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LetsRun.com's 2009 IAAF Berlin World Championships Preview

Men's 400m Hurdles - Break Up The American Quartet!

By LetsRun.com
August, 2009

When: August 18 (finals),  16 (semis), 15 (prelims)
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2007 world champion Kerron Clement and the Beijing medal-sweeping US squad will be back on the world's biggest stage hoping to take home three pieces of shiny hardware. Joined by Olympic champion Angelo Taylor, 2005 world champion Bershawn Jackson and youngster Johnny Dutch, the US bite might again match their bark in 2009.

We see two competitors who could break up another American sweep. Jamaican Isa Phillips is the #1 contender as he has been great all year, even beating the US boys on a time or two.

The 2009 world #1 is LJ van Zyl of South Africa. Van Zyl needs to put together three solid rounds to compete with his more decorated rivals. He has not medaled yet at a WC or Olympic Games, but this could be the first time if the Americans have poor races, or if he busts out again.

If Felix Sánchez is in shape (and we hope he is), then of course he'll be a legit contender. But he got steamrolled in Europe this summer so we can't say he's in great shape. Jamaica's Danny McFarlane could be in there too, as he is an Olympic medalist and is running pretty well this year.

LRC Predictions:
Gold: Bershawn Jackson USA
Silver: Kerron Clement USA
Bronze: Isa Phillips JAM
4th: Angelo Taylor USA

Men's 400m Hurdles Statistics By LRC Coaching Guru John Kellogg

47.94  L.J. van Zyl (RSA)   Gold medal in 2006 Commonwealth Games, silver medal in 2006 World Cup, 5th in 2008 Olympic Games, 6th in 2005 World Championships
47.98  Bershawn Jackson (USA)  PR 47.30 (#9 all-time, #6 all-time USA) (2005)   Gold medal in 2005 World Championships, bronze medal in 2008 Olympic Games
48.05  Isa Phillips (JAM)
48.09  Kerron Clement (USA)  PR 47.24 (#6 all-time, #4 all-time USA) (2005)   Gold medal in 2007 World Championships, silver medal in 2008 Olympic Games, 4th in 2005 World Championships
48.13  Danny McFarlane (JAM)  PR 48.00 (2004)   Silver medal in 2004 Olympic Games, 4th in 2003 World Championships, 4th in 2008 Olympic Games, 5th in 2007 World Championships
48.18  Johnny Dutch (USA)
48.29  Javier Culson (PUR)
48.30  Angelo Taylor (USA)  PR 47.25 (= #7 all-time, #5 all-time USA) (2008)   Gold medal in 2008 Olympic Games, gold medal in 2000 Olympic Games
48.47  Jeshua Anderson (USA)+
48.53  Michael Tinsley (USA)+  PR 48.02 (2007)
48.62  David Greene (GBR)
48.68  Tristan Thomas (AUS)   7th in 2006 World Cup
48.77  Kenji Narisako (JPN)  PR 47.93 (2006)
48.78  Felix Sánchez (DOM)  PR 47.25 (= #7 all-time) (2003)   Gold medal in 2004 Olympic Games, gold medal in 2003 World Championships, gold medal in 2001 World Championships, silver medal in 2007 World Championships
49.35  Periklís Iakovákis (GRE)  PR 47.82 (2006)   Bronze medal in 2003 World Championships, 6th in 2007 World Championships, 8th in 2008 Olympic Games
49.54  Marek Plawgo (POL)  PR 48.12 (2007)   Bronze medal in 2007 World Championships, bronze medal in 2006 World Cup, 6th in 2008 Olympic Games, 6th in 2004 Olympic Games
+ = Not on Worlds Team in 400mH



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