rimmer, Anthony Romaniw

More Worlds News

Previous Worlds News

More Pre-Moscow News

Recommended Read: Kenyans And Russians Most Tested Athletes By IAAF - What Individuals Were Tested The Most? Alan Abrahamson tells you all you need to know.

Great Read: Science Of Sport's Final Comments On Performance Analysis And Whether The 2013 TdF Was Dirty

Go Figure: Caster Semenya Wins Again, Remains Undefeated, But Won't Be Going To Worlds As She Didn't Run 2:01.50 You can watch the race video here. "Bizarre" is all we can say. It's almost as if Semenya and her people don't want to go Moscow as there seemingly were no rabbits and Semenya went from last to first in the span of 70 meters.

Doping News: 9 More Turkish Dopers Banned

Doping News: Victor Conte Throws Out Some Major Accusations Against Jamaica

Mo Farah / Usain Bolt News: Bolt Accepts Farah's Race Challenge *London 2 Day Photo Gallery

The Amputee / Blade Length Debate Continues: Oliviera Proves Theory Which Said Double Amputees (Pistorius) Have An Advantage

Think The Sub-2-Hour Marathon Is On The Horizon? Think Again

LRC The Myth Of The Sub-2-Hour Marathon The mainstream media thinks it may be close but in reality most people reading this will be dead when it happens.
*Science of Sport's Ross Tucker agrees: Pacing, fatigue and the brain. Lessons from London.
*MB: Sub 2 Hour Marathon Discussion: My Thoughts and Yours

LRC Flash Day 1 Photos: Men's 10,000 Final Photos, Women's Marathon, Men's 800m Round 1

Karhu $200,013 LRC Worlds Prediction Contest - Better Than Ever - New $2,013 4-Event Challenge

LRC $200,013 Worlds Prediction Contest: Pick 4 Events Correctly And Win $2,013 Our world-famous prediction contest is back and is better than ever. In addition to our full-fledged contest with some great prizes from Karhu, we've gotten a little carried away trying to get more casual fans involved as we've added a $2013 Four-Event ChallengePick the top three in order in the four events of your choosing and win $2013*. Don't know anything about Worlds? We've got a guide for you. Plus, you only need to do four events if you don't want to do the full thing. So start picking and more importantly spread the word to non-track fans.

Drug-Related News From Moscow

We Agree - No One Should Talk Of Boycotting Games

More Pre-Worlds Doping News: IAAF Vote For 4-Year Minimum Drug Ban

More On Russia's Anti-Gay Law

Italian Olympic President Hints At Rome 2024 Olympic Bid

Nick Symmonds And Others Speak Out Against Russia's Anti-Gay Law

Non-Worlds Pro News

World Baseball Softball Confederation Hopes Recent MLB Drug Bans Against A-Rod And Others Increase Softball & Baseball's Chances At Being Made Olympic Event In 2020

31 More Turks Banned, Bringing Total To 40 In Last Week

Recommended Read: Alan Abrahmson On Turkey's Awful Doping Scandal Abrahmson wonders who is doping these Turks. 20 of the 31 are under 23. Does a 16-year-old girl dope on her own or does someone lead/force her to do it?

Survey Finds Average Person Thinks They Have A Better Diet Than Average Person

Paula Radcliffe: "Mo [Farah] might not have it all his own way in the marathon."

Nick Willis Falls Just Short Of Michigan Record For State's Fastest Mile New dad Nick Willis deserves a big Thumbs Up for organizing the mile race himself in Saline, Michigan. He came up short of the Michigan record but won in 3:56.57 ahead of Dan Clark (3:57.40) and Miles Batty (3:58.06) as seven broke 4:00.00. *Video Of Race (updated with better video)

US Commentators Should Read This: Interesting IAAF Interview With Steve Cram: From World Champion To World Class Commentator You might be surprised at the amount of work that goes into commentating for major track meets. Cram also talks about being really nervous before some major races, almost like before you are competing yourself.

Book Review - Sports Gene Is Now Out

LRC Sports Gene By David Epstein: A Must-Read For All Coaches If you are a serious about wanting to understand elite sport performance, you've got to read the first book published by Sports Illustrated writer and former Columbia 800 runner (and LRC friend) David Epstein. Whether you want to know the keys to being a prodigy in distance running, or how to make it in the Majors in baseball, or how to dominate the Iditarod dog race, Epstein's got you covered. He even tells you the one thing you need to have to have a 17% chance of making it to the NBA. The book is out now.
*Q&A With David Epstein With Runner's World
*MB: Sports Gene By David Epstein

US News: Lindsay Lohan Fan Of Shannon Rowbury?

Week That Was

LRC What Did We Learn From The London DL?, Fast US "B" Teamers, Gabe Jennings Is A Lucky Man, And We Know Who Is Winning The Women's Steeple The final Diamond League meet and the Russian Champs are in the books and we turn our attention to Worlds. The US chances for Moscow are looking great in the distances. What else did we learn from London? Click to find out. Plus Tyson Gay tested positive a second time.

Upcoming Road Action: Farah Vs. Bekele Vs. Haile G Over A Half Marathon

London Photo Gallery Updated (260+ Photos) Click Below For Full Gallery (Day 1 Here, Day 2 Here)

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2013 Wharf To Wharf 6 Miler *Top 10 Results *MB Talk

In Road Debut, American Emily Infeld Cruises To Women's Title At 41st Annual Wharf To Wharf (Article updated) Despite what the article says, the race is 6 miles, not 10k.

Kenyan Nelson Oyugi Wins 41st Annual Wharf To Wharf In Convincing Fashion Local favorite Brett Gotcher was a career-best 3rd, Ben Bruce 5th, Lemoncello 6th, Scott Bauhs 9th and Solinsky was 10th. German Fernandez was a DNS.
*MB: Official 2013 Wharf to Wharf Predictions/Race Thread

Non-London News - 2013 Bix 7 Miler *Top 10 Bix Results

Former Iona Star Leonard Korir Wins Quad-City Times Bix 7 Meb was third, Desi 10th.
(Meb 3rd, Desi 10th)

USATF Sunday Photo Gallery