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January 1, 2012

Hard to believe as we're celebrating New Year's, the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston are less than two weeks away.

This year's Trials will have double the excitement because for the first time both the men and women be held on the same day in Houston. The fields are stacked (Meb, Ryan, Dathan, and possibly Galen on the men's side, Deena, Desi, Shalane, and Kara on the women's). It doesn't get any better than that. So we hope you're excited.

But just as the NFL has fantasy football to get you even more pumped up, we've got our Puma World Famous Prediction contests.

The contest is pretty simple you pick the top 10 in the men's and women's Trials races. The more you pick correctly the better. Thanks to Puma which is promoting the February 1 launch of the first stability shoe in its performance Faas line, the Faas 800, we've got some great prizes. (Early sneak peak of the shoes on the right of this page).

We will be awarding 15 prizes overall.
*1st prize Overall is a $150 gift certificate at and a pair of the new Puma Faas 800 shoes (if you're not a runner that needs a little extra stability, you can pick a different shoe in the Faas line).

*Winner Men's Contest - Pair of Puma Faas Shoes

*Winner Women's Contest - Pair of Puma Faas Shoes

And we had so much fun giving away Puma tshirts in the 12 Days of, we'll give the top 5 overall, top 5 in the men's contest, and top 5 in the women's contest, the next version of the yet to be designed Puma tshirt.

Perfect Ballot- $250,000
Pick the top ten in the men's and women's trials perfectly correctly in exact order and we'll give you $25,000 a year for 10 years. One winner maximum. If there is more than one winner, we'll let them split the cash if they agree to it. Otherwise, we'll draw a name from a hat to break the tie.

Perfect Men's or Women's Ballot $25,000
Pick the top ten in the men's race or the women's race perfectly correctly in the exact oder and we'll give you $25,000 in cash. We'll let you know you are the winner, fly you to Las Vegas, meet you there and present you with your check immediately. Maximum 2 winners maximum total across both men's and women's contests (we'll draw the names from a hat if there is more than 2 winners).

Here's how the scoring will work. Basically you want to pick as many in the top 5 correctly as possible to win.

1st place correctly picked - 100 points.
2nd place correctly picked - 50 points
3rd place correctly picked - 30 points
Correctly picking a person in the top 3 but in the wrong position - 25 points
4th place correctly picked - 15 points
Having one of your picks finish in the top 10 - 5 points in addition to the ones above. (So if you get first dead on, you'll actually get 105 points for that pick. 2nd would be 65 points).

If there is a tie overall, the first tie breaker is who is closest to the men's or women's overall winning time. Then we'll first see who picked the most spots perfectly correctly on either the men's or women's side, then we'll see who had the most runners in the top 10 in the top 10 on both sides of the competition, then we'll have a drawing between all of the people still tied. If there is a tie in the men's or women's competition we'll do the tiebreaker above but restrict it to the men's or women's competition.

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The voting process is pretty simple. All you need is a login (if you have participated in a contest in the past you already have one or if you have registered a name on our message boards you have one as well) to vote. If not just click here and you can sign up for a login name.

Rules: Oh yeah, only one entry per person. No computerized/mechanical entries. I'm sure we should have a bunch of legal stuff here. How about this: your picks and your login name are not private and may be displayed on our website. And we're not responsible if the free contest gets cancelled for any reason including if our database crashes. We'll do our best to keep everything running smoothly. The top 10 are final when we determine them and this may not be the ultimate final top 10 (mainly due to drug busts in the future). Additionally, this contest is obviously void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary. And yes we can win our own contest. If we beat you, you'll hear about it for sure. Payment of prizes is the sole responsibility of

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