2017 Penn Relays Schedule, Results And Start Lists

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by LetsRun.com
April 26, 2017

The 2017 Penn Relays are this weekend starting Thursday morning and running through Sunday. The day-by-day meet schedule is pasted below and you can go here for live results and start lists.

Want to watch it on tv or on your computer. The TV and Streaming Info is here: TV & Streaming: Penn Relays Television and Streaming Info – Save 10% On Penn Relays Stream.


101College Women’s 400m Hurdles Championship10:00 AM 
102High School Girls’ 400m Hurdles Championship10:20 AM 
103High School Girls’ 4×800 Small Schools10:30 AM 
104High School Girls’ 4×800 Small Schools10:40 AM 
105High School Girls’ 4×800 Large Schools10:50 AM 
106High School Girls’ 4×800 Large Schools11:00 AM 
107High School Girls’ 4×100 Small Schools (Heats)11:10 AM 
108High School Girls’ 4×100 Large Schools (Heats)12:20 PM 
109High School Girls’ Prep School 4×100 Independent1:10 PM 
110College Women’s 4×100 (Heats)1:15 PM 
111High School Girls’ 4×4001:30 PM 
112High School Girls’ 4×4001:35 PM 
113High School Girls’ 4×4001:40 PM 
114High School Girls’ 4×4001:45 PM 
115High School Girls’ 4×4001:50 PM 
116High School Girls’ 4×4001:55 PM 
117High School Girls’ 4×4002:00 PM 
118High School Girls’ 4×4002:05 PM 
119High School Girls’ 4×4002:10 PM 
120High School Girls’ 4×4002:15 PM 
121High School Girls’ 4×4002:20 PM 
122High School Girls’ 4×4002:25 PM 
123High School Girls’ 4×4002:30 PM 
124High School Girls’ 4×4002:35 PM 
125High School Girls’ 4×4002:40 PM 
126High School Girls’ 4×4002:45 PM 
127High School Girls’ 4×4002:50 PM 
128High School Girls’ 4×4002:55 PM 
129High School Girls’ 4×4003:00 PM 
130High School Girls’ 4×4003:05 PM 
131High School Girls’ 4×4003:10 PM 
132High School Girls’ 4×4003:15 PM 
133High School Girls’ 4×4003:20 PM 
134High School Girls’ 4×4003:25 PM 
135High School Girls’ 4×4003:30 PM 
136High School Girls’ 4×4003:35 PM 
137High School Girls’ 4×4003:40 PM 
138High School Girls’ 4×4003:45 PM 
139High School Girls’ 4×4003:50 PM 
140High School Girls’ 4×4003:55 PM 
141High School Girls’ 4×4004:00 PM 
142High School Girls’ 4×4004:05 PM 
143High School Girls’ 4×4004:10 PM 
144High School Girls’ 4×4004:15 PM 
145High School Girls’ Prep School 4×400 Independent4:20 PM 
146High School Girls’ Prep School 4×400 Prep4:25 PM 
147High School Girls’ 4×400 Philadelphia Academic4:30 PM 
148High School Girls’ 4×400 Central4:35 PM 
149High School Girls’ 4×400 Suburban A4:40 PM 
150High School Girls’ 4×400 Suburban ChesMont4:45 PM 
151High School Girls’ 4×400 Suburban National4:50 PM 
152High School Girls’ 4×400 Suburban American4:55 PM 
153High School Girls’ 4×400 Northern Delaware5:00 PM 
154High School Girls’ 4×400 South Jersey Small5:05 PM 
155High School Girls’ 4×400 South Jersey Large5:10 PM 
156High School Girls’ 4×400 Philadelphia Catholic5:15 PM 
157High School Girls’ 4×400 Philadelphia Public5:20 PM 
158College Women’s Distance Medley Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Core Power
5:30 PM 
159College Women’s Distance Medley College5:40 PM 
160High School Girls’ 3000m Championship

Presented by Nike
5:55 PM 
161High School Girls’ Mile Run Championship

Presented by Nike
6:05 PM 
162High School Girls’ Distance Medley Championship of America

