We Don't All Get Paid To Do What We Love

"I have achieved my childhood dream of becoming an Olympian and enjoyed many years training and competing as an elite athlete. To be able to do what you love as your job is a rare and special privilege, and I am very grateful to all the people who have enabled me to do that."

- British Olympic marathoner Mara Yamauchi announcing her retirement from professional running. During her career, Yamauchi competed in six London Marathons, finishing runner-up in 2009 (2:23:12). She also finished sixth in the Beijing Olympic marathon and won the 2008 Osaka Marathon.

More (Mostly NCAA) Results From The Weekend

US News

News From The UK: Mara Yamauchi Retires

Scientific Study Finds That Being Active Is Linked To Long-Term Happiness Do we really need a scientific study to tell us that on the average, healthier people who take care of their bodies will be happier?

Istanbul 2020 Olympic Bid Gets $20 Million In Sponsorships

18-Year-Old Ajee Wilson Sets WORLD Jr. Record At 600 (1:27.30) And Will Attack AR At Millrose

Sunday And Other Weekend Action

Course Records Fall At 2013 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon As Jackson Kiprop Runs 2:09:32 And Valentine Kipketer Runs 2:24:33 Kipketer's 2:24:33 is fastest time in world in 2013 and new Indian all-comers record. Edit: This press release incorrectly stated that Kipketer's 2:24:33 was a World Leading time. It is actually 3rd fastest in 2013 behind the top two from the Houston Marathon, Merima Mohammed (2:23:37) and Buzunesh Deba (2:24:26).

NCAA Results *All College Results *Full Triangular Results

Dying Too Young

LRC 4-Time World Marathon Majors Runner-Up Abderrahim Goumri Has Died At Age 36 The former MAR national record holder at 2:05:30, who once ran 12:50 for 5k and was twice the runner-up in New York, has been killed in a car accident. Goumri was busted for drugs due to the biological passport last summer.

Former 10k World Record Holder
Samson Kimobwa, Who Ran 27:30.47 On June 30, 1977 In Helsinki, Has Died Suddenly At Age 58
Interesting fact - he coached Boaz Cheboiywo in Kenya and went to Washington State. *Wikipedia Page
*IAAF Tribute To Samson Kimobwa And Abderahim Goumri

Ato Boldon On Colin Kaepernick: "He's a freak in the same way that Usain Bolt is a freak."

Guy Proposes To Girl After Her 3k, Before His 5k At Armory

Oscar P Drives Nearly $400,000 McLaren

Running Mice Have Larger Brains

College News

News From Kenya

Interesting Distance News

Upcoming Action:

RIP John Thomas And Steve Lynn

Former HJ WR Holder And USATF Hall Of Famer John Thomas Passes Away At 71 Thomas won silver and bronze Olympic medals and when he was only 17, became the first person to clear 7 feet indoors.
*RR: Rip John Thomas: Toni Reavis Blogs On The "Passing Of A Hero"
*Video Of John Thomas' Historic 1959 Millrose Games WR HJ Meet director Howard Schmertz: "That was my No. 1 most memorable moment in Millrose history. It brought the house down. It was the loudest roar I ever heard at the Garden. Any sport."
*Former Iowa State Track Coach Steve Lynn Dies At Age 61

2013 Boston And Other Upcoming Racing News

Great Idea: 2004 Olympic Hurdles Champ Joanna Hayes Wants Runners To Have Customized Jerseys

Houston Marathon/Half Was Sunday

LRC Ethiopians Feyisa Lilesa And Mamitu Daska Win 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon The performance of the day belonged to Daska, who was dominant on US soil just as she was in all of 2012. Shadrack Biwott (62:23) and Lisa Uhl (73:28) were the top Americans as Luke Puskedra and Aaron Braun also broke 63.

Bazuk Worku (2:10:17) And Merima Mohammed (2:23:27) Win 2013 Chevron Houston Marathon Titles The former WJr. record holder picked up marathon win #1 as Andrew Carlson (2:17:16) and Tera Moody (2:39:10) took top American honors.

Ethiopians Sweep Titles At Cold, Wet 2013 Chevron Houston Marathon & Aramco Half Marathon Includes quotes from Biwott, Carlson, Uhl.

