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SDSU Aztec
RE: Theories on missing cross country runner girl in Wisconsin?

I do not know what ... wrote:

SDSU Aztec wrote:

I do not know what ... wrote:

SDSU Aztec wrote:

somtl wrote:

[quote]It was Jamin wrote:

She met some creepy incel on Let's Run. He is much older. They develop a relationship on social media or via texting. She realizes that she is in over her head. He decides that only her parents are keeping them apart. So he kills the parents and they are hiding or on the run.

Definitely some variation of this. Maybe they killed the parents together.

The police immediately ruled out the girl as a suspect. Do you have some information that's not available to the police?

I do not know what happened and neither do you. Law enforcement often release false information with intent. Law enforcement play their version of PsychOps.

No you don't know, but you're assuming a 13-year old girl you've never met might have murdered, or conspired to murder, her parents and that the police are F-ing around. Your theory is offensive.

Put the bottle down! Focus your reading comp. I offered absolutely no theories. Your previous post was infantile. You stated police cleared a suspect. You, I am sure have seen numerous cases of individuals so-called cleared by law enforcement then later, arrested and convicted.

Reasons to clear a suspect publicly:
1) Said individual may relax and make unwise states via email or text.
2) Said individual may drive/travel to a location which may create more leads.
3) Said individual may relax then use substances and then talk about case in question to others.[/quote

The 13-year old was cleared so she must be the "said individual". According to you, she will relax and make "unwise states". Said 13-year old will drive somewhere and create leads. What does that mean? She will take substances and talk to others. Won't the "others" recognize her?

So Jayme is a murderous 13-year that takes substances? According to articles that I've read, she was extremely close to her mother and people have said she was a sweet young girl, but you believe she could be a 13-year old, female Charles Manson. Can you cite a case where this happened before?

What TV show do you watch where people say "said individual" and "case in question"?

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