Presented by Power 99
6:10 PM 
163College Women’s 4×400 (Heats)6:25 PM 
164College Women’s 4×400 CTC7:20 PM 
165College Women’s 4×400 Centennial/MAC7:25 PM 
201Men’s 3000m Steeplechase7:40 PM 
202Women’s 3000m Steeplechase8:10 PM 
203Women’s 3000m8:35 PM 
204Women’s 5000m8:45 PM 
205Men’s 5000m9:25 PM 
206Women’s 10,000m10:25 PM 
207Men’s 10,000m11:05 PM 
601College Women’s Discus Throw College9:00 AM 
602College Women’s High Jump College10:00 AM 
603College Women’s Pole Vault College10:00 AM 
604High School Girls’ Discus Throw Championship11:15 AM 
605College Women’s Shot Put Championship11:30 AM 
606College Women’s Long Jump ChampionshipNoon 
607College Women’s Shot Put College12:45 PM 
608College Women’s Hammer Throw Championship1:15 PM 
609High School Girls’ Pole Vault Championship1:30 PM 
610High School Girls’ Long Jump Championship1:45 PM 
611High School Girls’ Triple Jump Championship1:45 PM 
612College Women’s Hammer Throw College2:30 PM 
613High School Girls’ High Jump Championship2:30 PM 
614High School Girls’ Shot Put Championship3:30 PM 
615College Women’s Long Jump College4:00 PM 
616College Women’s Pole Vault Championship4:00 PM 
617High School Girls’ Javelin Throw Championship4:45 PM 
618College Women’s Javelin Throw Championship6:45 PM 


301College Men’s 400m Hurdles Championship9:00 AM 
302High School Boys’ 4×800 Small Schools9:20 AM 
303High School Boys’ 4×800 Small Schools9:30 AM 
304High School Boys’ 4×800 Large Schools9:40 AM 
305High School Boys’ 4×800 Large Schools9:50 AM 
306PIAA JV/9 Boys 4×10010:00 AM 
307PIAA JV/9 Girls 4×10010:02 AM 
308PIAA Middle School Boys 4×10010:04 AM 
309PIAA Middle School Girls 4×10010:06 AM 
310Camden Diocese Boys 4×10010:08 AM 
311Camden Diocese Girls 4×10010:10 AM 
312South Jersey Middle School Boys 4×10010:12 AM 
313South Jersey Middle School Girls 4×10010:14 AM 
314Wilmington Diocese Boys 4×10010:16 AM 
315Wilmington Diocese Girls 4×10010:18 AM 
316Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Boys 4×10010:20 AM 
317Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Girls 4×10010:22 AM 
318Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Boys 4×10010:24 AM 
319Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Girls 4×10010:26 AM 
320Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Boys 4×10010:28 AM 
321Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Girls 4×10010:30 AM 
322Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Boys 4×10010:32 AM 
323Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Girls 4×10010:34 AM 
324Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Boys 4×10010:36 AM 
325Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Girls 4×10010:38 AM 
326High School Boys’ 4×100 Small Schools (Heats)10:40 AM 
327High School Boys’ 4×100 Large Schools (Heats)11:40 AM 
328High School Boys’ Prep School 4×100 Independent12:30 PM 
329Philadelphia Elementary 4th Grade Shuttle Relay12:30 PM 
330Philadelphia Elementary 5th Grade Shuttle Relay12:45 PM 
331Philadelphia 6th Grade Shuttle Relay1:00 PM 
332College Men’s 4×100 (Heats)12:35 PM 
333College Women’s 4×100 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Core Power
1:00 PM 
334College Women’s 4×100 College1:05 PM 
335College Women’s 4×100 ECAC1:07 PM 
336High School Girls’ 4×800 Championship of America

Presented by Grace Foods
1:10 PM 
337College Women’s 4×1500 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Core Power
1:20 PM 
338College Men’s 4×200 (Heats)1:40 PM 
339College Women’s 4×200 (Heats)2:00 PM 
340High School Girls’ 4×100 Small Schools2:25 PM 
341High School Girls’ 4×100 Large Schools2:27 PM 
342High School Girls’ 4×100 Championship of America

Presented by Grace Foods
2:30 PM 
343Special Olympics 4×1002:35 PM 
344Special Olympics 4×100 Unified2:37 PM 
345College Men’s Distance Medley2:40 PM 
346College Men’s Shuttle Hurdles Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Independence Blue Cross
3:05 PM 
347Olympic Development Men’s Shuttle Hurdles 4x120y3:15 PM 
348College Women’s Shuttle Hurdles Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Core Power
3:25 PM 
349College Men’s 110m Hurdles (Heats)3:45 PM 
350College Women’s 100m Hurdles (Heats)4:00 PM 
351Special Olympics Boys 100m dash3:05 PM 
352Special Olympics Girls 100m dash3:08 PM 
353Masters Men’s 100m dash 40 and older3:10 PM 
354Masters Men’s 100m dash 45 and older3:12 PM 
355Masters Men’s 100m dash 50 and older3:14 PM 
356Masters Men’s 100m dash 55 and older3:16 PM 
357Masters Men’s 100m dash 60 and older3:18 PM 
358Masters Men’s 100m dash 65 and older3:20 PM 
359Masters Men’s 100m dash 70 and older3:22 PM 
360Masters Women’s 100m dash 40 and older3:25 PM 
361College Men’s 100m dash (Heats)3:30 PM 
362College Women’s 100m dash (Heats)3:40 PM 
363College Men’s 4×400 (Heats)4:20 PM 
364College Men’s 4×400 CTC5:15 PM 
365College Men’s 4×400 Pop Haddleton MAC5:20 PM 
366Masters Men’s 4×100 40 and older5:25 PM 
367Masters Mixed 4×100 50 and older5:27 PM 
368Masters Mixed 4×100 60 and older5:29 PM 
369Masters Mixed 4×100 70 and older5:31 PM 
370College Men’s Distance Medley Championship of America Invitational

