Back to Back in Boston for Cheruyiot (Plus Chicago)Robert Cheruyiot
Photo by BAA Photographer Victah Sailer

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Quotes of the Day:

"The race was very tough. Few people will do what I have done; I think maybe if I win next year, I will have to die"
-Robert Cheruyiot who has experienced so much hardship in his life (abandoned by his parents, living as basically an indentured servant, being homeless) that maybe winning a marathon really isn't that difficult. Cheruyiot won his second straight Boston Marathon on Monday and his third straight World Marathon Major. Despite nearly killing himself by slipping and falling at the finish of last year's Chicago Marathon last year and still suffering head aches from that fall. If you missed the incredible Boston Globe profile on him, click here

"Now he's on top of the world - the greatest marathoner currently on the planet. A winner in Chicago in the fall, he repeated today in Boston and is now a 3-time Boston Marathon champion and the certain winner of the first World Marathon Majors title and its $500,000 prize...Can you imagine the press he'd be getting if he were American? Sadly, because he is Kenyan, he is largely ignored, viewed as part of a black mass instead of an amazing individual. So read the profile, be inspired and tell a friend of yours about this truly remarkable life story."'s Rojo talking about the incredible Robert Cheruyiot

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We interview one of our own:'s Rojo talks about coaching at Cornell

Boston: Race results
Cheruyiot Triumphs Again, Lidiya Grigoryeva Surprise Winner
Robert Cheruyiot defended his Boston crown in the extreme weather conditions (heavy winds, rain) that made the race a real dog fight. Cheruyiot hit half way in 1:08:45 but dropped the hammer over the more difficult second half to pull away from James Kwambai over the final 2 miles to win in 2:14:13. Lidiya Grigoryeva of Russia also threw down the hammer over the final 2 miles (5:10 mile) to defeat NYC champ and World Marathon Majors leader Jelena Prokopcuka. And hundreds of thousands in appearance fees, could not spare Deena Kastor from the fate that does in many a marathoner, an unscheduled bathroom break as her bid to become the first American winner in Boston came up short. Deena did come back to finish 5th in 2:35:09, and get the US title. *Race results
*Bathroom Break Cost Deena Big Time in Boston Boston Globe
*Boston Marathon Played Wrong Russian National Anthem

Men: Pete Gilmore is Top American at Boston in 8th
*Kimbia boys go 3, 4 6

*Kimbia Auction of 3rd place finisher (Stephen "Baba" Kiagora) singlet and number Stephen Kiagora.
*State trooper runs into spectator on course
*Flocast Post Race Press Conferences

*Astronaut Completes Boston in Space in 4:23

*Soldiers March Boston Marathon in Memory of Their Fallen Comrade

Blow by Blow Coverage:
*Former Boston Champs Amby Burfoot's Mile by Mile Coverage
*Or Live Message Board thread

A Must Read Inspirational Profile of Boston Marathon Record Holder Robert Cheruiyot The life story of Cheruiyot, who is looking for his 3rd Boston title Monday, is truly remarkable. After being abandoned by his parents, he found a way to survive, first as an indentured servant and then on 30 cents a day helping out at a barbershop where he smoked every day. Thoughts of suicide entered his mind but now less than 10 years later he is running for history although last year's crazy fall at Chicago hasn't helped him as he had to go back to the hospital just 3 weeks ago.
*Extremely Confident Deena Kastor Looking Forward To Bad Weather And Hoping To Be 1st American Female Winner Since 1985 It looks like a big cross-country race, and I love cross-country. Im going out there and push the pace...The last four months have been so flawless, so consistent.

*Joan Benoit Samuelson's Advice: Be Tough The article reveals American Peter Gilmore had his best race of his life in similar conditions

*AP Preview of Race
*Race Official Brace For Crazy Bad Weather
*Article On ChasingKimbia's Matt Taylor
*NY Times Profile of Jelena Prokopcuka

*Washington Post Preview The WP is saying the race will have the "the worst weather in the history of the (race)" but from an elite's perspective we say 1976 was way worse as the temps were over 95F ( 35 celsius). friend Jack Fultz won that year.
*IAAF Preivew of Race Which May Be Run in Monsoon
*Katherine Switzer Writes in NY Times About Being 1st Woman To Run Boston With A Bib 40 Yrs Ago
*Amerian Astronaut Will Run Boston From Space - She will start at the 10 am start time.
Live on Versus Network, Eurosport and Supersport 10 am eastern
*Robert Cheruiyot Says He's Not 100% after Chicago Fall, But He Ran 2 Half Marathons Sub 1:01

*Kastor Just Wants the Win in Boston

*Runners to Run Boston in Spira Shoes We hope Boston does not give them any prize money. But actually we think this is all bs pr for Spira anyway, as these guys aren't any good. As far as we can tell, none of the guys seem to be on the Boston website elite list.
*Nina Kuscsik a Pioneer in Women's Running

