Hannah Fields Win 1500 in 4:05.30 with Nearly 6-Second PR to Highlight TrackTown Summer Series Meet #1

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by LetsRun.com
June 29, 2017

The TrackTown Summer Series Meet #1 was held Thursday night in Palo Alto, California, and the Brooks Beasts/San Francisco Surge’s Hannah Fields, running a nearly six-second PR to win the 1500 in 4:05.30, was the highlight, as Australia’s Steven Solomon showed he may be returning to form in the 400, Brittney Reese was upset in the long jump and Paul Chelimo toyed with the field in the men’s 3000m.

High schooler Cooper Teare gave sub-4 another go in the mile, but came up short running, 4:01.92. He’ll likely now end his high school career with a 4:00.16 PR. The next TrackTown Summer Series meet is Sunday where Robby Andrews will try to get the World Championship qualifying standard in the 1500.

Brief recap and results below. If you want splits click here. The next stop of the Series is on Sunday in Portland (it will be on Facebook live for free) before the championship is held on Thursday in New York City and on ESPN.

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Women’s 1500: Hannah Fields Wins and Sets a Massive PR

Hannah Fields was a 19-time NAIA champion at Oklahoma Baptist, where she qualified for USAs in 2015 in the 1500. In her first year as a pro in 2016, she didn’t make the Olympic Trials. This year, the Brooks Beasts athlete lowered her 800 PR from 2:03.89 to 2:00.53 and made the semis of USAs in the 800. But tonight she really made a name for herself by getting the win and a huge PR (previous best 4:11.00). Add her to the mix of young American talents at 800/1500. Another young talent, Alexa Efraimson, followed the rabbit and led this race until the final lap where Fields and Amanda Eccleston battled for the win on the homestretch.

1Hannah FIELDSSan Francisco Surge4:05.30
2Amanda ECCLESTONPhiladelphia Force4:05.44
3Alexa EFRAIMSONSan Francisco Surge4:06.16
4Emily LIPARIPhiladelphia Force4:07.29
5Lauren JOHNSONPortland Pulse4:08.47
6Tori TSOLISNew York Empire4:10.87
7Megan MOYENew York Empire4:11.53
8Lauren PAQUETTESan Francisco Surge4:14.67
9Katrina COOGANPortland Pulse4:16.62
Ayla GRANADOSUnattachedDNF
Hannah Fields

Hannah Fields

Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 23.46.47

High School Boys’ Mile: Cooper Tears Misses Sub-4 Again

The rabbiting was good in this one (1:00.22 at 409, 2:00.95, 3:02.30) giving them a shot at sub-4, but Cooper Teare could only manage a 59.63 final lap, so he’ll go to college at Oregon with his 4:00.16 PB from Mt. SAC.

1Cooper TEAREUnattached4:01.92
2Luis GRIJALVAUnattached4:02.64
3Everet SILVAUnattached4:15.65
4Matt STRANGIOUnattached4:21.41
5Jake RITTERUnattached4:24.09
6Neil BRAGANZAUnattached4:30.80
7Reed FOSTERUnattached4:40.10
Ryan BOOTHUnattachedDNF
Robert MIRANDAUnattachedDNS
Jett CHARVETUnattachedDNS

Men’s 3000: Chelimo Crushes Everyone on Final Lap

Anthony Rotich tried to make it a battle with Chelimo on the final lap, but Chelimo destroyed him as Graham Crawford moved up for 2nd.

1Paul CHELIMOPortland Pulse7:48.58
2Graham CRAWFORDNew York Empire7:49.93
3Lopez LOMONGPortland Pulse7:51.20
4Donn CABRALNew York Empire7:52.20
5Anthony ROTICHSan Francisco Surge7:52.33
6Travis MAHONEYPhiladelphia Force7:53.52
7Mason FERLICSan Francisco Surge7:53.82
8Josh THOMPSONPhiladelphia Force8:20.04
Ryan BOOTHUnattachedDNF

Women’s 800:

Sanne Verstegen of the Netherlands got the win over 2016 US Olympian Chrishuna Williams.

