LetsRun.com's Recap Of The Women's Distance Action At The 2012 Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational

Betsy Saina And Sally Kipyego Impress As Deena Kastor Returns To Track Action & Anna Pierce Returns To Form

By LetsRun.com
April 30, 2012

The 2012 Payton Jordan Invitational at Stanford certainly didn't disappoint, as Sally Kipyego put on a clinic in the women's 5,000, Anna Pierce returned to form in the 1,500 and Deena Kastor returned to the track in the women's 10,000, where Betsy Saina stunned everyone with a huge PR. We recap the women's top action for you below.

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Women's 1,500: Welcome Back, Anna Pierce

Anna Pierce is back.

Many wondered if the former 3:59.38 performer would ever be a force again in US middle-distance running after she struggled through a disastrous 2011 during which she never broke 4:10.38 for 1,500. Those fears only intensified after Pierce followed up her 2011 with nothing faster than 4:11.85 indoors this year.

Anyone who watched Pierce run on Sunday night likely has few doubts now, as Pierce was sensational over the last 200, seemingly coming out of nowhere to blow by Canada's Hilary Stellingwerff and 2012 USA indoor runner-up Brenda Martinez to grab the win in a new world leader of 4:07.00.

After a 2:12 first 800 meters, the race seemed to be a two-person affair between Stellingwerff and Martinez as they had gapped the field. With a lap to go (3:01), the question seemed to be would the two be able to hammer it home to get the Olympic "A" standard of 4:06.00, as they led the field by at least 10 meters. With 200 remaining (3:34), it seemed to be a possibility but the leading duo would soon slow and lose the lead as Pierce came blowing by them seemingly out of nowhere. Stellingwerff and Martinez had no response as Pierce went by them with roughly 120 meters to go. She'd go on to earn a convincing victory in 4:07.00 to Martinez's 4:08.66 (a new PR, previous best 4:09.52) and Stellingwerff's 4:08.76.

Afterwards, Pierce told Flotrack she was happy with the win.

"I'll take it. I just needed to get some competitions in and remember I am a champ," said Pierce "(When I was struggling), it was scary to get beat by that much but it made me hungry."

"I feel real good where I am right now. I just trust my coach."

The only collegian in the race, Oklahoma State's Natalja Piliusina, came on strong late to set a new collegiate leader at 4:09.51.

Event 47  Women 1500 Meter Run Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Anna Pierce                  Nike                   4:07.00
  2 Brenda Martinez              New Balance            4:08.66
  3 Hilary Stellingwerff         Speed River Tfc        4:08.76
  4 Treniere Moser               Nike                   4:09.35
  5 Natalja Piliusina            Oklahoma State         4:09.51
  6 Alice Schmidt                Nike                   4:09.68
  7 Malindi Elmore               Speed River Tfc        4:10.16
  8 Marina Muncan                New Balance            4:10.78
  9 Geena Gall                   Otc                    4:12.67
 10 Sara Vaughn                  Nike                   4:13.29
 11 Susan Kuijken                Nike                   4:14.50
 12 Bridey Delaney               Nswis Sydney           4:22.16

Heat 2

Event 48  Women 1500 Meter Run Section 2
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Lauren Johnson               Nike                   4:11.22
  2 Lauren Bonds                 adidas Ralei           4:11.93
  3 Cory McGee                   Florida                4:12.61
  4 Melissa Salerno              New Balance            4:12.82
  5 Orla Drumm                   Unattached             4:13.27
  6 Kristen Gillespie            Arkansas               4:13.33
  7 Jillian Smith                Michigan               4:13.94
  8 Morgane Gay                  Virginia               4:15.04
  9 Lea Wallace                  Nike                   4:16.56
 10 Amanda Winslow               Florida State          4:18.68
 11 Camille Chapus               Unattached             4:19.54
 12 Lindsey Gallo                Unattached             4:26.12
 -- Samantha Learch              Arkansas                   DNF

Heat 3

Bernard Lagat's sis had a big PR as she lowered it from 4:21.5.

