The Twelve Days Of Puma: Day 9

A Girl Who Helps LRCers Get Dates, A Guy Who Wants a Shoe That Doesn't Suck, A Dog Lover, and a Sprinter Turned Distance Runner (Because of a Car Wreck)

December 9, 2011

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During the 12 Days of Puma, we've been announcing the LRC Puma 55, the first 55 people out of 100 selected in the LRC Puma Faas Challenge to put Puma's new Faas line of shoes to the test. Puma wants to prove its Faas shoes are made for the LRC runner.

Today is Day 9.

If you want catch up on the LRC Puma 55: Day 1: The First 5, Day 2: A 27:31 10ker, A Marine Corps Marathon Champ, A Girl From Our Favorite High School, And A Guy Who Loves Asics, Day 3: Winter Wonderland, Day 4: Married Guys And A Guy Whose Wife And Kids Left Him, Day 5: The Coaches, Day 6 Rest, Day 7: Read It To Believe It: A "Cigarette Smoking, Pill Popping, Booze Drinking Slob" Who Now Runs 90 Miles A Week, A 12-Year-Old, A Woman Who Trolls The Message Boards, Day 8: A 34-Year-Old Who Wants To Go Sub-4, A 26-Year-Old Who Grew Up With LRC, "The" Running Autograph Collector, A Guy Whose Pumas Were Stolen 13 Years Ago, And A Girl At A Nike School

Today we honor a matchmaker, a dog lover, a sprinter turned distance runner because of a car wreck, and a guy who just wants a shoe that doesn't suck- minus the GPS and glowing reviews from a "jogger's world editor".

Award-Winning Faas 400

36) A Girl Who Secretly Helps LetsRunners Get Dates On The Message Boards

Picking Cara was easy. First, she's a girl who is okay with using the name girl. Then we found out she is a true humanitarian, giving back like no other on the World Famous Message Boards. She quietly helps LetsRunners with dating advice.

Cara Austin, Texas
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 400

Cara Gets A Pair Of Faas Shoes For Helping Out On LRC:
I'm a poor graduate student who is running in shoes that right now are far over 350 miles. Running is what keeps me sane. I'm also a regular Letsrun poster and reader, which considering I'm a girl means quite bit. My main contribution is secretly giving good advice in all the relationship threads without saying I'm of the fairer sex. I consider it my public outreach. If I can get one poor socially awkward runner a better chance at a date then I have done my job.

37) An 11-Second 100m Man Who Became A Distance Runner After A Car Wreck

We had people pull at our emotions with stories of fighting back from cancer, accidents and more. William's Merring story is super-unique because he became a distance runner as a result of a car accident. We're glad he's recovered from the accident and welcome him to the world of distance running (and note he's already running 70 miles a week).

Faas 300

William Merring 19 years old Easton, Pennsylvania
Shoe To Test:
Puma Faas 300

William's LRC Puma Faas Challenge Entry:
Hello people i am a huge fan of your website and am easily an everyday visitor. I believe I should get a pair of faas because i am an 19 year old college student who is running unattached because of a situation beyond my true control. I was in a car accident that reduced my 185 11 second 100 sprinter body into a 145 lanky weak person. Because of this accident I was dropped from my college roster and left to fight for my own. Another aspect of the accident prevented my from lifting until about a month ago. Despite this predicament i decided i still wanted to be a runner. So i decided to become a distance runner. Once i gained the ability to walk i started building mileage very, very slowly an by january 1st 2011 i ran my first 5k in a time of 18:55, after more strength training i began my first track season as an unattached runner. I ended with pr's of 2:02 and 4:42. Despite reaching the my goals, my college coach was unable to let me on the team because of roster reasons. All summer i continued to build up my strength and brought my 5k pr down to a 17:06 and built my mileage up to 70 miles per week. I believe I should be picked to receive shoes because as an unattached runner I am forced to give up almost 100 dollars every two months to buy new shoes to reduce my risk of injury. If this season goes how I plan I am going to be seeing big pr's in both the mile and 800 but this will be very hard to achieve if I'm sidelined by injury because i can't afford new shoes. Please hear me out I am asking you to let me follow a dream.

How Could We Not Select This?

