LRC Puma Faas 55 Day 7: Read It To Believe It

A "Cigarette Smoking, Pill Popping, Booze Drinking Slob" Who Now Runs 90 Miles a Week, a 12 Year Old, A Women Who Trolls the Message Boards, and More

December 7, 2011

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During the 12 Days of Puma we've been announcing the LRC Puma 55, the first 55 people (out of 100) selected in the LRC Puma Faas Challenge to put Puma's new Faas line of shoes to the test.

In case you want to catch up on the LRC Puma 55: Day1: The First 5, Day2: A 27:31 10ker, A Marine Corps Marathon Champ, A Girl From Our Favorite High School, And A Guy Who Loves Asics, Day3: Winter Wonderland, Day4: Married Guys and a Guy Whose Wife and Kids Left Him  Day5: The Coaches

Day 6 was the half-way point so we rested.

Today in Day 7, we've got some unbelievable people. We're not sure of the common denominator today, but we're proud to present to you #26-30. They definitely are worthy in deciding whether Puma's Faas shoes really are up for the crowd.

Puma Faas 550

26) "A Sedentary, Cigarette Smoking, Pill Popping, Booze Drinking Slob" Who Has Gone From Running 9 Miles a Week to 90

Know someone who lives a very unhealthy lifestyle who doesn't think running is for them? Samuel Blackmar's story may inspire them. He's a worthy recipient in the Puma Faas Challenge.

Samuel Blackmar 22 years old Newport Beach, California
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 550 Color: Blue

Why Samuel Blackmar Is Worthy of the LRC Puma Faas Challenge:
I should be picked for the FAAS puma challenge because up until two years ago I was basically a sedentary, cigarette smoking, pill popping, booze drinking slob. When I started running I had no goals at all, I just wanted to quit smoking and figured I would do something to help deal with the cravings. Since then things have changed a lot. I have gone from running 9 miles a week to running 90 miles. In the last year I dropped my marathon PR from 3:33 to 2:53 and my half from 1:42 to 1:18. I train hard and am 6'2/165 so I blast through most footwear. I am a full time college student, and I work part time as a tutor, but am not quite fast enough to make the college XC team at UCI. This means I don't get any discount on shoes or gear. I don't have a ton of cash for new trainers, and the past few pairs I have run in have really bummed me out for one reason or another. If I had a new pair of PUMA trainers, I think it would help me get closer to my goal of running sub 16 for the 5k and sub 2:40 for the marathon. I run because I love it. I never ran in high school or in college, and have absolutely no background in the sport. I picked it up and fell in love with it, and with some work and some help from Letsrun and Puma I think I can get myself to a new level of fitness. I may not be breaking the ranks of the elite, but if I can demonstrate to others that massive improvement is possible with hard work, maybe I can inspire some people with god given talent to work hard and believe that they can become great.

Puma Faas 550

27) 12 Year Old Worthy of the Puma Faas Challenge
There probably are laws against 12 year old entering our contest but 12 year old Garebear got his parents permission. We selected him not only because he was the youngest entrant but because he is super passionate about running and shows that running can truly be a lifelong sport. Our advice to him at age 12 is just have fun and focus on his own improvement. Learn to enjoy the process. That's our advice to everyone. The rest will take care of itself.

And even at age 12 Garebear knows that Puma shoes are not that well-known in the hard-core running world. Thus the reason behind the Puma wanted to put its Faas shoes to the LRC Challenge.

Garebear 12 years old USA
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 550

Garebear's Entry:
At 12 I am one of the top runners in high school or middle school in my area. I am currently running a 5:10 mile, an 11:30 xc 2 mile, and 18:00 5k. if you put me in these shoes they will be seen; at age twelve I have already started building a following that would see me in these awesome shoes. By the time track season comes around, I will be at a sub 5 mile and should win the state middle school championship. What better place for your shoes to be seen on the podium at a state track meet.? Just give em to me and you will get exposure. By the way I have never seen anybody in my area in Puma running shoes; track, XC, road races or triathlons none. Let me be the first; start with a future champion. 

28) A Woman Who Trolls the Message Boards?!?!
You could probably imagine pill-popping smokers and 12 year old visiting But what about a female troll of the message boards? Unbelievable, but true. We're glad Emily "gets" and the humor on its boards.

Emily 35 years old Iowa
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 550 Color: gray

Emily's Short But Sweet LRC Puma Faas Challenge Entry:
Why wouldn't you want to pick a 35 yr old mom of 2, who still runs almost daily, follows current racing results via letsrun and trolls the message boards to remind me of the glory days when I was young and still had a few fast twitch muscles (and to get a good laugh at some of the ridiculous posts).

Puma Faas 300

29) A Guy Impressed Puma Signed Usain Bolt... and Sean Quigley

We must admit we never thought we'd see Sean Quigley (former LaSalle All-American and Puma athlete) be compared to Usain Bolt, but "JMXC" does have ties to the Philly region (Sean went to LaSalle). Flattery sometimes works and got JMXC selected in the LRC Puma Faas Challenge.

jmxc 20 years old  
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 300 Color: white/black/pewter

Jmxc's Entry:
I should be picked for the letsrun puma faas challenge because for as long as I can remember I never understood why puma made running shoes. I thought they had no business being in the market for running shoes when most of their products were geared towards casual attire. But, after getting older, diving further into the running world and discovering the impact puma has made on running, specifically in signing Bolt, I would like to give them a chance to change the way I feel about puma in the running community. If professional athletes like Bolt, Sean Quigley and others wear puma, I want to give them a shot too. I am an avid runner, my typical week is around 70-80 miles and would love to try a new puma faas shoe to show them off on my runs.

Puma Faas 200

30) A Skeptic

Before we let Puma get too full of themselves with the love from the crowd, we decided to remind them there are a lot of skeptics that don't believe Puma can actually make a great pair of running shoes.

Tim 20 years old South Carolina
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 200 Color: white-black

Tim's Challenge To Puma:

I think it is ridiculous that Puma is trying to make shoes for distance runners. Everyone knows that only sprinters wear their shoes and you would never see a top distance runner wearing pumas. Thus, I am really interested to see if Puma can prove me wrong. It's always fun to pull for the underdog and Puma is certainly an underdog considering its presence in the distance running shoe market. If Puma can convince a true disbeliever that they can actually make a good running shoe then it could boost sales significantly, giving them more money to spend in advertising and thus more money in your pocket.

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Read It To Believe It: A "Cigarette Smoking, Pill Popping, Booze Drinking Slob" Who Now Runs 90 Miles a Week, a 12 Year Old, A Women Who Trolls the Message Boards..
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We're barely past halfway in selecting the 100 winners of free pairs of Puma shoes. Click here to enter the LRC PUMA Faas Challenge.


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