*Astronaut Suni Williams to Run Boston Marathon in Space as Same Time as Real Marathon
Some physicist will have to explain how you run a marathon in Space to us.
*Deena Expecting Tough Challenge in Boston

*Deena Kastory Trying to Be 1st American Boston Winner Since 1985

Coverage from Boston Papers
Boston Herald: *Toshihiko Seko to Throw Out 1st Pitch at Fenway on Sunday Seko won Boston twice. Plus 1953 Champ Keizo Yamada is running for the 13th straight year and the 1989 Champ Abebe Mekonnen is in the master's race.
*The Earlier Start at Boston is Explained

*Weather a Big Concern in Boston

Boston Globe:Favorite Boston Marathon Stories from Boston Globe

*In Depth Look at John Kelley, Who Won Boston 50 Years Ago

Chasing Kimiba: Dieter Responds to an Uneducated Piece in the NY Times from last year Clearly, athletes from Kenya don't go to Boulder to isolate themselves.
*Final Kimbia Workout Video

Great Read: Great Ryan Hall Profile on NBCSports Nice article as the focus, with a short video to supplement it. Perfect. Read about how Ryan got started in running, his interesting family, and the reason Sara is not married to a Stanford football player.

Previous Boston News:
Deena Kastor Ready to Try and Get an American Win in Boston USA Today
Defending Champ and World Marathon Leader Robert Cheruiyot Ready for Boston Despite Headaches

Dick Beardsley Recounted his Duel in the Sun with Alberto at the Hanson's Store Last Week In case you haven't read the book you can buy it here . Quick good read.
*Weather Warning for Boston Looks like we spoke too soon yesterday.
*Go for a Run with the Chasing Kimbia Guys in Boston Today, or Meet Them Saturday

*Boston Elite Field Uniform Guide

Video: Pete Gilmore Talks About Boston Marathon

Alan Webb Going for Drake Relays Mile Record in 2 Weeks

Eugenie Wicksell, Daugher of First Sub 2:00 800m Runner in South Africa, and American 1500m Man Ray Wicksell, Excelling at 400 in S. Africa
*A Look at Ray Wicksell He used to work for Nike in S. Africa and ran 3:43 while at Arizona State.
*Ray Wicksell Got Banned by IAAF for Competing in S. Africa in 1988

Business News: Hanson Brothers Sign MultiYear Agreement With Brooks
*Team Indiana Elite Formed
Coach Robert Chapman is in charge. Message board thread here
*Bekele to Run PreClassic
It's his first outdoor performance in the US.
*Help Encourage Disney to Make Endurance a DVD

Boston Less Than a Week Away: 438 lb Fat Ass to run Boston We'd sponsor this guy if he wasn't banditting the race as we think his website is pretty funny.
*Boston Weather Forecast: Perfectly Normal (or Cold and Rainy)

London Less Than 2 Weeks Away: Haile Gebrselassie Audio Interview: Haile Talks About the Upcoming Flora London Marathon
*New Athletics Coaching Forum
The same guys did the interview above.

Nate Brannen Talks About Mercedes-Benz Classic Mile in Cambridge, Ontario

Tim Montgomery Pleads Guilty in Check Fraud Case, Expected to Get at Least a 3 Year Sentence Montgomery's case is a sad one. Once the fastest man in the world, now he is a drug cheat and a felon. Hopefully he can turn his life around when he gets out.

Boston Less Than a Week Away:
Boston Marathon Preview from Kenyan Paper
*A Look at the IT Requirements of the Boston Marathon
No way do the computer requirements for the race really cost half a million.

Bearded Alan Webb Runs 3:57 in Cold/Windy Conditions To Be First Under 4 in South Carolina A nice crowd of 3,000 showed up at Furman to see history be made. Link has a nice photo of Webb's beard.

Abeylegesse Wins European Cup 10k IAAF
Jo Pavey Rethinking Plans After Failing to Qualify for Worlds at 10k at European Champs BBC

Yohan Blake Runs 10.11 at CARIFTA Games IAAF

Borden Uptown 8k Simon Ndirangu Wins Again A week after winning the Carlsbad 5k, he runs 8:14 for his last 3k to win in 22:32 in snow (yes SNOW) in Dallas, easily outdistancing Juan Luis Barios and Richard Kipligat. Caroline Cheptanui won the women's race.