More Weekend Action - Mostly XC Action

Big Races Set For Indoor Season

Asafa Powell Gives Some Tips For The Ladies

Two-Time NCAA Champ From Texas, Jacob Hernandez, Officially Retires At Age 27 "Today, I announce my retirement from track and field. Ray Lewis and I decided, its time to go."
*LRC 2008 NCAA 800 Recap *Race Video
*LRC 2008 NCAA Photos
*Retirement Video Interview With Hernandez

Usain Bolt Gets Dumped

The Media Reacts To Suzy Favor Hamilton

Definitely Not Politcally Correct: Chicago Sun-Times Columnist: SFH isn't alone - lots of female distance runners are total nut jobs SFH had "a glint of ferocity in her eyes, of suppressed danger. I saw the look in many of the Wisconsin middle-distance and long-distance female runners. In my book, I made special note of them, of their lapses into near insanity, of their successes and crashes and eating disorders and dependence on their controlling German head coach, Peter Tegen."
*Foot Locker Midwest Head Says Hamilton Can't Even Work As Volunteer At Its Event - Doubts She'll Keep Any Running Jobs "There is not a person in my opinion who has given more back to the sport of distance running than she has. That's why it's so tragic. We're losing Suzy." The UW-Madison School of Education, and the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association also are re-considering.
*FBI Might Be Interested
*The Daily Beast Examines How Escort Services Work (link fixed)
Suzy Favor Hamilton Loses Another Sponsor In The Wisconsin Potato And Vegetable Growers Association Disney was one thing, but losing the Potato and Vegetable Growers Association has gotta hurt
.*Husband Reacts With Compassion "Yes, I knew. We were essentially separated the past year. We are trying, with help, to see if we can make it work. Suzy is a good person who went down the wrong path, obviously."
*AP Knocks On Hamilton Door Gets No Answer, Finds Psychologist Who's Not Surprised "She needed to have some way to express some other side of herself that didn't feel as clean or wonderful or upstanding as she appeared to be."
*Seduction Author Not Surprised Either "I believe at least fifty to sixty percent of all single women are Wholesome Pretenders. ... The vast majority of women are taught and brainwashed to behave as 'innocent, wholesome good girls.' For most women, that is not the reality of their inner sexuality."
*Fox Sports.com: Sex scandal not funny, just sad.
*Colin Cowherd (Chris Lear And Rojo's Favorite Sports Radio Guy) Leads ESPN Show With SFH Talk - *Listen As He Says Her Actions Probably Aren't As Rare As You Think
*SFH Lands On Cover Of Daily News
*SFH Banned From All Disney Sporting Events
*runDisney Drops SFH As Event Speaker
*Competitor Group Drops Her As Well
*Bleacher Report: Former Olympian Deserves Privacy To Handle Personal Issues


The Smoking Gun.com: Suzy Favor Hamilton Has Been Working As $600/Hour Escort For Last Year SFH, the 3-time Olympian, has been one of the hottest commodities in the escort business over the last year as she jumped up to a #3 ranking and got rave reviews for her runner's body and for providing the "full GFE (girlfriend experience)." One client raved, "I would do anything to protect her. ... She is worth every penny. I will go bankrupt before I stop seeing her. I hope no one else goes to see her, because I want her all to myself. ... I never thought I would find anyone in this hobby like her."
*Suzy Favor Hamilton Issues A Statement
*MB: Suzy Favor-Hamilton: Vegas Escort

Reaction From Across The Globe:
*NY Times: 1,176 Words On SFH: Former Olympian Cites Depression For Taking Job As Escort
NY Daily News On Hamilton
*RRW: Suzy Favor Hamilton Admits To Double Life As $600 Per Hour Escort (link fixed)

*Hometown Reaction: Wisconsin State Journal: Suzy Favor Hamilton cites depression as reason she led "double life" as high-priced prostitute
*Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton admits she worked as escort
*Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Profile On Hamilton In July Where She Talked About Battling Depression

Suzy Favor Hamilton TV Report In Chicago

A MUST Read - One Of The Greatest Races Ever Run - The US Women's Version Of The Billy Mills 10,000 Win

RWorld Reintroduces The World To Debbie Heald, Who 40 Years Ago Incredibly Ran The US HS Indoor Mile Record Of 4:38.5 Steve Friedman's piece on Heald is moving to say the least. Heald, whose father had committed suicide, who had been molested and who was always battling injury (13 different running-related surgeries), somehow at the US vs. USSR meet at age 16 in 1972 beat the greatest runners in the world, including the indoor 1,500 record holder and that year's eventual Olympic 1,500 champion, by running an a 8.5-second PR of 4:38.5. She came from way back to win thanks to a ferocious kick and she was known for having no kick. Her life since then has been full of struggles with schizophrenia but her HS indoor record still stands.
Debbie Heald article in RW