Presented by PECO
5:33 PM 
371Olympic Development Women’s 4×1005:45 PM 
372High School Girls’ 4×400 Championship of America

Presented by Grace Foods
5:47 PM 
373Olympic Development Men’s 4×1005:52 PM 
374High School Boys’ Distance Medley Championship of America

Presented by Independence Blue Cross
5:55 PM 
375High School Boys’ Mile Run Championship

Presented by Nike
6:09 PM 
376College Women’s Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Core Power
6:21 PM 
377High School Boys’ 3000m Championship

Presented by Nike
6:40 PM 
378College Men’s Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Team Jamaica Bickle
6:50 PM 
379Masters Men’s 4×400 50 and older7:15 PM 
380Masters Women’s 4×400 40 and older7:20 PM 
381Olympic Development Men’s 4×4007:25 PM 
382Olympic Development Women’s 4×4007:35 PM 
383Corporate Distance Medley7:40 PM 
701College Men’s Discus Throw College9:00 AM 
702College Men’s High Jump College10:00 AM 
703College Men’s Pole Vault College10:00 AM 
704College Women’s Triple Jump Championship10:00 AM 
705College Women’s Triple Jump College11:00 AM 
706College Women’s Discus Throw Championship11:30 AM 
707College Men’s Shot Put ChampionshipNoon 
708High School Boys’ Discus Throw Championship12:45 PM 
709College Men’s Shot Put College1:15 PM 
710High School Boys’ High Jump Championship1:45 PM 
711College Men’s Long Jump Championship2:00 PM 
712High School Boys’ Javelin Throw Championship2:45 PM 
713College Men’s Long Jump College3:30 PM 
714High School Boys’ Shot Put Championship4:30 PM 
715College Women’s Javelin Throw College4:45 PM 


401Olympic Development Men’s 10k Racewalk7:00 AM 
402Masters Men’s 10k Racewalk7:00 AM 
403Junior Men’s 10k Racewalk7:00 AM 
404Olympic Development Women’s 5K Racewalk8:00 AM 
405Junior Women’s 5K Racewalk8:00 AM 
406High School Girls’ 5K Racewalk8:00 AM 
407High School Boys’ 400m Hurdles Championship

Presented by Grace Foods
9:00 AM 
408Olympic Development Men’s 400m Hurdles9:05 AM 
409High School Boys’ 4×4009:10 AM 
410High School Boys’ 4×4009:14 AM 
411High School Boys’ 4×4009:18 AM 
412High School Boys’ 4×4009:22 AM 
413High School Boys’ 4×4009:26 AM 
414High School Boys’ 4×4009:30 AM 
415High School Boys’ 4×4009:34 AM 
416High School Boys’ 4×4009:38 AM 
417High School Boys’ 4×4009:42 AM 
418High School Boys’ 4×4009:46 AM 
419High School Boys’ 4×4009:50 AM 
420High School Boys’ 4×4009:54 AM 
421High School Boys’ 4×4009:58 AM 
422High School Boys’ 4×40010:02 AM 
423High School Boys’ 4×40010:06 AM 
424High School Boys’ 4×40010:10 AM 
425High School Boys’ 4×40010:15 AM 
426High School Boys’ 4×40010:20 AM 
427High School Boys’ 4×40010:25 AM 
428High School Boys’ 4×40010:30 AM 
429High School Boys’ 4×40010:35 AM 
430High School Boys’ 4×40010:40 AM 
431High School Boys’ 4×40010:45 AM 
432High School Boys’ 4×40010:50 AM 
433High School Boys’ 4×40010:55 AM 
434High School Boys’ 4×40011:00 AM 
435High School Boys’ 4×40011:05 AM 
436High School Boys’ 4×40011:10 AM 
437High School Boys’ 4×40011:15 AM 
438High School Boys’ 4×40011:20 AM 
439High School Boys’ 4×40011:25 AM 
440High School Boys’ 4×40011:30 AM 
441High School Boys’ Prep School 4×400 Independent11:35 AM 
442High School Boys’ Prep School 4×40011:40 AM 
443High School Boys’ 4×400 Inter-Ac11:50 AM 
444High School Boys’ 4×400 Central11:55 AM 
445High School Boys’ 4×400 Suburban Anoon 
446High School Boys’ 4×400 Suburban ChesMont12:05 PM 
447High School Boys’ 4×400 Suburban National12:10 PM 
448High School Boys’ 4×400 Suburban American12:15 PM 
449High School Boys’ 4×400 Northern Delaware12:20 PM 
450High School Boys’ 4×400 South Jersey Small12:25 PM 
451High School Boys’ 4×400 South Jersey Large12:30 PM 
452USA vs. the World Women 4×100