Exclusive World XC Coverage As Wejo Was On-site
*Wejo's Post-Race Recap of the action
*Race Day Photos
*Videos from Race Day
*An Unusual Sight of Bekele in 2nd
Video of Crowd Going Nuts When Bekele Drops Out
*Ethiopian Junior Staggers Home and Is Yanked From Course Meters From The Finish Line
Celebration after Kenyan Men's Team Victory *Crowd Control at the World XC Champs
*The Crowd During the Junior Girls Race Going Crazy
*Pre-Race Photos From Kenya
*Wejo's 2nd Report From Kenya
*Wejo's 1st Report From Kenya

Bekele Is Defeated.
Wejo has called to say that Bekele's quest for a record 6th long course title didn't happen, as on the last lap just after he took a lead that Wejo was certain enough was big enough to get the win, Bekele suddenly lost it, dropped back and quickly dropped out as the Kenyan crowd went wild. Olympic 10k bronze medallist Zersenay Tadesse won Eritrea's first individual title. Wejo said the Kenyan crowd was unreal as people were watching from the trees. The atmosphere was way, way crazier than Boulder apparently. He said the Kenyan crowd only seemed to care about two things - having a Kenyan in front in each race and seeing Bekele lose. He said they didn't really acknowledged ex-Kenyan Lornah Kiplagat who won the women's race. *Results here.
News Flash From IAAF on Race: Bekele's dropout unexplained.
*BBC Article on Race as Mo Farah Gets 11th
*AP Preview of Race

First Ever: Ask Wejo: High Mileage Training, Evil Stop Watches, the NCAA Season, and Ryan Hall Weldon answers your training questions on AT pace (whatever that is), 140 mile weeks, and the collegiate racing season. Plus confidence, overconfidence, Ryan Hall's race in Jacksonville, and runners choking at NCAAs. All just an attempt to be more self-marketed than Dean K.

59:43 for RYAN HALL
Yep, sub 1 hour in the half marathon for an American on American soil on a certified course. One of the
best American distance performances ever as Ryan Hall won the US Title, the Aramco Houston Half, picking up $21,000, to become the 9th fastest ever on a record certifiable course.
*Photo from Victah Sailer of
*Videos of the Race From the Flocast Guys Here

Photos Kip Keino Comes to Ithaca The legendary Kip Keino came to Ithaca, NY, the east coast home of See photos of the event including Olympic champ Peter Rono, Keino's son, Ian, and's Wejo, Rojo, and even JK.

Dean Karnazes Profile in the LA Times Quotes from's Wejo, and message board poster, John Morelock.
Classic Emails #1
We share with you some of the classic emails from our site's visitors and give you valuable knowledge at the same time. You'll read conclusive proof Lance Armstrong dopes, learn AJ Acosta is not as much an a**hole as you thought, and much more. sense

A Legend Passes: "I don't train never have. I don't think of running as training. I just go out and run each day, and let the racing take care of itself"- Jack Foster of New Zealand, who ran a 2:11:17 marathon at the age of 41 to win silver at the Commonwealth Games in 1974. He died in a bike accident yesterday at the age of 72.

In case you missed it:
Todd Williams Hangs them up

In our lengthy 3 part interview, Todd Williams, the premier 10,000m runner in the US, talks about his illustrious career and the sport of running in general.
I here, Part II here, Part III here
Also take a look at Amby Burfoot's look at Todd Williams' incredible American record at 15k in 1995, the same year he finished 9th at World Cross Country.

More isn't always better:
"I had over-trained. I put too much pressure on myself because I wanted that gold medal too much. If I had trained 15 per cent less, I would have won. I was training like a crazy person. There was a lack of self-confidence and a lack of maturity. An athlete does not only train with his body. He trains with his mind."

-Hicham El Guerrouj on why he didn't win Olympic gold in 2000

JK Speaks: Progressing To Peak Fitness coaching guru John Kellogg talks about progression runs and the art of the sport versus the science of the sport. Book Reviews 2 Good Reads on Milers 50 years apart:
Sub 4:00 and The Perfect Mile

"Paul Maurer, in The Gift, not only presents an interesting and captivating story, but he explores the deeper questions of why runners run, why we compete, and what makes such a simple sport, running, so rewarding to those of us who do it. The Gift is one of the best running books I have ever read. "'s Weldon Johnson on a new Running novel,
The Gift
The Gift is now available from

Paul Tergat
*"As the holy scriptures say, 'for whoever much is given, much is expected,' it is, therefore, my duty and privilege to help in any small way in giving back to society."
-Marathon world record holder, Paul Tergat, speaking after founding a sports foundation that will help disadvantaged youths.
*Tergat's hamstring injury has healed and he says he's ready to go at NYC: "I expect good results as I am in good shape" but he's out of next week's Half Marathon in Britain, but interestingly Gezahegne Abera (remember him, formerly the greatest marathoner in the world) is running.

And the winner is:
Best Running Movie of All-Time: Fire on the Track
After sitting on the results for months, we're proud to announce that the best running movie of all-time as selected by our viewers is a not an academy award winner, Chariots of Fire, or a highly publicized film produced by Tom Cruise (Without Limits), but rather a running documentary, Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story. Read all about the voting and see the 10 best running movies of all-time as selected by our viewers.

