Ryan Hall And Bill Rodgers Training Together On The Boston Marathon Course

By LetsRun.com
April 16, 2010

American star Ryan Hall has been in Boston for the last 3 weeks preparing for the Boston Marathon thanks to John Hancock bringing him out early. Last year, Ryan finished third, but afterwards said he "felt like a rookie out there," as he was not totally prepared for the Boston course.

The time in Boston has let Ryan train extensively on the course and pick up some knowledge on the course from training on it and from legends in the sport like four time Boston Marathon champ Bill Rodgers. Ryan went running on the course with Boston Bill and WBZ-TV in Boston has a nice 2 minute segment on Rodgers giving Ryan some advice.

When we googled Ryan Hall and Bill Rodgers what did we get? This LetsRun.com thread: Ryan Hall vs Bill Rodgers.

Below are two more training videos with Ryan training on the Boston course.

Workout 1: The first one he talks about is him doing 6 x 1,200 on the course in the rain with a 400m jog on March 30th, his first day in Boston.

Workout 2: In the 2nd one, a clean-shaven Hall talks about doing a 3-mile warm up, then 3 times 5 miles fast on the course, with one mile float in between, and a 3-mile cool-down for a total of 23 miles. Ryan said it is his last "really big effort" before Boston.

You can follow Ryan on his stepsfoundation website.

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Ryan Hall vs Bill Rodgers


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