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Karl Hungus
RE: Women runs 520 miles on treadmill in 7 days but doesn't get WR as Guinness says her witness doesn't count

Shut up or pay up wrote:
There is no proof of any of your libelous claims against Amy & Dave in mis-using charity donations.

I have requested that LRC record your Internet information for any future and subsequent lawsuits, commensurate to lost funding to said charity from its reputational diminshment.

What you'd need to do is:
1) Get a US lawyer since LRC is a US company and handle the filing of the complaint that Johnny Gayballs or whomever defamed you. These things take time. Like seriously. Like years.

2) Discovery time. You'd have to get a ton of subpoenas - you'd have to subpoena LR to get IP addresses of posters, and then get more subpoenas from their internet provider to give you a name and address. This will be expensive. Like super expensive.

3) Say you find that Johnny Gayballs is really Bob Smith, and Bob Smith is served with a subpoena to come forth with information regarding your defamation claim. Bob Smith would have to lawyer up, and the first thing their lawyer would do is subpoena your financial records.

You could always take them to a UK court, which might be easier since it's a home field advantage. However, I'm going to guess that most of the people "defaming" you are US citizens, and even if you did win 1 million quid in judgement, you wouldn't get any of it because of the SPEECH Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-223).

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