"Everybody in Kenya is trying to come to America. I had no dream about coming because I knew this was impossible. It was a miracle," Kiplagat said. "That is why I take advantage of every opportunity. I came here, graduated in three years, and count myself blessed"- Richard Kiplagat who graduated from Iona in 3 years and had a 3.75 GPA

"This is not coming out of retirement, this is just me showing that if you just enjoy what you are doing and stay in there and set little goals. I do a lot of speaking, I've spoken to every group in Australia and I tell them back when I ran I set little goals and I think here I am telling these guys, but I've got to do it myself and tonight was really a chance to walk the walk"
-Steve Moneghetti, who at age 43, broke the world best for the 1 hour run for master's, averaging sub 5 minute pace the whole way as Ron Clarke, John Landy, and Robert De Castella watched him run.

A Staff of One:
Perhaps the most valuable gift from is a friendly willingness to share lessons learned by their editorial staff, which includes successful college coaches and highly competitive athletes. "

-Gary Droze, writing about in the
Tallahassee Democrat

Boston Commentary::
Bob Ryan of Boston Globe: Kenyans Have Established a Tyranny "Dominance? Did I hear someone say "dominance"? That would be an improvement. What the Kenyans have done to the Boston Marathon, and a few other marathons, is establish a tyranny that certainly should be an embarrassment to the rest of the running world...Well, guess what? You think the outcome would have been much different if it had been 80 degrees and sunny?"
* Rojo Speaks: Inspired By a Kenyan Robert Cheruyiot Cheruyiot is a true star in the sport and a truly unbelievable rags to riches story.
* Wejo Speaks: Spira Shoes Attempting to Make a Mockery of the Boston Marathon The master's winner likely was wearing the illegal spira shoes which have springs in them. He should be DQd, but more importantly it is time race directors stopped the Spira publicity stunt.
*Weather Better Than Expected in Boston Boston Globe

Sunday Marathons
*Rotterdam: Joshua Chelanga Crushes Field In Hot Conditions as Kiromia Ominami Joins Twin Sister In Winner's Circle Chelanga was the only one to break 2:10 as he ran 2:08:21 in weather that approached 80 (25 celsius) and swas so hot the race was called off after 3.5 hours. The field went out fast (29:58 at 10k) but the heat started to take its toll and a lot of people cratered. In the women's tace, Ominami won just as her twin (Takami) did in 2002.

*Paris:Qatar's Mubarak Hassan Shami Remains Unbeaten In Marathon Runs World Leading 2:07:19 In Warm Weather Fresh off an 8th place at world XC, Shami won his 5h straight marathon. Magarsa Tafa won the women's race in 2:25.

*Nagano : Nephat Kinyanjui Defends Title in Photo Finish Kinyanjui joins two-time Olympic medallist Eric Wainaina as the only two-time champs as he edged Georgiy Andreyev in the stadium finish. 2:06er Toshinari Takaoka ran 2:15:00 as a training run.
*Turin Marathon 2:29/2:10 Good Enough To Win in Hot Conditions

*Sonia O'Sullivan Falters In Farewell Road Race In Ireland She finished 11th in Sunday's Great Bupa Ireland Run won by Victoria Mitchell

End Is Near For Sonia O'Sullivan At 37, she admits its harder to train and Sunday's Great Ireland Run in Dublin may well be her last competitive road race of her career in her native Ireland. She still plans on racing a marathon in the next year before calling it quits.

Oil Oil Oil
Dubai Marathon To Feature $1 Million Purse and $1 Million World Record Bonus

List of Elite London Entries Rojo didn't realize Khannouchi was running

Mt Sac Shalane Flanagan Sets American 5000m Record (14:44.80) Shalane's fabulous 2007 season kicked off outdoors like it did indoors, with an American record. This time she took down drug cheat Regina Jacobs 5k record, (14:45.38) as Flanagan ran 14:44.80 thanks to a strong final k. And in the men's 5k, Juan Barrios won, but 4 American hit the World Championship "A" standard, led by Anthony Famiglietti who was 2nd in 13:11. (Ryan Kirkpatrick, Ed Moran, and Josh McDougal are the others) Fam's huge pr was less than a month after his American 8k win in NYC. Juan Barrios of Mexico won the men's 5k in a world leading 13:11.

*IAAF Recap of Mt. Sac Including Juan Barrios World Leading 13:11 5k
Flocast Has Recaps of All the Top Races (and even the "B" races)and Interviews with Shalane and Fam.
Scott Davis, Mt. Sac Meet Director is Calling it Quits as Meet Director God gave him another chance at life and being a meet director no longer is in his plans.