Event 49  Women 1500 Meter Run Section 3
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Violah Lagat                 Florida State          4:15.15
  2 Hannah Brooks                Florida State          4:15.59
  3 Agata Strausa                Florida                4:15.92
  4 Danielle Tauro               Shore AC               4:16.12
  5 Rebecca Addison              Michigan               4:17.16
  6 Laura Carlyle                Oregon State           4:17.77
  7 Jessica Parry                Florida State          4:19.04
  8 Alli Billmeyer               Stanford               4:19.20
  9 maria del carmen osorio      Venezuela              4:19.29
 10 Shelby Hayes                 Florida                4:19.72
 11 Kenyetta Iyevbele            North Carolina St.     4:20.38
 12 Mandy Perkins                Florida                4:25.58
 13 Nicole Bowler                San Francisco          4:26.10
 14 Jessica Eldridge             Greater Boise RC       4:35.36
 -- Hannah Barnell               Stanford                   DNF

Women's 5,000: Sally Kipyego Is Way Better Than Your Average Olympian

2011 World Championships silver medallist at 10,000 Sally Kipyego showed she was the class of the field from the moment it started, as she looked great in running 14:43.11 to win the women's 5,000 by a ton. Her first lap of 68.2 was a bit ambitious, but after that she rolled off a ton of 71s in a row before picking it up at the end (she was 9:31 at 3,200, which is 14:52 pace).

Former NC State star Julia Lucas had a big breakthrough to get second in 15:08.52 as the top six, including American Julie Culley and Brit Stephanie Twell, all dipped under the IAAF "A" standard of 15:20 for the London Olympics. The injury-plagued Lucas came into to the night having only run one 5k since 2008 (a 16:02.23 last year) and with a PR of 15:33.05 from 2007.

Oregon's Jordan Hasay was on "A" standard pace for much of the race but really struggled over the final 1k and ended up 16th in 15:44.97. Hasay wasn't the only person to have a rough night. Other people struggling included 2009 World Championships bronze medallist at 1,500 Shannon Rowbury, who was a DNF, and 2004 Olympian Carrie Tollefson, who ran 16:12.64.

After the race, Kipyego told Race Results Weekly, "This is the only 5-K I will run before the Trials. We talked with coach and we thought --I thought-- that I needed to run 71's, or close to that pace, because I needed to get my body to realize that in a month or so I'll have to be able to run that with maybe ten girls in the race.  I needed to get comfortable and test the way that I am."

Lucas also was happy to see her years of dedication pay off. She said on the Flotrack broadcast, "I ran 15:33 four years ago. I ran 15:50 eight years ago and my training was increasing (ever since). (So to) have the practices actually add up to the performance (is nice)," said Lucas. "On our warmup, Sally said, 'You're going to run 15:10 on a good day.'"

Event 56  Women 5000 Meter Run Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Sally Kipyego                Otc                   14:43.11
  2 Julia Lucas                  Otc                   15:08.52
  3 Julie Culley                 Asics/NYAC            15:13.87
  4 Barbara Parker               New Balance           15:14.26
  5 Stephanie Twell              Nike                  15:15.24
  6 Jessica Tebo                 Colorado              15:19.43
  7 Eloise Wellings              Melbourne Tr          15:20.28
  8 Megan Wright                 New Balance           15:21.75
  9 Liz Maloy                    New Balance           15:26.60
 10 Emily Brichacek              Melbourne Tr          15:30.00
 11 Georgie Clarke               Unattached            15:31.29
 12 Kayoko Fukushi               Wacoal                15:33.11
 13 Katrina Wootton              Unattached            15:39.31
 14 Jennifer Rhines              adidas                15:41.31
 15 Tara Erdmann                 Charisma Sports       15:41.85
 16 Jordan Hasay                 Oregon                15:44.87
 17 Risa Takenaka                Shiseido Run          15:44.94
 18 Frances Koons                New Balance           16:00.74
 19 Sandra Lopez                 Mexico                16:01.01
 20 Carrie Tollefson             Unattached            16:12.64
 21 Carmen Hussar                New Balance           16:20.11
 -- Shannon Rowbury              Nike                       DNF
 -- Adrienne Herzog              Brooks                     DNF


