LRC Fan Guide - 2010 Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational

By Emory Mort
April 29, 2010

Stanford's Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational is annually one of the fastest and deepest US events for distance running. This year should be no exception. Many top distance runners will be in Palo Alto looking to record fast times. From Jenny Barringer in the 1,500 to Galen Rupp in a very strong men's 10,000, see who's entered at Stanford in our LRC Fan Guide. We'll start with the most highly-anticipated events first.

Full Entries And Live Results Starts 3:45 PT On Sat., May 1 Full Schedule Watch Live (for free): Stanford All Access

9:45pm - Men's 10,000 - Deepest Field Of The Evening

Galen Rupp and coach Alberto Salazar have hinted at an attempt at Meb Keflezighi's American 10,000m record of 27:13.98. After debate about running in Eugene on Friday or Stanford on Saturday, Rupp and coach are still undecided and are now considering a 3rd option: Saturday in Eugene. Coach Salazar says Friday in Eugene will be "too windy and cold" and Saturday in Palo Alto may have too much pollen. As of Thursday night, it appears Saturday in Palo Alto or Eugene are both options.

Update: The American record attempt is on in full-force for Saturday night. We've even received an email from Nike PR saying if the record falls, Galen will address the media on Sunday (we're trying to find out if this event will be open to the public).

Besides Rupp, the heaviest hitters in the Stanford 10,000 include Simon Bairu, Anthony Famiglietti, Sam Chelanga, Tim Nelson and Chris Solinsky. Chelanga has run in the 27:20s, Famiglietti in the 27:30s, Nelson in the 27:30s and Bairu was 13th at the 2010 World Cross-Country meet. 13:12 5,000 runner Chris Solinsky is making his 10,000 meter debut in this race. Other potential contenders include Shadrack Biwott, Boaz Cheboiywo, Shawn Forrest and Patrick Smyth.

Event 21  Men 10000 Meter Run Kim McDonald
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    202 Mike Aish                        Melbourne Tr                
  2    300 Simon Bairu                      Nike/Kimbia                 
  3     20 Scott Bauhs                      Adidas                      
  4    336 Shadrack Biwott                  Otc                         
  5    203 Adrian Blincoe                   Melbourne Tr                
  6    184 Boaz Cheboiywo                   Kimbia                      
  7    192 Sam Chelanga                     Liberty                     
  8     17 Alistair Cragg                   adidas                      
  9    204 Robert Curtis                    Melbourne Tr                
 10    441 Anthony Famiglietti              Saucony                     
 11    205 Shawn Forrest                    Melbourne Tr                
 12     21 Brett Gotcher                    Adidas                      
 13    301 Jason Hartmann                   Nike/Kimbia                 
 14    706 David Jankowski                  Zap Fitness                 
 15    651 Mark Kenneally                   Unattached                  
 16    175 Takeshi Makabe                   Kanebo                      
 17    654 Brian Medigovich                 Unattached                  
 18    528 Josh Moen                        Team Usa Mn/                
 19    302 Tim Nelson                       Nike/Kimbia                 
 20    356 Sean Quigley                     Puma/Kimbia                 
 21    659 Galen Rupp                       Unattached                  
 22    720 Daniel Salel                     Kenya                       
 23    294 Patrick Smyth                    Nike                        
 24    662 Chris Solinsky                   Nike/Kimbia                 
 25    379 Kensuke Takezawa                 S&B                         
 26    339 Chris Thompson                   OTC                         
 27    303 Brent Vaughn                     Nike/Kimbia                 
 28     22 Andy Vernon                      Adidas              

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8:34pm - Women's 5,000 - Potential Begley / Flanagan / Rowbury Matchup - Will Flanagan's AR Of 14:44.80 Fall?

We've been told that this race is being set up to give the ladies up a front a shot at Shalane Flanagan's American Record of 14:44.80. Flanagan, the Olympic 10,000m bronze medalist, is in the field hoping to defend her record as she returns to the track after running half-marathons and cross-country in the winter/spring of 2010. Amy Begley ran a solid 3,000m last weekend at Cal (8:53.73) but the record is 8:50 pace (and Begley's best 5k is only 15:24), while World 1,500 bronze medalist Shannon Rowbury (15:12 5k best) is slated to rejoin the competitive circuit a week after coach John Cook's men ran well at Penn Relays. The top NCAA runner will almost certainly be Iowa State star Lisa Koll. Koll made a huge splash at the late March Stanford meet when she ran 31:18 to set the NCAA 10,000m record that remains a 2010 (track) world leader (3 Kenyans have better road 10k times). Another interesting entrant is NCAA XC, indoor, outdoor champ Angela Bizzarri (15:33 best). Don't count on her for an amazing time, as she always brings it when it matters ... at the championship meets. Also former Stanford great Lauren Fleshman returns to action after basically skipping last year. Update: Fleshman ran 15:42.46 at the Oregon meet last night instead.