Sonia O'Sullivan Running Great Bupa Ireland Run This Weekend As Her Final Road Race BBC

Steve Riddick Fraud Case Gets Underway, His lawyer Accuses Tim Montgomery of Brokering Kilo Drug Transactions If true, Montgomery's case is getting sadder by the minute.

Devine Racing Still Trying to Tarnish Whatever Little Reputation it Still Has Left The way we read this article the checks have been in the mail for over a month as Devine still has not paid last year's prize money for the Salt Lake City Marathon (this year's race is next week). USATF also is a joke for continuing to sanction such an event. We need to start a section on here where you all can rate the road races you run.

Amy Deem and Pat Henry to Coach US Teams at 2007 Worlds

Floyd Landis Loses Arbitration Ruling over Procedures in His Doping Defense

Accomplished track athlete/actor Roscoe Lee Browne dies

IAAF Pleased with How Kenya Hosted World XCs

Jordan Hasay Not Allowed to Run Open Mile at Mt. Sac Because of Stupid High School Rules High school officials rarely seem to get it right.
*Interview with Ray Treacy from A few of his runners are at Mt. Sac, (Wejo's favorite meet, although they have 70+ guys in one heat in the 10k this year. Weldon ran back in the pack of the slow heat there twice)

Former UK Athletics Performance Director Max Jones Named Director of Irish Athletics BBC
Sonia O'Sullivan Praises Max Jones' Appointment

Villanova Ex Ryan Hayden Trying to Move up in Distance at Vancouver Sun Run 10k

Ladislav Pataki, Top Masters Thrower, Who Defected to US, Dies at 60

Edwin Soi Wins Giro Media Blenio International 10km in Switzerland over Micah Kogo Kogo ran 27:07 last weekend on the roads yet is out chasing the dollar again this weekend. Called Out: Sub 4 Hour Marathoners are A**holes "According to research conducted by Lillian Smith, a sociologist at Berger-Smith Junior College, in Errand, Iowa, 84-percent of runners who complete marathons in under four hours are "complete dicks." Smith arrived at her conclusion after extensively reviewing reader comments on"
*Steve Magness Talks About the Hate on LetsRun
Steve, most people on here like you.

More Money Needed: Concerns on Effectiveness of LH, T/E Drug Testing

Good News: Montana State to Add Men's and Women's Track

All Great Runners are From Dallas: Emily Field Interview Supposedly she did 280 miles in a week. We're not so sure.

A Look at Gent Okken, the Surprise European 800 Champ

Spira Footwear Sues IAAF, USATF over AntiTrust Violation This company seems to be more of a joke than anything else. Every year around Boston they do something for publicity. Their lawsuit will make the IAAF rule quicker on whether to continue to ban their spring shoes.

Texas Relays
Unseasonably cold weather was the storyhere and at Crescent City, but the weather was much worse in Austin. Olympian Michael Stember won the mile in 4:14 and Flotrack has a video on his comeback.
Manzano Anchors Texas to DMR Win at Texas Relays in Horrible Weather With Small Crowd s
Weather is the Story at Texas Relays IAAF
Texas Relays Results, Quotes, Photos
Video: Flotrack Has videos of a Ton of Races

Recap of Arcadia High School Meet IAAF
*Arcadia High School Invite Results

Chinese Athletes Warned To Not Taint National Image With Doping Scandals

Old Mutual Two Oceans

Recap of Friday's Action at Texas Relays

Video Interview With Chasing Kimbia's Dieter Hogan

Zersenay Tadesse and Micah Kogo to Go After Gebrselassie's 10k Record at Great Manchester Run in May Kogo is an amazing talent who ran 27:07 last week and Tadesse is the World XC champ.

Should All Pro Sports Just Be Shut Down?
Jan Ullrich DNA Linked To Doped Blood
German Media Says It Best: "Jan Ullrich the Liar. German sport definitely loses one of its heroes"

In Depth Talk With USATF CEO Craig Masback from FloCast: 65 minutes with USATF's boss. At least watch it before you bitch . We haven't seen it yet but Mark of Flocasts says its good and its 3am.
*Part 2 Hardest Part of the Job
Part 3:
Poker (He'd better not knock our favorite sport)
Part 4: TV
*Part 5: Future Goals

*Part 6: Beer, Gambling and Women

Drug Testing Guru Don Catlin to Step Down as Head of UCLA Lab to Dedicate More Time to Research Washington Post In case you haven't realized the real bottleneck in drug testing is on the research side, so it might be better to have Catlin doing research full time. And until the pro sports or the Olympic movement get serious and pony up some serious cash ,there will be no HGH test, etc.
*Don Catlin Says Drug Testers Need More Money, Fortunately USADA is Loaning Him a Key Piece of Equipment
*Don Catlin Says Urine Test for HGH May Never Be Developed

