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RE: Opinions on New Orleans? How is it living there?
The OP asked this back in 2016, but I can't resist answering anyway.

I'm one of those who hates New Orleans. Have lived here for a number of years and moved from a cooler climate. It would be a cool place to live if you're single and could rent a room downtown or in the Garden District. But it's a terrible place to raise a family. Absolutely terrible. I want to get my family out of here ASAP. If you don't want to pay $10k/year per kid for private school, you can enter a lottery to get them into a public or charter school. You may or may not get into a good school that way. The bad schools are BAD, and even the few good schools are a mixed bag compared to other parts of the country.

Crime is out of control. I can deal with the chance of getting my car broken into or my house robbed when I'm away. But New Orleans goes beyond that. The violent crime rates are off the charts. Armed robbery, armed car jackings, sexual assault, and shootings occur on a weekly basis within a small radius of my home. Oh you think I just live in a bad neighborhood? No, that's just the way all of New Orleans is. Draw a 3-mile radius circle in any part of the city and you'll find the same.

Racism is alive and well. For all the talk of New Orleans being open and accepting, there is a deep counterculture of racism. It rears its head in many ways. Just look at what happened when the city took down the Civil War monuments. And it goes the other way. If you're a white guy moving into a black neighborhood, you can expect vandalism and theft of your property, if not worse. Hispanics are treated poorly by whites and blacks alike.

That just scratches the surface. I'll be celebrating like mad the day I move out.

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