Flanagan is the only runner who has gone under 15 minutes, so if there is going to be a record she appears to be the only one to do it. Everyone else in the field of note except for Rowbury would have to set a 3k pr to do it. Amy Begley is a really good runner now, so hopefully she has a huge breakout run at 5k.

Flanagan has done no track races in 2010 and is coming off a 12th at World cross country. On paper most would say that does not indicate she is sharp enough for a 14:44 run. But then realize last year her best 5k by far was her first 5k of the year with no track races before it when she ran 14:47.62 indoors (an American record). Since then she switched coaches to Jerry Schumacher and has not run another track race near that level. Was the switch a good move for Flanagan? Races like Saturday's will help us judge.

Event 53 Women 5000 Meter Run Section 1
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    532 Jackie Areson                    Tennessee                   
  2    730 Renee Baillie                    Nike                        
  3    296 Amy Begley                       Nike Otc Eli                
  4    165 Angela Bizzarri                  Illinois                    
  5     33 Julie Culley                     Asics                       
  6    299 Nicole Edwards                   Saucony Racing T            
  7    614 Shalane Flanagan                 Nike                        
  8    287 Lauren Fleshman                  Nike                        
  9    341 Bridget Franek                   Penn State                  
 10     34 Sara Hall                        Asics                       
 11    167 Lisa Koll                        Iowa State                  
 12    320 Elizabeth Maloy                  NYAC                        
 13    263 Megan Metcalfe                   New Balance                 
 14    626 Hazel Murphy                     Unattached                  
 15    731 Barbara Parker                   Unattached                  
 16    732 DulceMaria Rodriguez             Mexico                      
 17    290 Shannon Rowbury                  Nike                        
 18    367 Blake Russell                    Reebok                      
 19     42 Lauren Weaver                    Asics Aggies          

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7:02pm - Women's 1,500 - Jenny Barringer And Julie Henner Era Begins

Former University of Colorado star Jenny Barringer will return to the track a year after setting world on fire from 1,500-5,000m, including the steeplechase. After leaving former coach Mark Wetmore and joining Air Force assistant coach Julie Henner, Barringer will open her season against a tough field that includes a very fit 2010 American indoor champion Morgan Uceny. Uceny recently won the BAA road mile on April 18 with ease (photo, right). Also look for Canada's Hillary Stellingwerf, Britain's Hannah England and Heidi Dahl and Sara Hall of the USA. All are entered in a field that should produce some early-season national-leading times.

Event 47  Women 1500 Meter Run Section 1
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    261 Jen Barringer                    New Balance                 
  2    238 Dianne Cummins                   Mountain Wes                
  3    262 Heidi Dahl                       New Balance                 
  4    286 Hannah England                   Nike                        
  5     34 Sara Hall                        Asics                       
  6    288 Julia Howard                     Nike                        
  7    284 Maggie Infeld                    New York Ath                
  8    319 Molly Lehman                     NYAC                        
  9    625 kelly mcneice                    Unattached                  
 10    366 Amy Mortimer                     Reebok                      
 11    631 Jen Rhines                       Unattached                  
 12    458 Hilary Stellingwerff             Speed River                 
 13    364 Morgan Uceny                     Reebok                    

8:52pm - Men's 5,000 - Abdi, Bolota, Ed Moran And Aron Rono Top Names

An interesting field in this race includes runners from varied backgrounds. US veterans Abdi Abdirahman and Bolota Asmerom (right in Carlsbad 5,000) are likely to be near the front. Former W&M star Ed Moran has produced some fine times in his pro career and could factor in the win given his talent and skill. Adams State's Aaron Braun is popular among hard-core distance fans. Another strong non-D1-background entrant is Aron Rono of Azusa Pacific.