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs:
Balco II is Here

In case you didn't know the drug testing in the major sports isn't too effective. Pharmacists and doctors all over America were arrested in a new huge steroid scandal. NFL, MLB players, and boxer Evander Holyfield are implicated along with the Pittsburgh Steelers' team doctor who ordered up $150,000 of HGH on his private credit card.
Longer Recap from Albany Times Union
*Doctors Reap Tons of Money from Prescribing Drugs
*Unrelated but in the news: Barry Bonds' Camp Has Never Disputed Steroids Evidence in Game of Shadows Book

JoggersWorld buys Running Times Seriously we think Runnersworld magazine has improved recently. Usually 1 article worth reading plus Ed Eyestone.
*Message board thread
* Gets Unsolicited Buyout offer Boulder XC Coverage
Kastor Dominates, Culpepper Upsets
A NewDay for US Cross Country
It was a momentous day in US cross country history as 10,000 spectators poured onto the Boulder golf course to witness the return of a single champion at the US championships. Alan Culpepper got the come from behind victory that could define a career, and Deena Kastor put on a clinic, showing she is still the best cross country runner in America by a longshot.
*Splits from all the races
* Video of the Men's Finish nd Culpepper Pumping His Fist
Great Flocast Videos:
*Men's Race *Women's Race
Photos: Women's Race Photos

(Other races coming soon)
Denver Post Coverage:
Culpepper, Kastor Get Titles
Boulder Running Reputation Solid
Incredible: 10,000 Fans Turned Out
Support of Fans Touches Kara Goucher
Boulder Daily Camera Coverage:
*Boulder Does it Self Proud
Culpepper Feels Right at Home
Deena Kastor Dominates
*Race Results Weekly Recap of 2007 USATF XC Nationals
Boulder 2007 Preview No more hype, no more talking. It's time to lace them up and race so we've got our prerace preview and picks.
*Boulder 2007 Fan Predictions
*Jordan Hasay Ready for Junior Race
Wejo in Boulder: The Buzz In Boulder? 'Who's Going to Win' That's what everyone wants to know and it's refreshing to be in a town where people actually care.
*Alan and Shayne Culpepper Balancing Family and Running
Thusrday: Gouchers Ready To Go
*Adam Goucher Profile:
In an in-depth LRC profile, Adam Goucher talks about his current fitness level, his thoughts on 2006, his goals for 2007, the end of 4k xc, his relationship with Mark Wetmore and even what it's like to pass Cragg Mottram in a race. (Goucher is 31, not 32 as re originally said in the article)
*Kara Goucher Interview: The American set PRs at 1,500, 3k, 5k and 10k last. She has since upped her training by at least miles per week and is expecting big things in 2007.
*Meb Issues Statement on Pulling Out He got a cold and London is the focus.
*Ritz Ready to Rumble, Says the Course is In Great Shape
Jorge Torres Ready for Battle in Boulder
*Meb Keflezighi is Out
Alan and Shayne Culpepper Speak
Alan talks about the showdown in Boulder, the most disappointing year of his professional career, returning to the track, the economics and professionalism of the marathon, Mary Wittenberg, and the good 'ole days of American distance running- which are now. Shayne talks about 10 minute miles, the 1500m, the advantages, (and disadvantages) of being forced to take time off from the sport, and the incredibly strong women's field assembled for the US champs this weekend.
LRC Deena Kastor Excited to Return to Her Roots Before she was America's greatest marathoner, she was America's greatest cross country runner and she's returning to her XC roots this weekend. In an depth profile of America's greatest female runner, Deena explains why she was 'disappointed' with 2006 despite being #1 in the world in the marathon, and how she is training harder than ever. Plus she talks about the Boston Marathon, Shalane Flanagan, Ryan Hall and even
*Deena Kastor Profile in Ventura Newspaper
Racing more is the plan in 2007.
Gouchers Ready for Happy Return to Boulder for XC Champs It's hard to believe, but Adam says he didn't really become a pro until moving to Oregon and training under Alberto, "One of the main changes for us was becoming professional athletes". Boulder Daily Camera
Pete Julian, The Man Behind Boulder 2007 If everyone in the world was like Pete Julian it would be a much better place.
LRC Ritzenhein Ready to Battle in Boulder
One of the greatest American XC hopes ever is ready to take on all comers in Boulder at the US championships. He talks about the race in Boulder, his 2006 season, his marathon debut, running more mileage, his relationship with Mark Wetmore, Ryan Hall, his plans for 2007 and whether he intends to run the Olympic Marathon trials.
Interviews with the Culpeppers, the Gouchers, Sara Slattery (who is now officially out of the race with a hot spot on her foot.
*Meet website here.
*The snow is melting (photos of the course from Brad Hudson's Boulder Performance Trainng website) and the forecast is for warmer temps for the middle part of the week but possibly more snow on the weekend.
*Other Boulder Profiles:
Abdi Abdirahman and Shalane Flanagan

Married Thanks to
"I don't want to say it. It sounds crazy but it was a dream come true"

-John Stiner, on getting married to his wife, Sarah, who he met on the message boards. Read about their incredible story.