38) A Woman Who Used Her Dog to Win Us Over

People used all sorts of tricks to try to get selected in the LRC Puma Faas Challenge. But only one used their dog. Congrats to Sara for being up for the LRC Puma Faas Challenge.

Faas 200

Sara Ann Arbor, Michigan
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 200 Color: White

Sara's Entry To The LRC Puma Faas Challenge:
My dog will surely appreciate it if I get a new pair of shoes: Look at those eyes. You can't say no and you'll have full support from PETA by picking me.

39) Shoe Store Employee Whose Store Doesn't Carry Puma

We had quite a few shoe geeks, shoe store workers, and shoe store owners enter the LRC Puma Faas Challenge. LM, however, was the only one who acknowledged how smart Puma is for partnering with (we love people who say we're the greatest). Puma was with at the beginning by chance, but now it's by choice. Reaching over half a million hard core runners a month is smart.

L M 26 years old Washington, District of Columbia
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 400 Color: Blue / Yellow

Why LM Is Worthy Of The LRC Puma Faas Challenge:
I live in Washington, D.C. and work at Pacers Running Store. Pacers has six specialty stores in the DC Metro Area, none of which carry Puma. I am an avid runner that is extremely interested in what Puma has to offer in its new running shoe line. I'd like to try these shoes out to get a feel for the shoe. If I like them, I would definitely talk to the owners about bringing Puma into all Pacers stores. Thanks. Keep up the smart marketing.

40) Dude Who Wants A Shoe That Doesn't Suck

Need that special little GPS gadget in your shoe and some hobby jogger to tell you how great it is? Then Patrick Gaynor is not for you. He's a real runner and that's why we liked his entry. Plus, he needs to save up for a wedding so we're glad to do our part.

Patrick Gaynor 32 years old Franklin, Wisconsin
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 550

Patrick's LRC Puma Faas Challenge Entry:
I've run the gauntlet when it comes to training shoes. As a 32 year old former collegiate runner, I've gone through just about every brand and a lot of different models of shoes. I've come to the conclusion that they all pretty much suck. Every time I find a shoe that I like, they change the model on me and I end with some supreme advanced plus version with insert some stupid invented marketing technology enhancement here shoe that I dislike. It's like selling a computer to an older person, if we just throw a ton of jargon at them, they'll think our product is awesome and spend lots of money on it! Well screw that... all I really want is a basic shoe that I can count on. I don't want it to include inserts for GPS chips or have some fake running celebrity stunt runner (they both start with D) endorsing it. I don't need it to have some jogger's world editor write a stunning review on how it helped him get to a sub 24 minute 5k... I just want a shoe... yours looks like it's worth trying and it could be a great "fit" for me... pun intended... lame joke, I know... I'm currently a 5 day-a-week runner, 35 - 40 miles a week, blasting out 18 flat 5k's and sub 1:30 halves (not Jamaican fast, but I'm working my way back to the days of running sub 15's). I've got a few extra pounds that are starting to come off and with the increased training, I'm really in the market for something different... so help me help you, you won't regret it, and hopefully, neither will my body! I'm also getting married in the next year, I really really need to save some extra cash... so you'd be giving me a wedding gift as well! with love, Patrick.

Incredible Offer To Get You to Try the Puma Faas Line  - Ends 12/14
If You Don't Like the Shoes Within the First 30 Days Return Them For ANY REASON
30% Off From Puma Orders $75+ AND Free Shipping

Puma wants you to put their Faas line to the test. They are so confident you'll like the shoes you can try them for 30 days. If you don't like them in the first 30 days you can return them "in any condition for any reason." How is that for backing its shoes? The Faas line is the Faas 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and 550 (the higher the number the more the cushioning). Plus for a limited time get Free Shipping on Orders $50+. Considering that some of the Faas shoes are on sale already for $53.50, with the extra 30% off you can get test one pair for $37 (you need to have $75 in your cart to get the discount). Just click on the logo above or click here to get this offer. If you live in a city with a Puma store you can go into the store and get the 30% off as well.

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We're barely past halfway in selecting the 100 winners of free pairs of Puma shoes. Click here to enter the LRC PUMA Faas Challenge.


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