The LRC Puma Faas 55 #16-20: Married Guys With Kids and Guy Whose Wife of 12 Year Left Him and Took the Kids

December 4, 2011

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During the 12 Days of Puma we've been unveiling the LRC Puma 55, the first 55 people (out of 100) selected  in the LRC Puma Faas Challenge to put the Puma's new Faas line of shoes to the test. Puma is so confident in its new Faas line that it is giving away 100 pairs to the hardest core runners on the planet- you.

We've been unveiling the LRC Puma 55 in batches of 55 so far:  Batch 1: The First 5, Batch 2: A 27:31 10ker, A Marine Corps Marathon Champ, A Girl From Our Favorite High School, And A Guy Who Loves Asics, Batch3: Winter Wonderland.

Since everyone knows is full of guys who are experts on women, today in Batch 4, it's Dudes with Wives and Kids (and a guy whose wife and kids left him). And before you get married you'll want to read this thread.

4th Day of Puma

16) Olympic Trials Runner Who Wore a Pair of Pumas and Was Surprised How Much He Liked Them

Alan Horton 31 years old Knoxville, Tennessee
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 250 Color: white-high risk red-black
Alan Horton's LRC Puma Faas Challenge Entry: During the past twelve months, I've been putting in the mileage required to try and qualify for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials (editor's note: Alan made it in 2008). Most of my weekly mileage consisted of 100 mile weeks. I go through several pairs of shoes within a year. A friend of mine from Super Jock and Jill's in Seattle, loaned me a pair of Puma's to run in. I already had a favorite brand of shoe so I reluctantly tried the Puma and was pleasantly surprised of their cushion and durability. I normally retire my shoes at 500 miles but the Puma's are still in my circulation. They currently have 600 miles and I keep them at work as my back up pair. I'm still training to make this year's Olympic Trials! Alan

17).  US Navy Commander Trying to PR at Age 37

We've got a lot of respect for all the military guys serving our country. We're even more impressed with the guys still managing to compete while in the military. They are definitely Blue Collar Runners. William Swick falls in that category. A Navy Commander he's trying to run a 2:35 PR at age 37 and he's looking for a new favorite shoe. The Faas 400 may be just what he needs.

William Swick 37 years old Pass Christian, Mississippi
Shoe To Test: Award Winning Puma Faas 400 Color: White
William Swick's LRC Puma Faas Challenge Entry: Age: 37 Height: 5'11 Weight: 170 lbs Married with 4 kids U.S Navy Commander 15 years of service. PhD Physical Oceanography 7 time member of the US Navy Marathon and XC Teams. PRs 10k 32:11: 21.1: 1:14:36 42.2: 2:36:50 3 overseas deployments, in support of Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom, later I am getting back into form looking to run a PR (<2:35) marathon in the Spring. Normal mileage is 40-60mpw. Still building back strength current fitness is ~17:00 5k (I have a long ways to go!) Next race is the Rock n Roll Half Marathon New Orleans. I have run since HS and have worn types of shoes. I can describe the "feel" I want in a shoe and, through experience, discerning enough to give honest feedback. I prefer a neutral light shoe. My favorite shoe ever was the Adidas Cubato (Discontinued). Currently I am running in Adidas Mana and Saucony A4. My demographic is the I need a shoe to allow me to train hard. Let me know what specific questions you have. Warm Regards, Bill

18).  Guy Who Has Gone from Being Overweight and a 3:44 Marathoner To Hoping to Make the Olympic Marathon Trials

A little overweight and don't think you can be fast? Ready Joseph Aulwes' story.

Joseph Aulwes 31 years old Iowa

Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 200 Color: Orange/grey
Why Joseph Aulwes was worthy of the LRC Puma Faas Challenge: I am interested in the shoes because I have been very passionate about running in light weight trainers before it was a fad, I post Facebook messages about shoes and I have convinced numerous friends, acquaintances and beginning runners to try different shoes. A brief history about my running: I stopped running after college and gained a lot of weight over 6 years; I gave myself six months to go from zero miles to running a marathon. The first 6 months were a battle of a couple minor injuries and persistent IT band pain. I was inspired by other runners, family and friends to be persistent; I ran the marathon but I had to run with a hitch & walk during the last 10 miles to a 3:44:02; it's crazy to think how far I've come from then (I just ran a 2:29:02 at Chicago this year). Along with being an inspiration to others; I have high goals like qualifying for the Olympic marathon trials in 2016 and testing my limits in shorter races. I also try to give my time back to the running community by coaching marathoners, volunteering for races and pacing other runners.

The Puma Faas 550

19).  Guy Who Wins His Age Group and Thinks He's Slow

LRC is full of guys who dominate their local running scene, yet they know there is so much more to accomplish. Instead of taking the pat on the back from their colleagues they want to get better. RunTheRockies is one such guy.

RunTheRockies 43 years old Colorado Springs, CO
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 550 Color: black-lime punch-puma silver
RunTheRockies' LRC Puma Faas Challenge Entry: I think that Puma should send me a free pair of the FAAS 550 shoes because I am the only runner that regularly visits LR who is slow. Everyone knows that every other citizen of LR except me Runs sub 15 for 5K and all are able to run 100 mile weeks while working 50 hours a week with a wife and kids. Even though I regularly win my age group, I do not deserve to be in the company of the rest of LR. I am however representative of the "regular" running community. For the last 8-10 years, I have purchased around 20 pair of Adidas Super Novas. I am starting to think this is the reason I am slow. I think these new Puma trainers may be just what I need to finally get me off the bubble and allow me to break into the LR elite and earn the street cred required for me to hang with all the elite runners of the LR Community. Finally, I am a very monogamous running shoe buyer, when I find a shoe I like, I stick with it and do not stray. I work for a large global company and am the first or second fastest in our building. I think by definition all of the other runners here must frequent Runners World forums. As the fastest runner in my building, I am frequently asked to provide running advice and will get a lot of questions about these sweet new shoes. Consider this as an easy way to tap into the regular, non-elite runner market and I will be sure to rock these shoes at our next annual company Duathlon, Thanks, Rich

20).  Recovering Alcoholic Whose Wife Left Him and Took the Kids

And that brings us to TT. Some in the male dominated LRC audience may think marriage is slanted against them.  However, sometimes life takes a turn for the worse because of our own actions or things beyond our control and running is our only refuge. That's the case for TT who clearly needs a break. Maybe a pair of Puma FAAS shoes can get him going again.

TT 48 years old California
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 550 Color: Lime Black Silver
Why TT was worthy of the LRC Puma Faas Challenge: I am an avid runner/marathoner. I am also a recovering alcoholic/addict. Without running, I'm not sure what I would do. While in recovery, my wife of 12 years left me and took our children and moved in with someone else. Now, every dime I make goes to spousal support and child support. I have very little left for myself. Something as simple as a new pair of running shoes is a very special "thing" for me. I used to take them for granted. I had a rotation of several shoes. Now, I have a rotation of 1. It would be a "huge" deal for me to receive a pair and an honor as well. I would love to be a part of this. Thank you. TT

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We're barely past halfway in selecting the 100 winners of free pairs of Puma shoes. Click here to enter the LRC PUMA Faas Challenge.


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