Event 18  Men 5000 Meter Run Section 1
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    291 Abdi Abdirahman                  Nike                        
  2    442 Bolota Asmerom                   Saucony/ Bay                
  3    637 Aaron Braun                      Unattached                  
  4    639 Mark Christie                    Unattached                  
  5    105 Michael Coe                      California                  
  6    359 Michael Crouch                   Queens (N.C.                
  7     23 Stephen Furst                    adidas Ralei                
  8    310 Ryan Hill                        North Caroli                
  9    198 Jordan Horn                      McMillan Eli                
 10     47 Elkanah Kibet                    Auburn                      
 11    652 Kyle King                        Unattached                  
 12     29 Haron Lagat                      AmeriKenyan                 
 13    525 Bobby Mack                       Taf Brooks                  
 14    112 Mark Matusak                     California                  
 15    293 Ed Moran                         Nike                        
 16    707 Thomas Morgan                    Zap Fitness                 
 17    139 Kenyon Neuman                    Colorado                    
 18    144 Tiidrek Nurme                    Estonia                     
 19    437 Tony Okello                      Santa Monica                
 20     30 Aron Rono                        AmeriKenyan                 
 21    322 Josh Simpson                     NYAC                        
 22     18 Seth Summerside                  adidas                      
 23    229 Lex Williams                     Michigan                        

9:08pm - Women's 10,000 - Molly Huddle Entered With Competition From Jen Rhines, Desiree Davila And Katie McGregor

Not as star-studded as the women's 5,000, the women's 10,000 offers an opportunity for a new world leader to replace Lisa Koll's NCAA record 31:18 from March. Several runners might take a crack at 5:00/mile pace, including USA XC #2 Molly Huddle (photo, right), world indoor 3,000 finalist Desiree Davila and accomplished US leaders Jen Rhines and Katie McGregor.

Event 56  Women 10000 Meter Run Kim McDonald
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    532 Jackie Areson                    Tennessee                   
  2    298 Meghan Armstrong                 Strands Racing T            
  3    542 Alex Becker                      Tulsa                       
  4    123 Addie Bracy                      Carrboro Ath                
  5    676 Anita Campbell                   Washington                  
  6     41 Kim Conley                       Asics Aggies                
  7    157 Desiree Davila                   Hansons-Broo                
  8    268 Rebecca Donaghue                 New Balance/                
  9     51 Nicole Feest                     Boulder Runn                
 10    206 Adriana Fernandez                Mexico                      
 11    207 Fabiola Fernandez                Mexico                      
 12    704 Allison Grace                    Zap Fitness                 
 13    197 Emily Harrison                   McMillan Eli                
 14     54 Amy Hastings                     Brooks                      
 15    439 Molly Huddle                     Saucony                     
 16    735 Ava Hutchinson                   Ireland                     
 17      4 Kristen McGlynn                  Adams State                 
 18    734 Katie McGregor                   Reebok                      
 19    705 Alissa McKaig                    Zap Fitness                 
 20    357 Meagan Nedlo                     Queens (N.C.                
 21    189 Ashley Osborne                   Liberty                     
 22     35 Adriana Pirtea                   Asics                       
 23    681 Sarah Porter                     Western Wash                
 24     46 Laurel Pritchard                 Auburn                      
 25    631 Jen Rhines                       Unattached                  
 26    208 Nora Rocha                       Mexico                      
 27    209 Marisol Guadalupe Romero         Mexico                      
 28     53 Cassie Slade                     Brc Adidas                  
 29    166 Kara Storage                     Infinite Run                
 30     50 Alisha Williams                  Boulder Runn                
 31    201 Benita Willis                    Melbourne Tr                
 32    358 Tanya Zeferjahn                  Queens (N.C.          

7:14pm - Men's 1,500 - Wide Open Field

Track and Field: NCAA ChampionshipsThere is no clear favorite in the metric mile field, as entrant Lee Emanuel of the University of New Mexico is reportedly running in Oregon on Friday. Assuming Emanuel opts out of Stanford, the field is wide open. Former Columbia runner Liam Boylan-Pett, the runner up in the Puma mile, will compete along with Big 10 sub-4 men Craig Miller and Ben Blankenship. They'll face a lot of Stanford runners, including precocious 5k/XC specialist Chris Derrick (pictured right), who recorded a solid 13:31 two weeks ago at Mt. SAC. Army's John Mickowski won the first Stanford race this year (defeating Boylan-Pett), but is not returning for this event.