Heald's Incredible 1972 Race

More On Heald:
*2002 LA Times Feature
*1972 Sports Illustrated
*1967 Faces In The Crowd At Age 11
 From The MB:

*16-year-old Debbie Heald takes down the Russians, sets AR in 1972
*No Wikipedia entry for Debbie Heald ...
*1972 USA vs. USSR: 16-year-old wins the women's mile in a national record. (still standing)
*1972 Video Of Debbie Heald

Foot Locker Finals *Results *Boys Photo Gallery *Legends Pre-Race Photo Gallery

Boys: Edward Cheserek Repeats After Battle With Sean McGorty McGorty, the South champ, and Jake Leingang, the Midwest champ, didn't make it easy for Cheserek, but there is a reason Cheserek doesn't lose - he's the best in the US high school ranks. The four Regional winners went 1-2-3-4. *Results *Milesplit Recap *Edward Cheserek Interview

Girls: Anna Rohrer Overcomes Fall To Win
Rohrer pulled away for the win after falling after the start. Her Midwest teammates dominated the race with 6 in the top 10. Catarina Rocha of the Northeast was the runner-up, with both runner-ups having a least one Foot Locker finalist parent. *Results *Steve U's Recap *Anna Rohrer Interview
*OTB: Sarah Baxter 2016 Olympics? *wow footlocker, get your cameras fixed. learn how to cover a national race *Has Foot Locker gone too far?

Upcoming Action

African News

More Post-Oprah Armstrong News/Reactions

LRC Lukas Verzbicas' Comeback Continues With 21:02 4-Mile Win We're calling this kid "The Real Lance" as he is a comeback-from-near-death athlete you can believe in.
*MB: Discuss

Aaron Braun Talks About Training In Flagstaff And Spending A Lifetime At Altitude He grew up in Fort Collins, CO, went to school in Alamosa, CO and trains in Flagstaff, so he's never not been at altitude.

Japan Olympic Marathoner Naoko Sakamoto Retires At Age 32 She was 7th at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Random But Interesting

Pro Results

Two Amazing Post Oprah/Lance Articles

A Strange Coincidence? Week After Dayron Robles Says He's Sitting Out 2013 In Protest, Robles' Coach Says He's Retiring (article translated from Spanish) It looks like he'll be advising coaches from here on out. He also coached 2000 Olympic champ Anier García.
*2nd Article Translated From Spanish

Running Website News

Oprah & Lance Part I *Partial Transcript From Day 1 *MB: Official Lance/Oprah Interview Thread

Excellent NY Times Recap Of Oprah/Lance Day I: For Armstrong, A Confession Without Explanation The Times correctly points out that Lance was combative and couldn't hold back his natural inclination to fight and that he failed to once say, "I'm sorry." They also fail to mention he claimed he didn't dope during his comeback.

Oprah & Lance Part I: 4 General Thoughts, 3 Unanswered Questions And 1 Place Where Oprah Came Up Short

Great Read:
NY Daily News Exclusive: Inside the secret whistleblower case against Lance Armstrong This is a FABULOUS READ. It tells you all about the case and makes you wonder, "Are politicians protecting Lance still today?"
*Dallas Lawyer May Be First To Sue Lance Armstrong After Oprah Interview The SCA lawyer watched Oprah and then said, "Apologies are nice, but when Mr. Armstrong sends us his apologies, he needs to include a check giving us back the $12 million."

Two Recommended Reads
Sports Illustrated, & Two From Canada With One From Ben Johnson:
RR #1: EPSTEIN: Former assistant cannot forgive Armstrong He's so mad he didn't even watch the interview.
: Wife of former teammate fought for truth Betsy Andreu emailed Lance in 1999 way before drug case and told him he treats people "like s---."
RR #3: National Post: Lance Armstrong unable to master the road in his interview with Oprah Winfrey
RR #4: Former Sprint King Ben Johnson Has Words Of Advice For Lance "It's only cheating if you're the only one doing it."

