The LRC Puma Faas 55

November 30, 2011

*Enter the LRC Puma Faas Challenge Here

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The initial response to the PUMA Faas Challenge has simple been amazing. Puma wanted to prove its new Faas line of running shoes was designed for real runners. What better way to prove this than to give away 100 pairs of shoes to the hardest core runners on the planet- you the visitors of - and to put the shoes to the test. Thus, the PUMA Faas Challenge was born.

Today we present to you the LRC Puma 55. The LRC 55 are the first 55 people selected to put the Puma Faas shoes to the test in the Puma Faas Challenge. The Challenge is still open, so get in your entry if you want to enter.

The greatest thing about is you, the people who make it so special.  The entries in the LRC Puma Faas Challenge have blown us away so far so instead of just releasing all the names at once, we wanted to highlight the incredible people chosen to represent LRC in the Faas Challenge. Amongst the winners are a 1:46 800m runner and a 27:30 10k runner without sponsorship, Olympic Trials Marathon qualifiers, a 12 year old, a 60 year old,  a former "sedentary, cigarette smoking, pill popping, booze drinking slob" who now runs 90 miles a week, a boxer who has run 130 miles a week, guys in the military who got their runs in amongst incoming rounds, a Marine Corps Marathon Champion, people who don't believe Puma can make real running shoes, and people who remember running in their first pair of Pumas as a kid.

The only common denominator amongst the 55 is their passion for the sport of running. That passion is what makes the people of so great.

So instead of presenting all 55 people to you at once. We're going to present to you them over the first 12 Days of December. Call it the 12 days of Puma. And if you want to put the Puma shoes to the test, enter the LRC Puma Faas Challenge. Or just come back to the site regularly this month as we'll be rewarding some of you for you positive contributions to

So without further ado, the first 5 of the LRC Puma 55. We felt they were a good representative sample of the amazing entries.

1) Boxer (Who is an Identical Twin) Who Has Run 130 Miles a Week and Has Run a 2:37 Marathon

Since Wejo and Rojo (the founders of LRC) are identical twins they could relate to this guy... well except for the boxing part. Pretty amazing a high level boxer has run 130 miles a week.

Ricky Ricardo Alvarez 27 years old  Marquette, MI
Shoe to Test: Puma Faas 550  (Same Shoe Wejo is Putting to the Test)

Why Ricky Wants to Take the Puma Faas Challenge: I love running, although a BOXER,there is not a day that goes by that I don't look at I was on the USOEC (United States Olympic Education Center) boxing team until this semester and they closed the program down here at NMU. I know for a fact I am the highest mileage boxer in the world. 80 plus miles a week (130 highest ever) and it has yet to let me down in the ring. Now I am focused on just running, and in 2010 I made my very unexpected marathon debut at the Marquette Marathon. I got the win in 2:37 and won by 25 plus minutes. In addition won the Lake-shore trail half marathon three straight years and this year (2 weeks ago). Previously an IL all stater(03) in high school, breaking the old three mile mark by 2 seconds in 14:32. Went on to Rend Lake College where I was part of a 03/04 National Championship cross country team (Jucco) which included my identical twin Rey (Reynaldo)(separated at birth)...Been boxing my entire life, yet the passion I have for running runs through my blood. Seeing American distance running excel to the level it has in the last few years has been So SO exciting, I sometimes go out on a tempo run, and visualize Rupp, Ritz, Hall, Teg, Solinsky... all behind me,... yes far fetched, yet if this keeps me running at my max capacity, and keeps this dream alive, even if this dream is minimal,... then by all means ill keep doing it. And on a shorter note I have been running on the same brooks for about a year and a half, its hard out here for a boxer running, Good day to you all and thanks for taking the time to read this. Regards, Ricardo Alvarez "Ricky"

The Puma Faas 550 is the shoe
of choice of this anonymous D1 runner

2) D1 Runner Who Gets Free Nike Gear But Wants Something New

The guy below is amongst the 1% of the running world. He's on a college D1 team that gets free Nike gear. Yet he is dissatisfied enough with his shoes that he wants to try something new. We've kept his identity secret so he won't get in trouble with his team.