Event 8  Men 1500 Meter Run Section 1
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    232 Ben Blankenship                  Minnesota                   
  2    326 Jacob Boone                      Oklahoma                    
  3    636 Liam Boylan-Pett                 Unattached                  
  4    501 Chris Derrick                    Stanford                    
  5    711 Hakon DeVries                    Unattached                  
  6    278 Lee Emanuel                      New Mexico                  
  7    502 Dylan Ferris                     Stanford                    
  8    712 David Forrester                  Florida St                  
  9    506 Elliott Heath                    Stanford                    
 10    243 Geoff Martinson                  Nac Victoria                
 11    700 Craig Miller                     Wisconsin                   
 12    149 Yasunori Murakami                Fujitsu_TF                  
 13    683 Tommy Schmitz                    Wisc. Runner        

6:43pm - Top US Steeplers Toe The Line In Stanford
Track and Field: NCAA Championships

With the exception of Daniel Huling and Josh McAdams, most of the best male American steeplers will face off, including 2009 NCAA champion Kyle Perry (right), US Worlds team member Kyle Alcorn, US Olympian Billy Nelson, Stotan Racing's Kyle Heath, US World XC team member Ben Bruce and American NCAA record-holder Brian Olinger.

Event 14  Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase Section 1
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    292 Kyle Alcorn                      Nike                        
  2    337 Ben Bruce                        OTC                         
  3    150 Pieter Desmet                    Golazo Sport                
  4     59 Jordan Fife                      Brooks Team                 
  5    461 Alex Genest                      Speed River                 
  6    645 Luke Gunn                        Unattached                  
  7    186 Joonas Harjamaki                 Lamar                       
  8    524 Kyle Heath                       Stotan Racin                
  9     14 Reuben Mwei                      Adams State                 
 10    338 Billy Nelson                     OTC                         
 11     67 Richard Nelson                   BYU                         
 12    369 Brian Olinger                    Reebok                      
 13    265 Kyle Perry                       New Balance                 
 14     38 Jonathan Pierce                  Asics                       
 15     27 Justin Tyner                     Air Force                   
 16    318 Hiroyoshi Umegae                 NTN                         
 17    462 Robin Watson                     Speed River                 
 18    463 Chris Winter                     Speed River          

Track and Field: 116th Penn Relays 5:15pm - Men 800 - Prince Mumba, Aussie Ryan Foster, Miler David Torrence Mix It Up

Former Michigan Wolverine Andrew Ellerton and Belgian Thomas Matthys surprisingly have the best PRs in the field at 1:46.07 and 1:45.75, respectively. Look for a close race won in 1:46. David Torrence, pictured in blue in the photo on the right from the Penn Relays distance medley 1,600 leg, has been running very well of late for John Cook and undoubtedly will want to improve on the 1:47.16 "PR" that he earned on an oversized track indoors this year.

Event 4  Men 800 Meter Run Section 1
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    239 Andrew Ellerton                  Nac  Victori                
  2    346 Ryan Foster                      Penn State                  
  3    148 Takeshi Kuchino                  Fujitsu_TF                  
  4    347 Casimir Loxsom                   Penn State                  
  5    675 Thomas Matthys                   Val Belgium                 
  6    436 Prince Mumba                     Santa Monica                
  7    153 Darren St. Clair                 Great Britai                
  8    295 David Torrence                   Nike                        
  9    438 Reuben Twijukye                  Santa Monica      

5:02pm - Women's 800 - Overlooked 2009 Mid-D Talent Brenda Martinez (UC Riverside, Pictured Right) Highlights Field

Track and Field: NCAA Championships
Event 43  Women 800 Meter Run Section 1
           Name                        Year School                                
  1    682 Melissa Bishop                   Windsor ON                  
  2    447 Helen Crofts                     Simon Fraser                
  3    365 Nikeya Green                     Reebok                      
  4    289 Rebecca Johnstone                Nike                        
  5    352 Leanna MacLean                   Phoenix Athl                
  6    600 Brenda Martinez                  UC Riverside                
  7    630 Ashley Puga                      Unattached                  
  8    450 Jessica Smith                    Simon Fraser                
  9    191 Jaime Watson                     Liberty      

Stanford Meet On
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