Presented by Nike
12:38 PM 
453USA vs. the World Men 4×100

Presented by Nike
12:50 PM 
454High School Boys’ 4×400 Philadelphia Catholic1:00 PM 
455High School Boys’ 4×400 Philadelphia Public1:05 PM 
456College Men’s 4xMile Championship of America Invitational

Presented by US Coast Guard
1:15 PM 
457College Men’s 4×100 IC4A1:35 PM 
458College Men’s 4×100 College1:37 PM 
459College Men’s 4×100 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by PECO
1:40 PM 
460High School Girls’ 4×100 Tri-State1:45 PM 
461High School Boys’ 4×100 Championship of America

Presented by Grace Foods
1:50 PM 
462High School Boys’ 4×100 Small Schools1:53 PM 
463High School Boys’ 4×100 Large Schools1:55 PM 
464USA vs. the World Women Sprint Medley2:00 PM 
465USA vs. the World Men Sprint Medley2:10 PM 
466College Women’s 4×200 ECAC2:20 PM 
467College Women’s 4×200 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Independence Blue Cross
2:25 PM 
468USA vs. the World Men 4×4002:35 PM 
469College Men’s 4×200 IC4A2:40 PM 
470College Men’s 4×200 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Grace Foods
2:45 PM 
471USA vs. the World Women 4×4002:52 PM 
472Masters Mixed 100m dash 80 and older3:00 PM 
473Olympic Development Women’s Mile Run3:05 PM 
474College Women’s 100m Hurdles Championship

Presented by Power 99
3:15 PM 
475College Men’s 110m Hurdles Championship

Presented by Power 99
3:20 PM 
477Olympic Development Men’s 100m dash3:30 PM 
478College Women’s 100m dash Championship

Presented by Core Power
3:35 PM 
479Masters Men’s 100m dash 75 and older3:40 PM 
480College Men’s 100m dash Championship

Presented by Western Union
3:50 PM 
481Olympic Development Men’s Mile Run3:55 PM 
482High School Boys’ 4×800 Championship of America

Presented by Grace Foods
4:00 PM 
483College Women’s 4×800 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by US Marines
4:10 PM 
484College Women’s 4×800 College4:20 PM 
485College Men’s 4×800 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by US Marines
4:40 PM 
486College Men’s 4×800 College4:50 PM 
487High School Boys’ 4×400 Philadelphia Area5:10 PM 
488High School Girls’ 4×400 Philadelphia Area5:15 PM 
489Masters Men’s 4×400 40 and older5:20 PM 
490High School Boys’ 4×400 Championship of America

Presented by Grace Foods
5:30 PM 
491College Women’s 4×400 College5:35 PM 
492College Men’s 4×400 College5:40 PM 
493College Women’s 4×400 ECAC5:45 PM 
494College Women’s 4×400 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Core Power
5:50 PM 
495College Men’s 4×400 IC4A5:55 PM 
496College Men’s 4×400 Championship of America Invitational

Presented by Core Power
6:00 PM 
801College Men’s Triple Jump College9:00 AM 
802College Men’s Javelin Throw College9:00 AM 
803College Women’s High Jump Championship10:00 AM 
804High School Boys’ Pole Vault Championship10:00 AM 
805College Men’s Javelin Throw Championship11:15 AM 
806High School Boys’ Long Jump Championship

Presented by Team Jamaica Bickle
807High School Boys’ Triple Jump ChampionshipNoon 
808College Men’s Discus Throw Championship12:30 PM 
809College Men’s High Jump Championship1:30 PM 
810College Men’s Hammer Throw Championship1:45 PM 
811College Men’s Pole Vault Championship2:00 PM 
812College Men’s Triple Jump Championship2:00 PM 
813College Men’s Hammer Throw College3:15 PM 
814Olympic Development Women’s High Jump3:30 PM 
815Olympic Development Men’s Long Jump3:30 PM 
816Olympic Development Women’s Long Jump3:30 PM 
817Olympic Development Women’s Triple Jump4:30 PM