30 Years Ago Today - History Was Made
"Whether it's sports, business or love, timing is everything. I timed that last lap-and-a-half better than what anybody else did. Part of it was instinct and part of it was practice."
-American Craig Virgin talking about the kick that earned him America's first world cross country title 30 years ago from today. Virgin is the only American to have ever won a world cross title. He repeated in 1981.


We pause to appreciate Virgin and all he accomplished. In HS - 8:57.4 for 2 miles as a 15-year old sophomore, an 8:40.9 national record as a senior, and 48 straight xc wins in a row with 47 being course records. An NCAA xc title, a 27:29 10,000 (#2 in the world in the Olympic year 1980 which the US boycotted), and a 2:10 marathon. Please spend three minutes and be inspired by watching his world xc victory below.
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(Trust us, the announcing is incredibly exciting and the finish of this race is great! It only takes 3:04 for the race to end)