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Natural Talent
RE: Help getting injured on 45miles a week!
Single arm/leg strength work is BS. People want to say, "oh when do you run on two legs" well the point of lifting is to improve power, not replicate running. If you want to create real strength, stop pussyfooting around and start actually improving your strength. You do this by doing heavy compound lifts for one working set for 3-6 reps.
Twice a week do the following:
Workout A
Barbell back squat 1 x 3-6
Stiff leg deadlifts 1 x 6
Dips or bench 1 x 3-6
Pull ups or chin ups one set to failure
Hyperextenions or gluten ham raises 1 x 6
Workout B:
Front squat 1 x 3-6
Deadlift 1 x 3-6
Push press 1 x 3-6
Barbell row 1 x 3-6
Hyperextenions or glute ham raises 1 x 6

*always do one or two warm up sets
* for athletes who only care about improving strength, one working set is all you need.[/quote]

Salazar has said that:
“Good runners condition their whole bodies. The arms drive the legs. Keep your upper body and core toned with a lot of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and back raises (don't forget that the back is part of the core). Stay away from machine weights and stick to Pilates, climbing, and dynamic flexibility work like yoga.”

So I like his advice in this area. Thanks though, will look into it.

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