*Another Great Piece From ESPN's Bonnie Ford

*Jason Gay: Armstrong Begins His End
*Apology Expert On Why Lance Failed:
"An effective apology means giving up your argument with history. It means letting the victims have the last word."
*Alan Abrahmson:
Like air in the tires or water in the bottles
Paul Kimmage Didn't Like InterviewAt All - "by the end of it I just wanted to put my boot through the television."
*Nike Has No Shame: Phil Knight On Nike Reuniting With Armstrong: "Never say never."
*Without Doping, Lance Would Be Nobody
*Prominent San Francisco Financier Thomas Weisel Has Been Subpoenaed In Connection With Armstrong
*The Independent's Simon Turnbull Remembers The Oprah/Marion Jones Interview

Modern Day Journalism/This Is Why Lance Never Got Unearthed By A Journalist: Alysia Montano Had Oatmeal For Breakfast And Yoghurt With Peanut Butter And Nuts

Previous Lance-Oprah News

A Must Read
If You Thought Lance Was Arrogant Before, This Will Put You Over The Top Behind Lance Armstrong's Decision To Talk The WSJ has exclusive insight into why Lance is going on Oprah. He is doing so because he had a secret meeting with USADA head Travis Tygart last month in Denver where Lance pathetically grovelled and made excuses in attempt to get Tygart to let him do triathlons - which Lance feels is his only way to make money. Tygart was having none of it and Lance threw a hissy and stormed out after yelling the QOD.
*Justice Department Takes Aim At Armstrong Justice Department officials have recommended joining a federal whistleblower lawsuit aimed at clawing back sponsorship money from former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Olympic 1,500 Champ Tawfiq Makhloufi Wins Big Arab Sports Awards & Says He Wants Double Gold In 2013

Who Says It's Just January? *Full UW Results

LRC Mary Cain Runs 9:02.10 For 3,000 - Arguably The Greatest Distance Performance In High School History
MB: *Cain 9:02!!!
*Mary Cain 9:02!!!
*How many boys state 3200/2 mile can mary cain win?
*NOW what do you think about a Baxter-Cain face-off at 3200 / 2-mile? Hmmmm?

Olympic Silver Medallist Galen Rupp Opens Up With 3:57 Mile Rupp tied up big time over the last 400.

Upset About Treatment On A "Human, Personal Level" By Cuban Officials, Dayron Robles Will Sit Out All Of 2013 In Protest Last week, we heard he was lacking motivation.

Olympic 100m Bottle Thrower Convicted

Guilty: Men's 100m Bottle Thrower Is Convicted Sounds like due to his mental illness, he'll get a slap on the wrist, but the judge's reasoning was sound: "The video, in my view, quite clearly shows Mr Gill-Webb checking to see if he is under observation before taking the risk of throwing the bottle. I am sure that he was at that point weighing up the chances of being caught before throwing the bottle in an effort to disrupt the start of the race and put off Usain Bolt. I am sure, therefore, that he was at that point acting rationally and wrongly."
*MB: OJ Simpson may have gotten off but the Olympic bottle thrower is convicted!!

Recommended Read On Why We Run: 42-Year-Old Mechanic, One Of Few Runners In Haiti, Keeps Running After Earthquake "Running is a continuation of life." This 2:42 marathoner should have been in the Olympic marathon in our minds as he represents the Olympic ideal.
AP Video Story On Mechanic

Kenyan Attacked

Video: Kenyan Runner Edwin Kipsang Rotich Was Attacked During Brazil's New Year's Eve Kings Run 10k, But Still Went On To Win Police said the attacker has a history of mental problems and doing stunts like this. Rotich was unfazed at the finish as he didn't even mention the attack in his post-race interview. *Longer Video

US Pro And Collegiate News: Clemson Head Coach Resigns

Weekend Action - 2013 BUPA XC Was Saturday *Full Results *Discuss *Start Lists *Race Website

Good Read: CNN Piece On Tirunesh Dibaba, Who Says Her Main Focus In The Coming Years Will Be On The Marathon "I want to do something special, that is historic and unforgettable. Especially in the Olympic marathon, I want to compete there. I believe that is what is left for me to achieve."

LRC Other End-Of-Year / New Year's Day Action Of Note That No One Wrote An Article About (Kogo, Soi, Lalli, Kipsiro, Etc.)

