Geoffrey Kamworor Credits Training Advice He Read On The Messageboard For His World XC Victory, Admits to Trolling Mo Farah On LRC

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April 1, 2017

Sometimes a video speaks for itself. As we were preparing to leave the 2017 World Cross Country Championships last weekend in Ugandan, a Kenyan journalist tipped us off that World XC champion Geoffrey Kamworor had said in Swahili after World XC that he is a frequent visitor to our message boards.

We hired a translator to translate the interview that Kamworor gave to the Kenyan press in Kempala and were blown away as Kamworor said the reason he won World XC after doing so poorly at the Olympics was that he read a thread about his training on (we believe it is this thread: To Renato; Do you know much about Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor ?). Watch Kamworor credit in this video (the English translation of what he says appears at the bottom).

He also said he started a thread trolling Mo Farah which we have figured out is this thread: Kamworor talking smack? “I know most Kenyans are waiting for the day we shall beat Farah. That day is coming soon”.

Full transcript:
(Kenyan reporter): What did you do differently here than in Rio where you were only 11th place?
(Kamworor): I am embarrassed to admit this to the Western media, but I went and read the thread about my training on the website – LetsRun.comThe training advice is very good on there, and it helped me a lot, but I am a bit ashamed because I only found it when I was on there trolling Mo Farah last year.
(Reporter):  (Inaudible). How did you troll him? (Another reporter): What did you do?
(Kamworor): I started a thread as ‘Kamworor fan’ saying I was going to beat him to the finish line in a sprint. For me, it was quite fun. I guarantee I beat him this summer.