XXXX XXXXX XX years old
Shoe of Choice: Puma Faas 550

Why XXX Wants to Take the Faas Challenge: My name is XXX XXXXX (obviously), and I run cross country/track for XXXX (NCAA D1 school). You obviously know what this means...lots of Nike gear. Why should I be picked for the PUMA Faas Challenge? Well because I honestly want to try something new. As a poor college student I don't want to spend money to buy a quality shoe on the level of the 550. It's not necessary. But I honestly would love to try something new. Who knows, I may just start buying it if it's that good. Being a part of the distance running program here at XXX is something I am new to... I really enjoy what is going on here... we will be top 10 at NCAA's in the next few years (mark it). I believe I represent a strong portion of visitors by being one of the many D1 college runners. In the end I'm just your run of the mill collegiate runner with huge dreams. I want to break 4 minutes in the mile, I want to win a conference championship, and I want to make every race I run exciting. I want to try out the PUMA Faas to represent my D1 boys out there doing the daily grind and training their ass off. Thanks and XXXXXX (School Motto)

3) Tucson Coach Who Is Inspiring Others

We got a lot of incredible human interest stories. We'll save the cancer survivors and car wrecks for later.

Katherine Phillips Tucson, Arizona
Faas Shoe Chosen: Puma Faas 500 Color: Purple

Why Katherine Wanted to Be Chosen for the Faas Challenge: I am the running coach in my community that fixes broken runners and brings them back stronger than ever.  My shoe used to be the Brooks Ghost but fortunately I switched to the Nike Pegasus this year.  When I did an interesting thing happened.  Athletes noticed.  This includes 40 runners at Wednesday night track, 100 cancer center runners and around 100 women from the local women's triathlon club.  Soon the Pegasus started to show up on their feet. If you get a pair of the Faas on my feet and I like them they will get great exposure in the Tucson running community.  I'm not in a situation where I can go out and try all the new shoes to hit the market on my own. This is a great opportunity to try a pair of shoes I might not run in otherwise.

As a bonus  if you send a pair to my Paralympic cyclist/triathlete (Kara) who shattered her scapula and broke her collar bone at Para Cycling World Champs six weeks ago I would be really thrilled. She just started running again and desperately needs shoes, as a single mom of three during this holiday season. Here is the newspaper article on her.

(Note: We're going to send Kara a pair of Puma Faas shoes as well. She chose the Faas 500. Katherine reports to us that a Tucson Elite women's team is in the works. The website isn't ready yet, but Katherine's business website is up and has a testimonial from "Tinman" ).

Faas 300

4) 16 Year-Old Who Has Been Inspired by LRC

At LRC we try and educate people about the professional running world and are glad to see when we're making an impact.

16 Years Old, Illinois

Why RH was chosen for the Faas challenge: I've been a runner since 6th grade. Then, I was a varsity competitor from my first race. I realized in seventh grade point, that I did not have the same amount of talent as everyone else, so I worked hard over my 8th grade summer. At the Wisconsin Cross-Country camp, I was introduced to new training ideas and At the end of my 9th grade Cross-Country season, I had a vision of becoming a State Champion one day, but being from Illinois, I knew I had hard work to do over the winter. For three months, I put in day after day of work, and eventually giving myself a stress fracture. It took me out for track season. In the summer before my sophomore year, I ran into many of the same problems I did in March of my 9th grade year. Eventually aggravating the stress fracture, making a new one and an additional stress reaction. At that point, I contemplating quitting, but instead my coach reintroduced me to Letsrun and I found motivation to not quit. Reading about Rojo's troubles reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. On the message boards, i continue to find quality tips and comments from other users. Letsrun has also made me an avid follower of College and World Track and Field. Now, for hero papers in school, I write about Kenenisa Bekele, Ryan Hall, Bernard Lagat, and Chris Solinsky. Now I crave the news I get here everyday in the morning, as Letsrun has been my new homepage. As for running, I am gradually working my way back so maybe one day my dream will become reality, seeing my name on this message board.
*Initials Changed