Random US News: Lauren Fleshman Responds To You

The Christmas Holiday Wasn't Real Kind To Mo Farah

Ridiculous Claim: 37-Year-Old 2:14 Marathoner Luke Kipkosgei Says He Would Have Won Olympic Gold Had He Not Been Injured Kipkosgei, who did win a world indoor 3k bronze in 2003, is hoping to run the Moscow WCs. Good luck with that.

Stop Complaining: NYC Marathon Announced Cancellation Policy And You Can Get A Refund Get a refund or pay again for next year and run next year (while paying for this year as well).
On The Boards: NYC Marathon Resolution
*WSJ: NYRR Reach Multi-Million Dollar Settlment With Insurance Company After Cancellation Of NYC Marathon

Good Read: Brett Larner Explains "How I Learned To Love The Ekiden And Why You Should Too" "When you put on that soaking wet, stinking piece of cloth and your own sweat mingles with it there is a physical bond formed between your life and theirs, your own years of work becoming part of something bigger, and others are waiting to join you. Giving anything less than your best is not sacrificing your gift, it is sacrificing everybody else's gifts."

Sports Science: Viagra Improves Performance In More Ways Than One

US News: Adam Nelson On His Way To Becoming An Olympic Champion

Lolo Jones Has Survived Her First Bobsled Crash And she even jokes about it: "God is real. I saw him today and he said come back later."

Track And Field's Male Fans Are Thankful For This
Fit Again & Recovered From Achilles Surgery & Bacterial Infection, Blanka Vlasic Is Ready To Compete Again

The Running Event Is In The Books *Photos

LRC The 2012 Running Event Is In The Books: Five Takeaways On The Industry Shark Tank's Daymond John Speaks The trade show for specialty running shops was last week in Austin, Texas and LRC's Wejo was there plus Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi, and most of Saucony's top athletes. The running industry should be renamed the "how to not get injured" industry. Some take-aways from the convention.
*Press Release: The Running Event 2012 Attracts 2,100 To Austin

More Armstrong Stuff

Oprah & Lance Part II *Highlights Of Oprah/Lance (Video Or Text Your Choice) *MB: Official Lance/Oprah Thread

Good Sportsman Of The Year: Spanish Runner Ivan Fernandez Anaya Lets Abel Mutai Win After Mutai Accidentally Stops Before The Finish Line Rather than take advantage of Mutai's (the Olympic steeplechase bronze medalist) mistake and take a cheap victory, Anaya let Mutai win since he was clearly well ahead, but just stopped right before the line.

Webb Back In Portland

Confirmed: Alan Webb Has Returned To Portland, Joined Jerry Schumacher's Group And Is Focused On 5/10k Flotrack's Ryan Fenton caught up with the American mile record holder on his 30th B-Day, as a more mature Webb talked about his recent struggles and the decision to switch to his 4th coach in the last 3.5 years. We give you the highlights as we know most of you don't have 22 minutes to spare. A great read (or watch) depending on how much time you have.

Webb Training in Schumaker's Group, to Focus on 5k/10k in 2013, eventually the Marathon
MB: Happy Belated 30th Bday Alan Webb

The Weekly Review: The Week That Was In Running: January 7 - 13, 2013

LRC Zola Budd & Mary Cain, Rudisha & Farah, Lance & Oprah, And Running Fast But Never Winning This week we try to put Mary Cain's 9:02 in perspective, praise Mark McGwire and rip Lance as we get ready for Oprah, catch up with Mo Farah & David Rudisha hanging out in Kenya, talk about the fastest marathoners that have never won in history and get words of wisdom from Sheila Reid and Ryan Vail and Andrew Wheating. Plus we wonder why more pros don't do X-Country.

Random US News: Bobby Curtis Dropped By Reebok

A Great Guest Column

PJ Browne A Woman I Used To Know - Suzy Favor Hamilton Guest columnist PJ Browne reflects on Suzy Favor Hamilton and depression in a Recommended Read. "What I can now say about depression is that the irrational and the bizarre become the norm. There is no blueprint in a hit and miss mixture of drugs, incarceration and therapy. In my case, Zoloft turned me into a daring, brazen individual much to the embarrassment of my family."

Ryan Hall Speaks

LRC Ryan Hall Talks About Cam Levins' 190-Mile Weeks And Is Impressed Hall: "It's working for him. My hat's off to him. He inspires me. That's why I started following him on Twitter. I feel like I'm training hard and I'm not doing nearly that kind of training."
LRC Ryan Hall Talks About His Running Shoes Hall says he has different shoes for every speed he runs and that he has an "unhealthy attachment" to the Asics Gel Hyper Speed.

