91-Year Old Sets World Half-Marathon Record And Reaffirms LifeNuts Program

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LifeNuts Program Press Release
April 7, 2013                                                                                      

Knoxville, Tennessee —Mike Fremont, age 91, set a world half-marathon record for his age today. The inspiration for the community-based vitality program called LifeNuts, Fremont ran the 13.1 mile marathon in 3 hours, 3 minutes and 56 seconds to establish the new record (USATF) for a 91-year-old. There was no previous record.


The day’s warm  temperature in the mid-60s failed to stop Fremont who recently set the marathon world record for 90-year-olds at the Marshall University marathon in November.

“I attribute my marathon success to a plant-based diet and daily exercise,” says Fremont.  “In fact, I turned my life around at age 70 when I changed my lifestyle and beat colon cancer.”

For the past 20 years Fremont has been cancer-free. He believes his diet, lifestyle and drive to make a difference by working to protect Ohio’s waterways beat the disease and contribute to his longevity. He is the model for the LifeNuts program. His life shows what it can be like to be 90 years old – not what most think of American old age – wheelchairs, dementia, and nursing homes.

“We patterned our program after the extraordinary life of Mike Fremont,” says LifeNuts founder Dr. Robert Kroeger.  “He is a quick-witted, energetic individual who works hard every day to stay healthy and make a difference.”

The LifeNuts program (www.lifenuts.org) is a volunteer-run program for communities that helps save budget dollars; reduces healthcare costs for city workers, employers and residents; and decreases employee absenteeism. It is free for any city to use.

The program was launched in Huntington in hopes that marathon runners would be missionaries for LifeNuts. Runners and their families at the Knoxville marathon heard presentations by Dr. Kroeger and Mr. Fremont and many plan to take the program to their communities.

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