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stinky fumes
RE: Why do lower class people leave their cars running all the time and use remote car starters?

She had to leave to Los Angeles wrote:

Three reasons:

1) Poor people drive older cars...if there is any (small) benefit to not stopping and restarting a car, it’s on the ignition of older autos.

When I was a kid in the '80's, I remember older cars were often hard to start and would frequently stall in traffic. Nowadays, even a beat-up car with 250,000 miles usually starts right up, if it runs at all.

2) Poor people are more likely to live in colder climates where there’s some comfort/performance benefit to warming up a car. Admit it, you would all live in San Diego if you could afford it. And I don’t mean afford it like some undocumented worker living in National City. I mean afford it like you’ve got a cute cottage in La Jolla and a hot coed from UCSD lives next door.

Just the opposite actually, the poorest states are almost all in the south. And I'm 40 and married with kids, gawking at a 19 year old girl next door would be just plain creepy.

3) Poor people are more likely to be democratic socialists. As such, they might have some concern for the environment. Starting a car (especially an older one) releases more emissions than at any other time during its use.

Again, the poorest states are almost all red states in the South. It's not the act of starting a car that releases more emissions, it's the fact that the engine and catalytic converter are cold. And the quickest way to warm up a cold engine and reduce emissions is to immediately start driving it. If you shut it off for a few seconds or minutes, the engine will still be warm and clean-running when you start it back up. That's why many new cars have auto start-stop, to reduce fuel use and emissions when sitting at a stop light.

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