In Celebration of John Hancock’s 25th Anniversary as Principal Sponsor
44 Elite Athletes From Ten Countries Invited for 114
Running on April 19

Courtesy of Race Organizers

BOSTON, MA, February, 23, 2010—John Hancock Financial today announced the elite field of 44 athletes from ten countries for the 114th running of the Boston Marathon on April 19.  A complete field list follows.

Headlining the field, and recently announced, are defending champions Deriba Merga and Salina Kosgei, and past champions Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, Catherine Ndereba, Dire Tune and Lidiya Grigoryeva.

On the men’s side, nine have raced under 2:07 with top contenders, Abderrahim Goumri, Evans Cheruiyot, Gilbert Yegon, Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot and Chala Dechase leading the challenge.

Americans chasing the champions are Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi, Jason Lehmkuhle, Josh Rohatinsky and Antonio Vega.  International newcomers to the course include Elijah Keitany, Samuel Mugo, David Mandago, Mohammed Amyn and additional talent. 

In the women’s race the four returning champions will face Teyba Erkesso, Yurika Nakamura, Weiwei Sun, Nailya Yulamanova, Agnes Kiprop and new marathoners Mestewat Tufa and Chaofeng Jia. 

Madai Perez also returns after maternity leave and Burna Genovese, Albina Mayorova, Koren Jelela Yal, American Michelle Frey and Waynishet Girma are among other women in the mix. 

Full Fields appear below.

LetsRun.com Editor's Addition: Boston does indeed have 9 sub 2:07 guys in the field this year. This actually compares favorably to the 2010 Virgin London Marathon which is generally regarded as the most competitive marathon in the world as 2010 London will only have 7 sub 2:07s. The 2010 Virgin London marathon field is more top heavy than Boston as it features 6 guys who have run under 2:06 compared to only 1 for Boston. It's also worth noting that pbs aren't everything as 2009 ING NYC Marathon champ Meb Keflezighi will have the 17th best pb of the people racing in Boston.


2010 Boston

2010 London

# of Sub 2:05s



# of Sub 2:06s



# of Sub 2:07s



# of Sub 2:08s



# of Sub 2:09s



# of Sub 2:10s



114th Boston Marathon John Hancock’s 2010 Elite Athlete Field

Men’s Open Field

Personal Best

Deriba Merga, Ethiopia

2:06:38 (London, 2008)

Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, Kenya

2:07:14 (Boston, 2006) CR

Ryan Hall, USA

2:06:17 (London, 2008)

Abderrahim Goumri, Morocco

2:05:30 (London, 2008)

Gilbert Yegon, Kenya

2:06:18 (Amsterdam, 2009)

Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, Kenya

2:06:23 (Frankfurt, 2009)

Evans Cheruiyot, Kenya

2:06:25 (Chicago, 2008)

Chala Dechase, Ethiopia

2:06:33 (Dubai, 2010)

Elijah Keitany, Kenya

2:06:41 (Amsterdam, 2009)

David Kipkorir Mandago, Kenya

2:06:53 (Paris, 2009)

Benjamin Maiyo, Kenya

2:07:09 (Chicago, 2005)

Tekeste Kebede, Ethiopia

2:07:52 (Fukuoka, 2009)

Gashaw Asfaw, Ethiopia

2:08:03 (Paris, 2006)

John Kipkorir Komen, Kenya

2:08:06 (Reims, 2008)

Samuel Mugo, Kenya

2:08:20 (Beijing, 2009)

Stephen Kiogora, Kenya

2:08:24 (Frankfurt, 2008)

Mebrahtom Keflezighi, USA

2:09:15 (New York City, 2009)

Moses Kipkosgei Kigen, Kenya

2:10:12 (Nairobi, 2009)

Abdellah Falil, Morocco

2:12:37 (Turin, 2009)

Jason Lehmkuhle, USA

2:12:54 (New York City, 2007)

Cutbert Nyasango, Zimbabwe

2:13:19 (Berlin, 2009)

Alejandro Suarez, Mexico

2:13:33 (Torreon, 2009)

Josh Rohatinsky, USA

2:14:23 (New York City, 2008)

Antonio Vega, USA

2:15:45 (Minneapolis/St.Paul, 2009)

Mohammed Amyn, Morocco


Women’s Open Field

Personal Best

Salina Kosgei, Kenya

2:23:22 (Berlin, 2006)

Catherine Ndereba, Kenya

2:18:47 (Chicago, 2001) NR

Madai Perez, Mexico

2:22:59 (Chicago, 2006) NR

Teyba Erkesso, Ethiopia

2:23:53 (Houston, 2010)

Dire Tune, Ethiopia

2:24:40 (Houston, 2008)

Lidiya Grigoryeva, Russia

2:25:10 (Los Angeles, 2006)

Weiwei Sun, China

2:25:15 (Beijing, 2002)

Bruna Genovese, Italy

2:25:28 (Boston, 2006)

Albina Mayorova-Ivanova, Russia

2:25:35 (Chicago, 2003)

Yurika Nakamura, Japan

2:25:51 (Nagoya, 2008)

Agnes Kiprop, Kenya

2:26:22 (Turin, 2009)

Nailya Yulamanova, Russia

2:26:30 (Rotterdam, 2009)

Koren Jelela Yal, Ethiopia

2:28:41 (Venice, 2009)

Waynishet Girma, Ethiopia

2:29:50 (Amsterdam, 2009)

Tatyana Pushkareva, Russia

2:30:30 (San Antonio, 2009)

Meseret Legese, Ethiopia

2:31:37 (Padova, 2009)

Michelle Frey, USA

2:35:51 (Minneapolis/St. Paul, 2006)

Mestewat Tufa, Ethiopia


Chaofeng Jia, China



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