The Twelve Days Of Puma: Day 8

A 34-Year-Old Who Wants To Go Sub-4, A Kid 26-Year-Old Adult Who Grew Up With LRC, "The" Running Autograph Collector, A Guy Whose Pumas Were Stolen 13 Years Ago, And A Girl At A Nike School

December 8, 2011

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During the 12 Days of Puma, we've been announcing the LRC Puma 55, the first 55 people (out of 100) selected in the LRC Puma Faas Challenge to put Puma's new Faas line of shoes to the test. Puma is out to prove its Faas shoes are made for the LRC runner.

If you want catch up on the LRC Puma 55: Day 1: The First 5, Day 2: A 27:31 10ker, A Marine Corps Marathon Champ, A Girl From Our Favorite High School, And A Guy Who Loves Asics, Day 3: Winter Wonderland, Day 4: Married Guys And A Guy Whose Wife And Kids Left Him, Day 5: The Coaches, Day 6 Rest, Day 7: Read It To Believe It: A "Cigarette Smoking, Pill Popping, Booze Drinking Slob" Who Now Runs 90 Miles A Week, A 12-Year-Old, A Woman Who Trolls The Message Boards

Today in Day 8, we've got a 34-year-old who wants to go sub 4, a kid 26-year-old adult who has grown up with LRC, "the" pre-eminent Running Autograph Collector, a guy who had his Pumas stolen 13 years ago, and a girl at a Nike school. Happy reading and there still is time to enter.

Louie The Collector
Is That A Beer In His Hand?

31) Louie "The Running Collector"

Louie Tieman - aka "The Running Collector" - has quite the collection of running autographs usually signed on race bibs. Paula Radcliffe, Alberto Salazar, Ron Hill, Bob Kennedy, Tim Broe, Bill Rodgers just among others (he's even got Rod DeHaven's Olympic Marathon Trials bib from when he made the team in 2000). We had heard of Louie before because he has an autograph from our very unqualified Wejo. Louie even asked for a signed Puma singlet. Considering only one LRC Puma singlet exists in the world, he didn't get it, but when we saw him enter the LRC Puma Faas Challenge, selecting him as a winner was easy. Plus, he's the first guy over 60 we've picked.

Louie Tieman Springville, Tennessee Age: 60
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 550 Color: Blue

Louie's Entry: I am a disabled runner and a new hip. maybe these shoes will be able to give me a more comfortable ride.i go to some large races and am well know around the country. i would be able to help promote the line of Puma.i have been running for 24 years and remember the Puma from years gone by. i am a running collector of bib numbers and pictures and have one of the Best in the world according to Bill Rodgers. even have wejo in my collection. would be nice to help promote a new line. also Bob Kennedy from INDY has this line at his store. maybe with a new shoe they would throw in a PUMA singlet too. Louie Tieman "THE RUNNING COLLECTOR".

32) 34-Year-Old Miler/Actor Trying To Break 4 And Make His Dreams Become Reality

We're all about pursuing dreams at and Michael Thatcher is too. The 34-year-old not only is trying to be a successful actor, but he's also trying to be the oldest guy to break 4 minutes in the mile for the first time. Michael's still got a ways to go, as he's now at 3:50 for 1,500m (4:08 for the mile), but we are inspired by his optimism (plus you'd be surprised how many 35-year-olds submitted entries acting like they were washed up). And all the other married guys need to talk to him for tips. 3 minutes of foot massage for every 10 miles he runs. No wonder he runs 80 miles a week!

