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RE: Official 2017 Chicago Marathon Live Discussion Thread
Alright, on your next post, please add at the bottom if you are rooting for or against Rupp. Rupp is like the Yankees/Cowboys. There is little middleground.

4:49 mile broke it open!!!

Mile 1: 5:10 first mile for the men. Aaron Braun has a few meters on a very large men’s pack.
Mile 2: 4:59 (10:11) braun still in front but closer to the rest of the field. Still a large pack of 20+
Mile 3: 15:10 (5:00)
5k: 15:42
Mile 4: 20:12 (5:02)
Mile 5: 25:15 (5:04) Still huge pack. Emmanuel Bett now moving into the lead.
Mile 6: 30:18 (5:03)
10k: 31:24 (15:42) Still a huge pack. Braun leading, Bett behind. 26 men in lead pack.
Mile 7: 35:16 (4:58)
Mile 8: 40:21 (5:05)
Mile 9: 45:24 (5:03)
15k: 47:02 (15:38) Bett to the front now. 22 men within five seconds of the lead.
Mile 10: 50:23 (4:59) Bett at front of lead pack but a couple others next to him.
Mile 11: 55:26 (5:03) Braun now going to the front again
Mile 12: 60:31 (5:05) Braun has about 7 meters on Bett, rest of the pack right behind Bett.
20k: 62:43 (15:39) 21 men within five seconds of lead. Braun still leading.
Mile 13: 1:05:36 (5:05) Still Braun up front.
Half: 1:06:06. Official split is different (1:05:49) but I think the official split is off. 24 guys within five seconds of lead.
Mile 14: 1:10:42 (5:06) Bett now leading it. It’s picking up and the pack is stringing out.
Mile 15: 1:15:38 (4:56) Fastest mile of the race so far. Derrick, Chelanga and Rupp only Americans still in the lead pack.
25k: 1:18:15 (15:32) Now 14 guys within 3 seconds of the lead. Bumbalough just struggling to hold on, Rupp, Derrick, Chelanga all up there.
Mile 16: 1:20:34 (4:56)
Mile 17: 1:25:14 (4:40). Is that right? There’s still a bunch of men up there
Mile 18: 1:30:08 (4:54) Derrick leading. Now Kirui moving to the front.
30k: 1:33:21. (15:06) 11 men in the lead group. Rupp, Derrick and Chelanga all in lead group.
Mile 19: 1:35:11 (5:03)
Mile 20: 1:40:06 (4:55) Matsumara (who fell earlier in the race) and Miyawaki, who were 14 seconds behind at 30k, have rejoined the leaders.
Mile 21: 1:45:16 (5:10) Derrick, Chelanga falling back. Lemma leading. Rupp still up there. Pack of five: Kirui, Lemma, Rupp, Kipyego, Sambu.
35k: 1:48:43 (15:22) Kirui, Rupp, Lemma and Kipyego. Sambu struggling to hold on. Now it’s a four-man race. Kirui doing the pushing.
Mile 22: 1:49:55 (4:49). Fastest of the day, that is what has strung it out.

34 km 1:45:52 3:07 2:11:23
35 km 1:48:42 2:50 15:22 2:11:03 1,5,10 two others Break away
22 mi 1:49:57 4:39 2:11:02

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