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Not so
RE: NCAA's greed has no bounds!! NCAA/FLO will charge you $29.99 to watch D1 and even D2 and D3 nationals this year!

Coach Jeff ROC wrote:

Why do you think you should be able to use a product without paying for it?

Try to follow the logic:

It costs money and time to provide the product. They will provide the product only if they get a return on the investment. If they do not charge money for it, the product will not exist because they won't make the product.

So, your choices are to have the product exist, and then ask the people who use the product to defray the cost of making it or simply to live without the existence of the product.

You are in the enviable position of being able to make a decision about the value of that product to you and to respond accordingly! Congratulations!

Also, your definition of greed is unusual. They want to exchange a product for your money; this you call greedy. You want to obtain a product and give nothing in return; this is not greedy. It is difficult to follow your reasoning. By this reasoning, you would be willing to provide your boss at McDonald's with your service and not accept any remuneration; to get paid for your work would be, according to your definition, greedy.

Flotrack took something that would have been free and decided to make people pay a ridiculous price for it without making the product any better. That is what people are mad about. It's sad that 2008-2010 was the peak of being able to watch races online for little or next to nothing. 10 years later and the quality of the videos has not improved and now you have to pay a ton just to watch one race. is pretty much the only thing I will pay for at this point. I can't wait for flotrack to go out of business. It will be a great day for the running world.

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