Michael James Thatcher 34 years old Glendale, California
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 300

Why Michael James Thatcher Is Worthy Of The LRC Puma Faas Challenge: I'm a 34 year old struggling actor/new father training to become the oldest "first time" sub four miler in American history. (George Young holds the current record at 34 years and 225 days old.) To that end, I'm training with Jaques Sallburg, Christian Hesch (who just went sub 4) and anyone else willing to drag me up and down the Rose Bowl/Griffeth Park trails. I'm coming off injuries in 2010, but ran a couple 3:50/ 1500's (Oxy Invite Pre B Heat) in 2009 on low mileage after coaching in Nevada City, CA. It's taken some years to learn what my body needs, but I feel confident on a few criteria: 1. Consistent 80 mpw. 2. An injury free base of strength and "light" speed work between now and Feb 2012 3. The right races from Feb - July 2012. 4. 1:50/14:20 in Jan/Feb (off of strength work) 5. A secret training method, so secret it will blow your mind. So secret it can only be shared with the company that sponsors me. I'm blessed to have the support of my wife Olivia, the most wonderful women on God's green earth. We married in May 2010 and celebrated our one year anniversary with a beautiful baby boy (Thomas) born in May 2011. We manage an apartment building here in Glendale for rent. I have 6 jobs. (Acting, Singing, Dental Sales, Concrete Sales, Apt Manager and Distance Coach - We get by, but its usually month to month. I get some help from Run With Us, a local running store in Pasadena, but needless to say, I can't really afford most of the perks from the college days. (massage, training room, ice bath, travel money, hotels, airfare...etc.) I do the best I can and strike deals whenever possible. (My wife gives me 3 min of foot massage for every 10 miles.) Going under 4 is my final goal as a competitive runner. I will always run. I will always race. I will always train and enable young runners to go after their dreams. But this will be my last competitive "Hurrah" and I'd like to retire with some style. I think Puma has some style and I'd love to try out their shoes. I'm both picky and practical when it comes to trainers/racers. You will get detailed feedback on every aspect you'd like me to evaluate. I prefer lightweight, neutral trainers with a level cushion system (lower heel). I know someday my son will look me in the eye and ask, "Dad? Can my dreams literally become reality?" I will pull out the Puma's, throw in the DVD and say, "Yes son. They can!" Michael James Thatcher

33) A Kid 26-Year-Old Man Who Grew Up With And Now Is Inspiring Inner City Kids In East Oakland
Paul Coover has been a fan since nearly the beginning when he was a freshman in high school. Hard to believe how different the internet was in 2002, but that is when Paul first wrote us, upset that Runners World mistakenly was threatening to sue because we were linking to their printer-friendly pages. It was a big misunderstanding on their part, and there are no hard feelings with Runners World, as they issued a written apology, but it was a different era. Little LRC has come a long way since 2002 (we never thought we'd have over half a million unique monthly visitors) and so has Paul Coover. He ran D1 at Indiana University and now is helping inspire the next generation of runners, working with kids in East Oakland. We can't think of a better guy to take the LRC Puma Faas Challenge. Paul's story shows how influential many LRCers aer in their community.

Faas 300

Paul Coover 26 years old Oakland, California
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 300