Women's 10,000: Deena Kastor Returns As Betsy Saina Introduces Herself To The World
American Lisa Uhl ran aggressively from the start of this race as it was clear she was hoping to break her PR of 31:18.07. However, after 11 laps, she was all alone and soon started to struggle with no help. She went through 5k in 15:38 but the chase pack, which included 2012 Olympic Trials 4th placer Amy Hastings as well as 2012 NCAA indoor champ of Betsy Saina (who was running unattached but goes to Iowa State) and 2004 Olympic marathon bronze medallist Deena Kastor, wasn't too far back (15:45-6).

Uhl got caught with 8.5 laps to go and with 7 laps to go, Saina surged to the lead and the only one to respond was Hastings. With 3.5 laps to go, Hastings went to the lead but in the end the night belonged to Saina, who really made a name for herself tonight.

A 68.5 final lap was too much for Hastings to handle as Saina pulled away with 250 meters to go and won in 31:15.97 to Hastings' 31:19.87. Talk about a breakthrough performance. Considering her first 5k was roughly 15:45, her last 5,000 was covered in about 15:30, which was faster than her 5,000 PR of 15:36.09. Her previous 10,000 PR? 33:13.87.

"I did way better than I thought I could do, so it's great," said Saina to Flotrack after the race. "I just felt really comfortable."

Hastings also obliterated her own PR as her previous 10k best was 32:18.72 from 2008.

"I am really happy," said Hastings. "I came here to get the 'A' standard. About 3k into it, I stopped paying attention to the time. It was fun to just get out there and focus on racing."

As for Kastor, who was running her first track race since 2007, she lost contact with the main pack just after 5k. She came up just short of the Olympic "A" standard of 31:45.00 as she ran 31:49.23 (she was 28:01 with 1,200 remaining). Pretty good stuff for a 39-year-old. Deena came up short of her goal telling David Monti, ""I really thought I could get the 'A' standard today. I was a little panicked in the beginning, getting a really terrible start.  I just tried to maintain my composure and gradually get up with a pace that I felt good with.  But, I think that the start really threw me off, and I just need to get back to the aggressiveness of the track which I am lacking."

Janet Cherobon-Bawcom's improvement continued as she got the "A" standard and Lisa Uhl managed to hang on as well. They joined Molly Huddle and Jen Rhines who already had it plus marathoners Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher, and Desiree Davila.

Event 59  Women 10000 Meter Run Kim McDonald
    Name                    Year School                  Finals


  1 Betsy Saina                  Unattached            31:15.97
  2 Amy Hastings                 Brooks                31:19.87
  3 Fionnuala Britton            Ireland               31:29.22
  4 Julia Bleasdale              Melbourne Tr          31:29.57
  5 Janet Cherobon-Bawcom        Unattached            31:33.50
  6 Lisa Uhl                     Nike Otc              31:35.50
  7 Deena Kastor                 Asics                 31:49.23
  8 Kim Conley                   Sra Elite             32:00.94
  9 Lara Tamsett                 Melbourne Tr          32:01.60
 10 Alisha Williams              adidas Brc/Adp        32:03.07
 11 Charlotte Purdue             Nike                  32:03.55
 12 Deborah Maier                Cal                   32:12.47
 13 Meaghan Nelson               Iowa State            32:14.27
 14 Allie Kieffer                Unattached            32:25.69
 15 Madai Perez                  Mexico                32:27.91
 16 Katie McGregor               Reebok                32:37.83
 17 Kellyn Johnson               Adidas McMil          32:39.04
 18 Alissa McKaig                Zap Fitness           32:39.87
 19 Stephanie Rothstein          adidas                32:40.67
 20 Diane Nukuri Johnson         Asics                 32:45.96
 21 rachel ward                  Ragged Mount          32:47.97
 22 Adriana Nelson               Asics                 32:48.03
 23 Marisol Guadalupe Romero     Mexico                32:58.16
 24 Annie Bersagel               New Balance           33:15.80
 25 Heidi Westover               Unattached            33:24.99
 26 Sarah Porter                 Zap Fitness           33:26.16
 27 Meghan Peyton                Mizuno                33:26.32
 28 Erin Nehus-Vergara           Athletic Annex        33:39.29
 29 Kathy Newberry               Nyac                  33:53.51
 -- Lindsey Scherf               Mizuno Racing Team         DNF
 -- Stephanie Pezzullo           Newton Shoe Co.            DNF
 -- Wendy Thomas                 adidas Brc/Adp             DNF
 -- Rebecca Donaghue             New Balance                DNF
 -- Melissa Cook                 Unattached                 DNF