LetsRun.com's 2012 Year In Review

LRC We Say To You The Visitor, "Thanks A Million" For Making 2012 A Record Year For Us Now that the college football bowl season is over, the year is over in our mind and it's time to recap the special year we had in 2012. No matter how you look at it, 2012 was a record year for LetsRun. Unique visitors were up 38.55% and for the first time we surpassed a million unique visitors in a given month. Read the article to find out what our 5 busiest days were, what our 5 least busy days were, our most popular articles, most popular threads and more. Guess what day generated the most page views. Hint: it wasn't even a day during the Olympics or US Olympic Trials.

The Weekly Recap Of Last Week's Action
Overcoming A Mid-Race Tackle, Runners Are Weird, Ashton Eaton, Jacob Hernandez, Lance Armstrong And The "Future Of Ethiopian Distance Running" This week we start off with three things that should prove to you that runners are officiallyweird eccentric as we try to make a Flotrack video go viral. We then introduce you to "the future of Ethiopian distance running" before introducing you to Edwan Rotich - who got tackled mid-race and still won $25,000 + a car last week. Plus our hatred for Lance Armstrong continues and we wonder if Ashton Eaton would be nothing more than a D3 football star had he stuck with the gridiron. And Jacob Hernandez calls it quits.

Clemson's Brianna Rollins Breaks Collegiate 60 Hurdles Record She ran 7.78, which beat Ginnie Powell's 2006 record of 7.84 (Powell is the wife of 2004 Olympic gold medalist Shawn Crawford).

A Former Star Retires

Felix Limo Hangs 'Em Up Limo, who famously ran 41:29 for 15km (4:27 pace) to set the WR and beat Haile G in 2001 and then went on to win the Rotterdam (2004), Berlin (2004), Chicago (2005) and London (2006) marathons, is calling it quits at 32 due to back problems. His 2:06:14 was the fastest marathon in 2004. He'll now focus on his farms and business interests.
*Interesting: Toni Reavis Remembers Having Dinner With A 20-Year-Old Limo And Limo Telling Him What He'd Do When He Retired "When I retire, I will open Felix Limo's House of Ugali."

2013 Boston - The Americans Will Be There

BAA: Meb, Ryan Hall And Abdi Added To 2013 Boston Field - A Slew Of Americans Will Take On The World At The 2013 Boston Marathon Shalane and Kara were already announced, so all five of the healthy US Olympians from 2012 will be there. Lots of other Americans will be there as well. The international elite field will be announced mid-Feb.
RRW:  The Three 2012 US Men's Olympians - Meb, Ryan Hall And Abdi Abdirahman - Will Race The 2013 Boston Marathon
*MB: Hall, Meb and Abdi to run 2013 Boston Marathon

After Resignation, Bev Kearney Lashes Out, Goes On CNN Seeking Justice & Hints At Lawsuit
Conspiracy Theory Or Crazy Enough To Be True?
Bev Kearney's Lawyer Suggests That Her Affair Was Exposed In Order To Block Her Pay Raise "We can't say what evidence there is of that. But we can say it seems remarkable, let's say coincidental, the exact timing this report came out of the blue [was] when the athletic council was recommending that Bev be promoted, and offered a raise."

Texas Coach And USATFCCCA Half Of Famer Bev Kearney Resigns

Ryan Gregson

LRC Aussie 1,500 Record Holder Ryan Gregson Enters 2013 Having "Never Been This Aerobically Fit Before" The man who ran 3:31-flat two years ago as a 20-year-old is feeling good after a high altitude training stint in Fall Creek.

Weekly Recap

LRC Predictions For 2013 - Bolt & RudishaAre Done? The Muslim Mo Farah's 1st Xmas, The Case For Aries Merritt For AOY & Paralympic Whining We kick off the New Year by wondering if Aries Merritt should have been Athlete of the Year before wondering if 2013 will be the beginning of the end for both of the men who dominated 2012 - Usain Bolt and David Rudisha. We then dare to tell you that in reality, the Paralympics and wheelchair racing are over-publicized (not under-publicized as many claim) and tell you about the most insensitive interview ever involving Mo Farah. Plus crazy races in Alaska and yet another gratuitous slam of Lance Armstrong.