Why Paul Coover Is Worthy Of The LRC Puma Faas Challenge: On Monday through Friday, I run in the dark. I wake up early and head out the door gingerly, trying to warm up muscles that have seen plenty of miles but still have plenty left in 'em. Or I slip out the door while my roommate relaxes on the couch with dinner and a drink after a long day at work, dodging traffic and cruising through stoplights on legs tired from the preceding twelve or so hours. In between, my job, essentially, is to break down shoe rubber. I'm not a wear tester or a tech designer, and I'm certainly no expert in stability or motion control or the ways to make minimal shoes even lighter. I'm a PE teacher, and my kids come to me in Chuck Taylor's and Jordan's and Vans; my job is to crease those brand-new-kicks, to wear out the soles, to get kids in the inner city, many of whom have no access to parks and certainly no access to trails, to use their shoes the way we runners know they should be used. Most of my students in East Oakland start the school year wary of my tactics. They want to keep their shoes new and fresh. Fair enough. But after a while - after enough days of lunges and dynamic drills and strides and yes, the infamous one-mile-timed run - they begin to see shoes as something more than a fashion statement. And they begin to ask about mine. I don't rock Chucks, and I certainly can't pull off wearing Jordans. I wear my beat-down old running shoes, which initially seem an embarrassment but, over the course of the year, become something like a badge of honor. The kids do me proud. They begin to connect the wear and tear of my running shoes with the miles logged in the dark, and they begin to see that those miles, in turn, lead to the health and fitness lifestyle that is nice to discuss and even better to practice. The other day, for the first time, a kid asked me where he could get a pair like mine, and I gave him the name of a few places. He showed up a few days later with a cheap pair of running shoes; they were the department-store variety, nothing most of us would wear, but running shoes nonetheless. And they were beautifully ugly. "You wear those?" a friend of his asked incredulously. The first student gave me a sly little knowing smile, turned back to his friend, and nodded. I have been a LetsRun freak since I was a freshman in high school. Ask WeJo - I wrote to him during the legendary (to loyal fans of the site like me, anyway) LetsRun/Runnersworld face-off. You can guess whose side I was on. Will I use the Puma shoes to run in? Yeah, probably. I'll lace them up in the morning darkness, or the evening darkness, or any darkness, really, because my running shoes don't often see the light of day. I'll run in them until they give out. But then I'll take them and toss them in my school backpack to wear after my morning run. The new Faas shoes are awesome-looking, so I can wear them happily knowing my students will approve. But we runners know that that's not the most important part. The thing that matters in a shoe is what it allows you to do. For a few years now, I've been telling kids that I wear shoes that allow my to run and lift and jump, regardless of anything else. Can you imagine the kids when I show up in some Pumas? "Yo, coach, where did you get THOSE? I need to get some, too..." -Paul Coover

Nearly 15 Years Ago, He Loved Puma - Will He Now?

34) A 2:23 Marathoner Whose Pumas Were Stolen Nearly 15 Years Ago and He Hasn't Worn a Pair Since

Jason Parks is a 2:23 marathoner hoping to make the Trials (we should check in with him to make sure he's not making an attempt this weekend). Nearly 15 years ago, he had a love affair with a pair of Puma shoes. They were stolen from his locker and he has never worn a pair of Pumas since. He's just the type of guy Puma wants to win back with their Faas line. Before Nike even existed, Puma was making excellent running shoes. Puma believes that excellence is back in the Faas line.

Faas 300

Jason Parks 29 years old Indiana
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 300

Jason Parks' LRC Puma Faas Challenge Entry: Somebody stole my Pumas when I was a high school sophomore, back in 1998, I had the sweetest pair of white and yellow Puma running shoes. I cleaned them with a toothbrush daily (well, most days). One day, I left them in a locker in the track team's locker room but forgot to put the lock back on the locker. When I returned the next morning, they were gone. I checked with the lost and found and asked everyone, including the custodial staff, if they had seen my shoes. No one fessed up. The shoes were a gift from my dad and we never found another pair like them. In fact, since that day, I haven't actually owned a pair of Puma running shoes. I'm currently training over 100 miles a week for my fifth marathon, so I burn through shoes quickly. In fact, I ran a 2:23 marathon last year and am hoping to give one more big effort for a US Trials qualifier. I am a 29 year old, full time English teacher, married, with one child. So, my shoe budget and time is very limited. Any help would be most appreciated!!!

Award Winning Puma Faas 400

35) A Female D1 Athlete At A Nike School

Well, on Day 1, we talked about a men's D1 athlete sick of all the free Nike gear he gets. Today we have a women's D1 athlete who did not mention anything about being sick of free Nike gear, but she goes to a Nike school (we won't say which one but will give you 3 choices 1, 2, 3). So we'll keep her name confidential just to make sure she doesn't get in trouble with her school. If she's willing to try the Faas line, shouldn't you be willing too?

And props for a super-short but sweet entry.

Protect The Innocent 18 years old
Shoe To Test: Award Winning Puma Faas 400

Why * Was Picked in the LRC Puma Faas Challenge: I <3 Puma. I <3 I <3 running FAAS. I <3 challenges. There really is no reason I shouldn't be picked. Boom roasted.

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We're barely past halfway in selecting the 100 winners of free pairs of Puma shoes. Click here to enter the LRC PUMA Faas Challenge.


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