Women's 800: Uceny Wins

Former NCAA 800 All-American Morgan Uceny, who now makes her living as a the world's #1 1,500 runner, won the women's 800. Don't let the 2:02.46 time fool you. She looked SENSATIONAL over the last 100m. Uceny seemingly was practicing being patient in a pack and unleashing with 100 meters to go as she blew everyone away at 700 meters.

Uceny's 1,500 rival Christin Wuth Thomas was a well beaten 8th in her season debut.

Event 43  Women 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals 
  1    18 Morgan Uceny           adidas                 2:02.46  
  2   614 andrea ferris          Unattached             2:03.62  
  3   178 LaTavia Thomas         Hsinternatio           2:03.90  
  4   737 Karine Belleau-Bel     Vainqueurs             2:04.08  
  5   841 Lemlem Ogbasilassi     Club Sls               2:04.38  
  6    77 Laura Januszewski      Brooks                 2:04.54  
  7   177 Akari Kishikawa        Hasegawa Spo           2:04.63  
  8   799 Christin Wurth-Tho     Nike                   2:04.80  
  9   738 Jessica Smith          Valley Royal           2:04.82  
 10   629 Annie LeBlanc          Unattached             2:06.09  
Section  2  
  1   296 Kate Grace             New Jersey-N           2:03.25  
  2   270 Diane Cummins          Mountain Wes           2:04.02  
  3   632 Leanna MacLean         Unattached             2:04.59  
  4   162 Devotia Moore          GBTC                   2:05.23  
  5   508 Justine Fedronic       Stanford               2:05.42  
  6   173 Celia Peters           Halifast               2:06.49  
  7   569 Kim Standridge         Syracuse Cha           2:06.76  
  8   496 Mary Cate Quiett       Sra Elite              2:08.31  
  9   524 Joy O'Hare             Stanford               2:09.17  
 10   610 eliza curnow           Unattached             2:09.21    

Women's Steeple: Kipp Just Misses "A" Standard

Colorado's 3rd placer from NCAAs last year, Shalaya Kipp, whacked 13 seconds off her PR and put up a collegiate leader but she came up barely short of the 9:43.00 "A" standard.

Event 53  Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Shalaya Kipp                 Colorado               9:43.09
  2 Delilah Dicrescenzo          Puma                   9:43.28
  3 Beverly Ramos                Puerto Rico            9:46.69
  4 Ashley Higginson             Saucony                9:48.50
  5 Rebeka Stowe                 Kansas                 9:52.82
  6 Mason Cathey                 Saucony                9:53.78
  7 Amber Henry                  Weber State            9:53.94
  8 Genevieve LaCaze             Florida                9:55.44
  9 Helen Hofstede               Team Distanc           9:55.44
 10 Shayla Houlihan              Brooks                 9:56.32
 11 Lisa Aguilera                Nike                  10:01.43
 12 Eva Krchova                  San Francisco         10:02.15
 13 Nicole Bush                  New Balance           10:03.92
 14 Sara Hall                    Asics                 10:04.13
 15 Genevieve Lalonde            Speed River Tfc       10:09.21
 16 Kara June                    TeamROGUE Elite       10:10.33
 17 Kerry Harty                  Newcastle AC          10:13.83
 -- Lennie Waite                 TeamROGUE Elite            DNF

Complete Results Can Be Found Here

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