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RE: Can we stop the hype about Gwen Jorgensen ?

track nut wrote:

Phantasy Star wrote:

...She doesn't doesn't bring the results to back it up. Tons of "random" women can crush her at this point. She'll be chewed up and spit out the back of the marathon trials.

On the "positive" she's brought attention to what a lightweight country club event the tri is. Toss a triathlete into a real running race and they get boned. Badly.

An two world championships and an Olympic gold medal seems like pretty good results to back up the "hype" she gets as an athlete. If by "Tons of "random" women" you mean only 3 US women in the 1/2 marathon national championships and only 4 US women at the 10K national championships have beaten her in distance events that are not the focus of her training, then I concede your point.

I think she is doing OK for coming off pregnancy and her first real year of running, but its definitely showing the low level of run performance at the top level of female triathletes. She was dominant as a triathlete winning by massive margins on the run and now is getting beat badly by second tier marathoners.

Realistically, Sara Hall is a 5th-6th place finisher at the next trials on her best day. She also ran a 1:09 half 3 days ago in AUSTRALIA, so is anything but fresh and still beat Jorgensen easily.

Huddle, Hasay, Flanagan, Desi are the class of USA marathoners, Bruce, Hall, Aliphine, Goucher are good but not on the same level. So saying only 3 women beat her in the 1/2 and 4 beat her here today is quite misleading, those fields were watered down and doesn't show the true strength of the USA marathon field.

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