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RE: Testosterone Cypionate doesn't work for Runners.

T man wrote:

I'm currently taking 200mg every 2 weeks. I did an initial 10 weeks of injections and was tested and given 4 more weeks to stay at this level. I have not seen any benefits to my running and have put on unwanted weight. When I go back for more blood work I am going to request a smaller dose as the weight bothers me.

I am currently injecting 80mg a week split into 3 injections of 26/27mg per injection. I also take .25mg of Arimidex 2 times a week to shed the water and keep my T from being turned into estrogen. I also inject with insulin needles which is less painful and less damaging to the muscles and or fat I inject. I eventually will drop my dosage to 60mg a week and get blood work done to see where my numbers are. I've given up on trying to have higher levels and the other benefits to just not have my Testosterone tank again. So even if my number settles around 400 at least it won't drop to 200-100 like it would when I trained. Since dropping my dosage the water weight has been dropping, crossing my fingers that it will continue to drop.

To answer the question about hematocrit getting too high, try running a sprint and you can't catch your breath because your heart is beating out of your chest due to your blood turning to sludge. It is a balancing act even with EPO to not sludge up your blood to the point where you can't pump it. It kills your aerobic ability and the pump is insane to where you literally can't run. I used to run 7-8 miles a day and it got to where I couldn't get through a 3-mile run.

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