Training Advice:
Advice from the pros
.Top 10 Training Tips's Weldon Johnson gives his top 10 training tips. They helped him run a 28:27 10k and will definitely help you too.
No Shortcuts
LetsRun.Com coaching consultant John Kellogg outlines his basic coaching approach and gives the four principals to correct training for elites. co-founder Robert Johnson translates Mr. Kellogg's approach so that it is beneficial for the masses.
Marathon Training Program
Do you want to run a successful marathon? Sign up for our marathon training program. Let our experts show you how.
High School Section
Turn Back the Clock:
Interviews With Today's Stars on Their High School Careers

Rod Dehaven: U.S. Marathon Champ
Juli Henner: U.S. Olympian
Todd Reeser: Top Road Racer Wrestled in High School
Many more
Training Advice
Learn how running guru, John Kellogg, made a tiny private school in Texas one of the best teams in the state.

Final Day to Do Your Taxes:

And Now Onto the Grandest of them All: London The men's field is unbelievable. Seems like they have all the top marathoners in the world minus Cheruyiot. Nice Q&A with Flora London Race Director Dave Bedford. The quote of the day for tomorrow might be in here.

Alan Webb Featured on Yahoo Sports: "I skipped so many steps that now it's like now there's nothing left to do but break a world record or an American record. I'm doing my best." -Alan Webb, who has had a pretty good post collegiate career, but one so far that has not met many people's expectations.
*Mo Greene Interviewed on Yahoo Sports
He seemed to get turned off by some of the drug stuff going on in the sport, but says he's not done.

Mt. Sac Weekend Recap from IAAF IAAF

Alan Webb Runs 1:47 at Mt. Sac

*Dorcus Inzikuru Begins Training To Defend World Steeple Title She won the first gold for women in the event.

Ato Boldon to Coach Saudi Olympic Sprint Team

WADA General Manager Wants Tougher Doping Penalties

Next Week: Paul Tergat Says He May Still Be Competing When He's 40
*London Elite Fields The men's field is ridiculously good. London is the top marathon in the world for those of you who don't know.

Wow! Apparently Someone Thought This Was Really True (About Sub 4 hour Maratoners Being 'Complete Dicks')

Klft, Clay to Defend Grotzi Multi Titles in May IAAF

Ato Boldon to Leave Trinidad Senate, Hopefully Get Hired by ESPN He's a great track announcer. NBC should hire him to replace some of the old guard.

Adam Goucher Hints He May Skip Olympic Trials Marathon for a PayDay Somewhere Else Well, Goucher doesn't use the word payday, but considering Dathan Ritzenhein got from what we believe to be over $150,000 to run NY last year, we see his thinking. It's crazy that an unproven American would get more than the first place prize to run the race.

Jeff Laynes, Age 36, Has Never Broken 10 Seconds in the 100, but He Thinks He Can Make the Olympics in 2008

Events You Might Be Interested In:
*Wine, Dine, Run and Learn With Deena Kastor: Running Clinic, Dinner and Race May 5th-6th in Isleton, California
The clinic's proceeds are helping support Dan Pfaff's new training group in California. Pfaff is one of the true geniuses in the sport.
*Title IX Conference at Stanford April 28th (Weekend of Cardinal Invite)

Leo Manzano 5' 5.5" Badass 4:07 in the mile as a junior in highschool, 4:26 as a senior.

Wejo Cleaned Out Tons of Emails Last Night: Brian Sell Audio Interview: False Hope for the Masses (Just Kidding): "Anybody can do it. It's just a matter of avoiding injuries and putting the work in it... I don't think I have a whole lot of talent as far as you look at some of these guys like Ritzenhein,

Video:Alan Webb's 3:57 Mile First Sub 4 in S.C.
Flotrack Interview With Michael Stember

Discussion of Mt. Sac Entries

Ultra Action from the Weekend: Russian Women, South African Men Dominate Two Oceans Ultra
*Man Stops 2 Seconds Early at 2 Oceans Ultra and As a Result is Not an Official Finisher

Crescent City 10k:
*George Misoi Wins Crescent City
*Teyba Erkesso Wins Crescent City
*Kevin Castille Top American at Crescent City

*35 Year Old Kevin Castille Trying to Make the Olympics, But This Week He's at the Crescent City Classic
*Crescent City 10k Still Going Strong after Hurricane Katrina

April 1, 2007 Edition of

Update on Equity in Athletics Lawsuit Against Department of Education and Potentially JMU Title IX is terrible for men's track and we're glad someone is suing, I mean when is the last time an engineering department's male-female ratio was equal to the student body's as a whole?