A Review Of Duncan Larkin's "Run Simple"

LRC Review By A LRCer Of Duncan Larkin's Book, "Run Simple: A Minimalist Approach To Fitness And Well Being" Has running become too complicated and gotten away from it's blue collar roots? Larkin seems to think so and gives advice to try and make things simpler.

Last Week's Weekly Recap

LRC Biomechanics Are The Key? 2012 The Year Of The 800? Mo Farah The GOAT? SFH > Galen Rupp & Leo? Usain Bolt's Love Life, Wisdom From Pfaff & Salazar, And More This week we spend a lot of time wondering, "Was Mo Farah's double win really by far the greatest Olympic distance double" as Alberto Salazar claimed? (No). We also wonder if biomechanics are the key to success in T&F, wonder if this was the greatest year ever in the men's 800, compare the amount of pub generated by Suzy Favor Hamilton as compared to Galen Rupp, give you great coaching insight from Dan Pfaff (and Salazar), tell you how some coaches are never satisfied, and remind you to yawn before your next race. Plus Usain Bolt's ex-girlfriend kisses and tells, and why the best thing about altitude training may have nothing to do with altitude.

Run, Recover, Run More

LRC Runners Recover Better And Hopefully Stay Injury Free With These Two Products From The 2012 Running Event Wejo talks about some of the injury prevention products he saw at the The Running Event, which include better methods for massage, icing, and compression.

Meb And The Mental Side Of Running

LRC Meb Keflezighi Talks About Getting His Start In Running, The Mental/Physical Breakdown Of The Sport Meb: "I really believe during preparation it's 90% physical, 10% mental. When the gun goes off it's 90% mental and 10% being healthy."

Maggie Vessey Tests Positive And Gets A Warning

Maggie Vessey Tests Positive For Diuretic And Accepts Public Warning
The American 800m star was taking a prescription medicine that had a banned substance. She won't have to serve a suspension of any kind.
On The Boards:
Maggie Vessey tests positive

The Week That Was In Running: December 10 - December 16, 2012

LRC Jenny Simpson's About Face, Sally Jenkins' Embarrassing Defense Of Lance, Fast Rugby Players, A Mea Culpa And More Not a lot happened last week on the track but there is A TON to talk about. We break down world champion Jenny Simpson's about face and return to Mark Wetmore by comparing her positively to Charles Barkely and Dan Marino, but remind people that a return home didn't resurrect the career of Jeremy Wariner. We absolutely rip Sally Jenkins for defending Lance Armstrong and for using the "rape card" to support her argument as we compare Lance to Bernie Madoff. Along the way, we tell you why legalized PED use = the end of women's sports and introduce you to the fastest rugby player in the world. Plus we fess up to a rare, rare mistake.

TodaysMiles.com Launches On LetsRun.com

Today's Miles Launches The running world has got 3.1*, 13.1 and 26.2 stickers. Todaymiles.com takes that concept to running apparel. Want to celebrate that 26.2 you did? Do it. Want to run 20 minutes and wear a 20 mile shirt? You can do that, too. More info here.

Wetmore-Simpson Round II

LRC Jenny Simpson Coaching Switch Update Former CU Buff Stephen Kasica has some details on Simpson training in Boulder last week. Plus there is a cool multimedia timeline on Simpson's career and some perspective. Simpson won Worlds under Juli Benson, yet never ran within 3.5 seconds of her 1,500m PR. Fascinating.

2012 Foot Locker Boys Photo Gallery (Updated)

2012 Foot Locker Legends Pre-Race Photo Gallery

IAAF Gala Photos: The Stars Of Track And Field Are Beautiful People

NCAA Cross Photo Galleries (Captions Now Added)

Beautiful People: NCAA Banquet Photos (Click On Photo)

Back To Top18-Yr Old Ethiopian Muktar Edris Gets The Win Over A Deep Field In Campaccio XC Race As Kim Conley Gets 4th For The Women He beat out John Kipkoech (12:49 5000) and sub-27 man Geoffrey Kirui by less than a second as Moses Kipsiro was 4th, Leonard Komon 8th, Euro XC Champ Andrea Lalli 9th and Scott Bauhs 10th. Debele Degefa won the women's race in a close sprint with Afera Godfay as Conley was 4th and two-time World steeplechase bronze medallist Milcah Chemos 6th.