2017 NYRR Millrose Games Results, Schedule, And Start Lists

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by LetsRun.com
February 11, 2017

The 2017 NYRR Millrose Games are this weekend at the Armory in New York City. The meet schedule is below and you can find live results and start lists here.

*Broadcast Information – Watch Live Over The Air On NBC 4-6pm ET

*LRC Preview: A Fan’s Guide To The 2017 Millrose Games: Centro Steps Up to Face the Studs in the 3K; Murphy-Andrews Showdown & Rowbury vs. Hassan vs. Grace Headline Wanamaker Miles

Sat, February 11th

Local (EST)
Women’s 3000m3:50 PM
John Catsimatidis Women’s Pole Vault3:58 PM
Howard Schmertz Women’s 60m Hurdles4:04 PM
Howard Schmertz Men’s 60m Hurdles4:10 PM
NYRR Young Runners Girls’ 800m4:14 PM
Women’s 60m4:20 PM
Joe Yancey Men’s 60m4:25 PM
Mel Sheppard Men’s 1000m4:31 PM
College Men’s Metropolitan 4×4004:37 PM
John Thomas Men’s High Jump4:40 PM
Women’s 300m4:44 PM
NYAC Men’s 500m4:50 PM
Paavo Nurmi Men’s 2 Mile4:56 PM
Men’s 3000m3:50 PM
New Balance Boys’ Mile5:12 PM
Boys’ 1500m En-Route5:12 PM
AT&T Women’s 500m5:20 PM
NYRR Wanamaker Women’s Mile5:27 PM
Women’s 1500m En-Route5:27 PM
Eastern Boys’ 4×2005:35 PM
Women’s 800m5:41 PM
NYRR Wanamaker Men’s Mile5:50 PM
Men’s 1500m Run3:50 PM
Women’s Club Distance Medley11:45 AM
Men’s Club Distance Medley11:58 AM
Women’s Mile Racewalk12:10 PM
Women’s 1500m RW En-Route12:10 PM
Jr. Boys’ Pole Vault12:17 PM
Long Island Girls’ 4×40012:20 PM
Long Island Boys’ 4×40012:25 PM
Women’s Club 4×20012:30 PM
Men’s Club 4×20012:35 PM
Suburban Girls’ 4×40012:41 PM
Suburban Boys’ 4×40012:47 PM
NYRR Girls’ 400m12:53 PM
NYRR Boys’ 400m12:58 PM
Girls’ 55m1:03 PM
Boys’ 55m1:08 PM
Susan Rudin Men’s Mile Racewalk1:13 PM
Men’s 1500m RW En-Route1:13 PM
PSAL Girls’ 4×2001:21 PM
PSAL Boys’ 4×2001:26 PM
Eastern Girls’ 4×8001:32 PM
Masters Men’s 60+ 4×4001:45 PM
Masters Men’s 50+ 4×4001:51 PM
Women’s 4×40011:45 AM
Masters Men’s 4×4002:02 PM
Eastern Girls’ 4×2002:08 PM
NB Eastern Boys’ 4×8002:12 PM
NYRR Boys’ 800m2:24 PM
NYRR Girls’ 4×2002:30 PM
NYRR Boys’ 4×2002:35 PM
PSAL Girls’ 4×4002:40 PM
PSAL Boys’ 4×4002:46 PM
Men’s Mile Inviational2:52 PM
Men’s 1500m En-Route11:45 AM
New Balance Girls’ Mile2:59 PM
Girls’ 1500m En-Route2:59 PM
NYRR Girls’ 55m3:06 PM
NYRR Boys’ 55m3:11 PM
College Men’s Distance Medley3:16 PM
College Women’s Metropolitan 4×4003:28 PM
Thu, February 9th
Women’s Weight Throw
Men’s Weight Throw
Girls’ Weight Throw
Flying Circus Jr. Girls’ Pole Vault
Boys’ Weight Throw