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going faster miles an hour
RE: Road Racing and Training Thread. Week Ending May 13 2018
Me: 42 M
5’8 130s
Old PRs: 16:30s/34:20s/2:44
Goal: Get back in shape, build base, run a solid fall marathon

M AM 1:45 with 18k in 1:17:46 (4:19/k) on the park loop plus 4 x strides and 4 x hill sprints coming back / 21 shuffle later on. Warm, breathing affected by allergies a bit, but legs felt really good, strong pretty much the whole way and felt like I could have done more.

What I'm trying to do with this kind of workout is to spend a long time running in a rhythm where it feels like I'm running well without actually running hard. When it does start to get hard, or when I hit my previous limit, I try to do another 2-4k and then call it a day. And then gradually extend over time. The pace is whatever the pace ends up being, generally around 4:20/k at this point, but ideally it should be in the slightly-slower-than-MP zone that Canova prescribes for his fast long runs.

I'm doing the hill work on a short but pretty steep little hill on the way back from the park. They're very short - I count off about forty strides - and I try to keep them smooth with good drive, spring, and turnover. With the bounding I did later in the week, I was trying to stretch out the stride and emphasize the bounce a little.

T AM 1:08 very easy trails / 21 shuffle later on. Getting warm, a little slow getting going but loosened up nicely, happy with recovery from yesterday.

W AM 1:16 with 5 x 1k easy effort/1k good effort (4:44/4:01, 4:35/4:00, 4:33/3:59, 4:26/3:59), plus 4 x strides, 4 x short hill bounding, 2 x short hill sprint / 21 shuffle in the evening. Sunny and warm, legs felt really good again in spite of a bit of allergies, workout went by quickly and felt quite strong all the way, good pop on the strides and hill work.

This is another Canova-style workout that I'm trying to get the hang of. I experimented with this stuff a little earlier in the spring, and I think I'm going to try to work it in on a more regular basis. Kind of fun, kind of weird, in that the "recovery" is actually the challenging part (for me at least).

Th AM 1:35 easy/steady over the bridge and back through downtown. Pleasant, slight allergies but not too tired and legs felt fine, though form felt kind of floppy and sloppy for the first few miles. Tried to run a little taller and with a little more spring in the feet and everything smoothed out nicely.

F AM 2:22 easy Sawmill trails
Very pleasant, allergies again but not really a problem, legs felt generally pretty good, held up a little better than last week, I think. Only sort of got lost this time...

Like most of my trail runs, this is on pretty rocky, rooty, twisty single-track, with a little jeep road thrown in here and there. No really big climbs, just little hills all the time.

Sat AM 1:15 easy/steady up the trolley track and back plus 4 x strides, 4 x hill bounding, 4 x hill sprints / PM 21 shuffle. Cool, light rain, very nice for running, feeling really good.

Sun AM 27 shuffle. Legs feel fine.

(11:12 for the week, with 28k specific, 3 sessions for speed, 2:50 easy/steady, 3:30 on trails, 1:51 shuffle)

Very happy with the way the week went, and especially with the way recovery has been going. Starting to feel the resiliency, Allen!

Looks like you guys have been doing some good work! Hope to send some comments along a little later.

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