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BIL of a slow mover
RE: Just moved from major metro area to rural America - observations

Grapes of Wrath wrote:

3. People. People are MUCH nicer and polite, but also fairly slow (both in terms of speech patterns and...intelectually). Irony is not something they understand. Everything is taken at face value, religion is of high importance, physical fitness is not emphasiezd. People are very out of shape, in general.

My sister married a rural guy. Nice guy, but the whole slow-moving thing is just out of this world. I used to hang up on him routinely because I'd answer the phone and not hear anything from the other end and just assume that I'd been butt dialed or that the call had been dropped. I eventually realized that it just takes him a good five to ten seconds to get around to beginning to talk, and that I need to wait an extra-long time after saying "hello" to give him a chance to say whatever it is he called me to say.

Matching the guy's pace requires me to effortfully slow down. Like there's a pace at which you just aren't actively trying to go fast, and then there's a pace that's so slow that you actually have to intentionally keep the brakes applied. Walking with him is almost like a tai chi kind of thing. Like you end up moving so slowly that the slowness itself becomes a challenge and not just walking off at a normal human speed requires great focus and restraint.

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