1Sanne VERSTEGENNew York Empire2:01.20
2Chrishuna WILLIAMSPortland Pulse2:01.75
3Cecilia BAROWSKISan Francisco Surge2:01.86
4Ce’Aira BROWNPortland Pulse2:02.11
5Kenyetta IYEVBELEPhiladelphia Force2:03.10
6Kendra CHAMBERSNew York Empire2:03.65
7McKayla FRICKERSan Francisco Surge2:06.14
8Alena BROOKSPhiladelphia Force2:06.54
Lianne FARBERUnattachedDNF

Women’s 100m Hurdles:

1Queen HARRISONNew York Empire12.73+0.8
2Janay SOUKUPPhiladelphia Force12.86+0.8
3Bridgette OWENSSan Francisco Surge13.01+0.8
4Evonne BRITTONNew York Empire13.05+0.8
5Jade BARBERPhiladelphia Force13.17 (13.164)+0.8
6Sasha WALLACEPortland Pulse13.17 (13.168)+0.8
7Raven CLAYPortland Pulse13.39+0.8
8Melia COXSan Francisco Surge13.55+0.8

Men’s 110 Hurdles

1Aaron MALLETTNew York Empire13.37+1.6
2Milan RISTICSan Francisco Surge13.46+1.6
3Jarret EATONPhiladelphia Force13.49+1.6
4Eddie LOVETTSan Francisco Surge13.51+1.6
5Cameron HALLNew York Empire13.67+1.6
6Nick ANDERSONPortland Pulse13.71+1.6
7Ryan FONTENOTPortland Pulse13.75+1.6
8Maximilian HAIRSTONPhiladelphia Force13.89+1.6

Men’s 400:  Stanford’s Steven Solomon Is Back!?

Solomon was an Olympic finalist in 2012, running 44.97 in the 400, before he ever went to Stanford. He then never scored individually in the 400 for Stanford at NCAAs (was on a winning DMR team). Now he’s getting back into form.

1Steven SOLOMONGuest45.19
2Paul DEDEWOPortland Pulse45.63
3Brycen SPRATLINGSan Francisco Surge45.64
4Marcus CHAMBERSNew York Empire46.17
5Dontavius WRIGHTPortland Pulse46.40
6Chidi OKEZIESan Francisco Surge46.43
7James HARRISPhiladelphia Force46.52
8Arman HALLPhiladelphia Force47.59

Women’s Long Jump: Quanesha Burks Upsets Brittney Reese

Burks was 4th at USAs and only 11th at NCAAs, but beat the Olympic champ Reese who had an off day.

AthleteAffiliationBest Mark
1Quanesha BURKSSan Francisco Surge6.76m (22-2¼ )+1.3
2Brittney REESENew York Empire6.55m (21-6 )+1.4
3Sydney CONLEYPortland Pulse6.48m (21-3¼ )+0.7
4Malaina PAYTONPhiladelphia Force6.29m (20-7¾ )+1.7

Men/Women Hammer Throw

We think they combined the marks for the women and men to have a combined score.

AthleteAffiliationBest Mark
1Gwen BERRYPortland Pulse72.84m (239-0 )
2DeAnna PRICESan Francisco Surge72.65m (238-4 )
3Alexander YOUNGUnattached71.95m (236-0 )
4Kibwe JOHNSONNew York Empire71.22m (233-8 )
5Amber CAMPBELLPhiladelphia Force71.11m (233-3 )
6Colin DUNBAR-HATTONPortland Pulse71.04m (233-1 )
7Sean DONNELLYPhiladelphia Force69.47m (227-11 )
8Amanda BINGSONNew York Empire68.03m (223-2 )
9Conor MCCULLOUGHSan Francisco Surge67.53m (221-6 )
Team Scores
SFO 90  PDX 86   NYC 84   PHL 69