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Sow which is it?
RE: Three 2:04 guys will be running Boston. Rupp might not even finish in third place.
The problem is that Rupp now appears to be in the habit of dodging the very best competition. Boston 2017 was a good opener for his first marathon major. But after that, he had the choice to run in Berlin or NYC against deeper and faster competition that Chicago. He didn’t. This spring, he could have run London against the best or maybe even jump in Tokyo to shoot for a fast time. He didn't.

Now the message board seems to have so much more respect for a guy like Sondre Moen, who faced a deep field, ran a fast time, and got the W.

Maybe he really wants to win Boston because of the tradition behind it. Maybe it’s always been his dream. And I am sure he doesn’t care one bit about what we say. But as long as the dude continues to avoid the best current marathoners or doesn’t shoot for a fast time, but rather embarks on glorified tempo runs, the message criticism is justified.

Right now, Rupp seems to be prioritizing income and public relations over competition and fast times. Winning the World Marathon Majors and getting top 3 prize money in American ‘thons is way better for his pocketbook and image in this country than getting 5th at London in 2:06. Way better.

I mean, what makes a better photo: Ryan Hall struggling across the line in 2:06, or Rupp breaking the tape at Chicago?

Marketing and money.
Marketing and money.
Marketing and money.

He is a Nike athlete, after all.[/quote]

You contradict yourself. You claim he is running Boston to dodge the competition, but then state he wants Boston because of the tradition. You also seem to be aware of the marketing as the explanation for his choices. And then you correctly state that he is prioritizing income and public relations. So, he is NOT dodging competition. I think most people don't understand that he can literally make 10 X more money by running ( and winning) the 3 US races. Good for him.
2:07:03 for the win.

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