Heard On The Boards:Is Noakes Wrong? All of you wannabe exercise physiologists will love this one as it talks about the central governor model. Is it legitimate science or not?

1st Ever Kip Keino Mile
May 13 Elite Athletes Wanted. Certified
Track Mile. Or Come to the Kip Keino Dinner Open to the Public

New Running Fiction: Irish Night First 2 Chapters Available Online from a Viewer.

Wacky News Item:
an Ran Half Marathon Barefoot in His Shorts Above Arctic Circle With it 35 Below (-31F) The guy is slightly tougher than Max King. He's going to climb Mt. Everest now with his shirt off.

Great Listen If You've Got 30 Minutes: Billy Mills Interview Before, Billy was making his dreams become reality. He talks about still not totally belonging in America, the Marines changing his life, and much more.

1 Race, 1 Champion, 1 Helluva After Party: Reebok Afterparty Photos
The stars were out in full force for the / Reebok Post-Race Party. Exclusive Photos.
Boulder 2007 Photos: Women's Race Watch Deena Kastor dominate. Watch a slide show if you want.
Mens Race: Witness Culpepper's Come From Behind Victory

Junior Races

Wejo Speaks:
"In running however, there are not bonus points for running 'hard.' The point is to run fast. There is a difference. Don't forget that."'s Wejo explaining "Why He Sucked in College" but went on to be 4th in the country in the 10k"

In Case You Forgot JK is a genius: "John (JK)is the whole inspiration [for] why my brother and I are into running,His philosophy is what we use here at Cornell."-'s Rojo on the legendary JK

Trails are the #1 Amenity Homeowners Would Like to See in a New Community New York Times

More on the Amazing John Woodruff from Arizona Republic: "I'm most proud that I was able to do what I did in track and field in order to bring a good name for the Woodruffs."- John Woodruff
-NY Times Article on Woodruff
There is a Race in Woodfuff's Name in PA

On the Boards:
College Coaching Salaries Exposed If you're in it for the money get a job teaching high school. It pays better.

So True: "Eight years ago, Yesalis and UCLA labratory chief Don Catlin were asked independently how much money it would take for research to really fight doping, and both said the figure would be in excess of $50 million. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency spends roughly $2million a year on research."-New York Daily News writer T.J. Quinn, a man who understands the charade of the 'clean' Olympics.

Arthur Lydiard Quotes:
Train Don't Strain"

-famed distance coach Arthur Lydiard
Friday's Lydiard Quote:
"Americans arrogantly want it all now, this is why they finish last. Speed must be used in proper proportions. Build and build like the Afrikans. This is the only way to realise your potential."
-famed distance coach Arthur Lydiard

'Suddenly I got to the age of 36, and one day I realized I can't ever run any quicker than I'm running at this moment"
(Coe reportedly stopped midwork and never ran another competitive step)

2 time 1500m gold medallist and former 800m world record holder, according to Frank Deford in an audio essay on the doping scandal.

Great Advice:
"I am glad that because I chose to focus on a personal goal, pursued passionately and today I bear testimony of what it can yield, even beyond my wildest expectations. I hope that this will somehow encourage someone here today as well, to pursue his dream and vision...Usually, I get quite enriched whenever I have an opportunity to positively touch the life of someone. Such opportunities to show concern enable me, and indeed all of us, to share what God has placed into our hands."

-World Record Holder in the Marathon and Humanitarian Paul Tergat in his acceptance speech for his honary degree from Bloomfield College in New Jersey.

More Great Advice for the Greatest Distance Runner Ever:
Haile Gebrselassie says work hard, be patient, and take your recovery days seriously.
Good Read.

Great Read/Advice: Such a Simple Sport:
"I train twice every day except on Sundays and on Christmas Day."

-the great Haile Gebrselassie, on his training over the holidays. He says his New Year's resolution is to win the gold medal at 10k and break the 10k world record. And Gebrselassie is still young as it is only 1996 in Ethiopia (we swear).

Great Read: "...there would be days I would run 70 km (43 miles) and then there are days I would run 20 or so. I just mentioned that figure (70) to state that there are days I would actually run up to 70 or so. The fact that I can run that much gives me confidence and makes me believe I am doing a good job."
-former world record holder in the marathon Naoko Takahashi in Part I of a fascinating interview with Japan Times on her training

*Part II Here

Inspirational Running Poem

You know you're a runner if....... (our reader's fill in the blanks with some hilarious responses on the message boards)

Is it the VAAM?:
"I thought for a few minutes my legs would be sore. But my legs weren't heavy at all. I went jogging and felt as good as ever."
-Naoka Takahashi won won the Berlin marathon and reportedly went for a "long run" the day after. Takahashi credits some of her success to VAAM, the sports drink from made from stomach acid of killer hornets that she drinks.
If you want order VAAM
click here apologizes to