The LRC Puma Faas 55 #6-10: A 27:31 10ker, A Marine Corps Marathon Champ, A Girl From Our Favorite High School, And A Guy Who Loves Asics

December 1, 2011

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Yesterday, we started unveiling the LRC Puma 55, the first 55 (out of 100) people selected to put Puma's new Faas line of running shoes to the test. Puma wanted to prove its Faas line of shoes are for hard core runners by putting them in the hands of the most passionate runners on the planet - LRCers.

The only common denominator amongst the 55 is their passion or the sport of running. The greatest thing about is you, the people who make it so special. The LRC 55 represent you well as they have some amazing stories.

Yesterday, we unveiled the first 5. Today it's 6-10. We just picked some cool people and so far there is no rhyme or reason to how they are revealed.

(And there still is time to enter the LRC Puma Faas Challenge.)

6) A 27:31 10,000m Runner Without A Contract

Just when Occupy Wall Street tells you how unfair life is you learn that Aron Rono, who ran 27:31 for 10,000m last year, does not have a shoe contract. Fortunately, he already loves Puma. So we're glad to let Aron, a former NAIA stud, put the Faas shoes to the test.

Aron Rono 28 years old Santa Fe, New Mexico
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 550 Color: Black-lime punch
Why Aron Rono is Worthy of the LRC Puma Faas Challenge: First, I am a big letsrun fan and a regular visitor. I get all the running news and even some training hints here and there. Second, I love Puma running shoes, especially the Faas! I had a pair the last season and I used them a lot: racing, and speed workouts. I was also training on the Puma's VENTIS 2 which is a great, comfortable training shoe. I posted my best personal time of 27:31 in the 10K, and I give credit to a perfectly engineered Puma shoes that protect an athlete from common injuries; and gives the comfort of wanting to run even more and more... Last but not least, is the best way to stay tuned/connected with the running world. Thanks!

7) Marine Corps Marathon Winner Who Is 16 Seconds Short Of The Olympic Trials

We at are partial to Marine Corps Marathon winners since our very own Wejo won the race in 1998 in what then was the slowest winning time ever (2:25). It helped launch Wejo's running career and eventually LRC. Chad Ware won this year's Marine Corps Marathon in the fastest time in 14 years (2:19:16). The only drawback was that left him 16 seconds short of the Olympic Trials. We asked Chad if he thought he might get in on a waiver and he replied, "I really don't expect to be accepted into the Trials, and the longer I don't hear, the less I think it might happen. I'm okay with this. Working on improving and continuing to get faster is more important to me than qualifying for one race (but I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if a different decision came down)." To top it all off, Chad is a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Chad Ware 27 years old Wheeling, Illinois
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 400 Color: PUMA SILVER-MAZARINE BLUE-BLACK
Why Chad is worthy of the LRC Puma Faas Challenge: About me: I love to run, am a daily visitor, and I train in lightweight neutral cushioned trainers like the Faas line. I am a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves, have been the head cross country coach at Trinity International University for the past two season, and I am also a competitive distance runner. I recently won the Marine Corps Marathon with the fastest time in 14 years (2:19:16). I thank God with blessing me with the ability to run well and I try to use the knowledge and passion I have for running as a tool to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Why I should be picked: I have never worn Puma running shoes, but I would love to give them a try. My wife and I will be moving to Arizona in January for my new job with the Army, and I will no longer have the support of my local running store and sponsor, Fleet Feet Chicago and the Fleet Feet/Nike Racing Team, so this is a great time to try out another brand.

Puma Faas 250 is the
Choice of the Shoe Geek

8) The Shoe Geek

The whole point of the Faas Challenge for Puma to show it's shoes are made for real serious runners. If that's the case, then they have to pass muster the total shoe geeks. Jeffery McClellan fits the bill. Oh yeah - he just happens to be a 2:22 marathoner and acts like that sucks.

Jeffrey McClellan 27 years old Henderson, Nevada
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 250
Why Jeffrey McClellan Is Worthy of the LRC Puma Faas Challenge: I am a current masters student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas studying biomechanics. I perform running related research here at UNLV, some of which involves studying the affect that footwear can have on running mechanics. Who better to give a free pair of shoes than a scientist in training who is literally studying running and footwear? The quality of the feedback that I could provide PUMA regarding their footwear would be superior than what most other runners could provide because I would be giving my feedback in the context of what I know as both an aspiring scientist and also as a competitive runner (2:22:01 marathon pr, 1:06:59 half marathon pr). Additionally, I already own the PUMA Faas 200. If I were to be given a pair of the Faas 250 (or Faas 300 it doesn't matter to me) I would be able to provide PUMA feedback not only on one specific shoe but on two, with the ability to compare and contrast differences between the two shoes. In sum, not many individuals can claim the qualities that I have, and together they make me a perfect subject for the PUMA Faas Challenge. If you want to verify the listed pr times (not that they are earth shattering by any stretch of the imagination), my training log from the last few years is located at

9) The Skeptic - A Guy Who Loves Asics

Just as Puma wants to win over shoe geeks, and people dissatisfied with their current brand of shoes, Puma also wants to win over loyalists to other brands. Thus they want Russell Johnson to be unfaithful to his first love- Asics.

Russell Johnson 21 years old Colorado Springs, Colorado
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 200 Color: Mazarine blue - White - Lime punch
Why Russell Johnson was worthy of the LRC Puma Faas Challenge: Because I don't believe Puma could make good running shoes. Go Asics.

10) A Sprinter/Cross Country Runner from Our Favorite High School

Sandwich High School in Massachusetts is the favorite high school of The coach there Stephen Infascelli is not only a fan of LRC but he makes the attempt to educate his kids about the sport of pro running. He takes them to meets, they make cool youtube videos, and apparently his athletes enter our contest. We're glad to pick one of them as a winner below.

Rachel Brown 16 years old Sandwich, Massachusetts
Shoe To Test: Puma Faas 250 Color: blue
Rachel's Entry to the LRC Puma Faas Challenge: As a runner who started late in her high school career (spring of sophomore year), I have really had a sort of crash course into the world of running. My coach introduced our team to and it has helped me to "get my footing". As a sprinter my race for outdoor is the 200, in which I took the number one spot in that race for my team. Doing a search on qualifying times in that race I found myself meandering, as only the internet can do, into world records and current professional times. That's when I found Usain Bolt and subsequently the FAAS line. This took place while I was running the spring season in between a pair of trainers from Sears and a hand-me-down pair of spikes that are a size and a half too large. Needless to state that shin splints and I became well acquainted. When school ended and summer hit, my mileage in preparation for my teams highly competitive Cross Country season soared. This time I upgraded to a pair of Sauconys from a local running store loved by my team called Bayside Runner. Having made the varsity 7 and worn those down to the point where they are more browning black than the original white I begin to prepare for our winter track season in desperate need of a trainer that won't send me back in to the clutches of shin splints, and to improve my 300 time to go to sectionals. As long as I am able, I intend to continue my love of this sport and am looking into majoring in Sports Medicine in my college career. If these shoes are really as innovative as claimed, why not put them on the feet of tomorrow's runners.

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We're barely past halfway in selecting the 100 winners of free pairs of Puma shoes. Click here to enter the LRC PUMA Faas Challenge.


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