5) Soldier Who Doesn't Let Incoming Rounds Stop Him From Doing Intervals

Some of the most blue collar runners out there are the LRC visitors in the military. Russ Stewart is a good representative of them. Not only are these guys serving America but they're still getting in their runs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Russ Stewart Major, US Army 37 years old
Richmond Hill, Georgia
Shoe of Choice: Puma Faas 500 Color: Limestone Gray
Why he was chosen for Faas Challenge: I am an avid runner and LRC fan. Although I have not set a PR since 1995 (during college XC/track), I still go after it every week doing intervals, tempo efforts and long runs. On my tombstone I want it to read: husband, father, runner and soldier. And I have run workouts and races all over the world; not to mention I have dragged my kids to many track meets to see the elite compete. And how many LRC fans have done intervals with incoming rounds? All I can say is that when you are nailing your splits it is hard to stop just because of a little gun fire and rockets.

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Puma wants you to put their Faas line to the test. They are so confident you'll like the shoes you can try them for 30 days. If you don't like them in the first 30 days you can return them "in any condition for any reason." How is that for backing its shoes? The Faas line is the Faas 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and 550 (the higher the number the more the cushioning). Plus for a limited time get Free Shipping on Orders $50+. Considering that some of the Faas shoes are on sale already for $53.50, with the extra 30% off you can get test one pair for $37 (you need to have $75 in your cart to get the discount). Just click on the logo above or click here to get this offer. If you live in a city with a Puma store you can go into the store and get the 30% off as well.

LRC 12 Days of Puma Archives:
Day 11:
A "Brotha" Who Wants To Break 13:30, An All-American Getting Back On The Roads, A 58-Year-Old Female Marathoner Who Was Winning Marathons Before Most Of You Were Born, A Cancer Survivor Who Happens To Be Caitlin Chock's High School Coach, And A Lady Who Entered To Cheer Her Husband Up
Day 10:
 A Football Player Turned 31:30 10k Runner, A Cop Inspiring His Family to Run, A Collegiate Runner Constantly Injured, A Woman Who Thinks Puma is Sexy and a Guy Who Showed Up to Practice in Allen Iverson Basketball Shoes
Day 9:
A Girl Who Helps LRCers Get Dates, A Guy Who Wants a Shoe That Doesn't Suck, A Dog Lover, and a Sprinter Turned Distance Runner (Because of a Car Wreck)
Day 8:
A 34-Year-Old Who Wants To Go Sub-4, A 26-Year-Old Who Grew Up With LRC, "The" Running Autograph Collector, A Guy Whose Pumas Were Stolen 13 Years Ago, And A Girl At A Nike School
Day #7:  
Read It To Believe It: A "Cigarette Smoking, Pill Popping, Booze Drinking Slob" Who Now Runs 90 Miles a Week, a 12 Year Old, A Women Who Trolls the Message Boards..
Day #6: Rest
Day #5:
The Coaches
Day #4
Married Guys and a Guy Whose Wife and Kids Left Him
Day #3: Winter Wonderland:
South Dakota, A National Champion Coach, Valdez, Alaska, and TxRUNNERgirl Represent
Day #2:
A 27:31 10ker,  A Marine Corps Marathon Champ, A Girl From Our Favorite High School, And a Guy Who Loves Asics, And a (Shoe) Geek
Day #1:
A Boxer Who Runs 100 Miles a Week, A Guy Sick of Getting Free Nikes, A Soldier Doing Intervals With Incoming Rounds, A 16 Year Old Aspiring Champ

We're barely past halfway in selecting the 100 winners of free pairs of Puma shoes. Click here to enter the LRC PUMA Faas Challenge.



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