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RE: Another thread about 180 spm cadence. But this one is different...

Trevelyan Harper wrote:

Lydiard Cerutty wrote:

Just run.

The problem with this advice is some people just run in a silly way. I had the most ridiculous running form since I was young. I ran around mega heel striking ahead of me and basically bounding probably because as a kid, I thought I had a powerful stride and was flying or some crap like that.

Then in my 20s when I went out for the first run in years and ran in a similar way, I came back with lower back pain and knee pain after half an hour. That's when I got into technique "mumbo jumbo". Really sorted it out. Upped my cadence, improved my posture, softened my landing. And have now had two years of happy PR filled running. Technique is huge. Ask any music teacher. Some people open their mouths and sing in a terrible way. You can't say "just sing". Some people, with no training, open their mouths and can sing with brilliant placement, resonance, air pressure, balance and can sing up high and do technical things without tension. I reckon most people don't run properly like most people don't sing properly. But both things we do from the age of a toddler.

I also don't want to spend all those hours getting in mileage over the next 10 years of my life and not getting the best out of it because I was lazy and sloppy with my form when I could be engraining far better running technique by spending some time optimising it forever.

"Cadence" is a bunch of mumbo jumbo which was promoted in recent years to sell more pedometer gear to hobbyjoggers. Nobody ever taught Eliud Kipchoge what cadence to run at. Your body quickly figures out through trial and error what tradeoff of cadence and stride length is most efficient at a given pace.

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