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RE: They want to cut my calf open! - Gastroc Release

doot doot wrote:

[quote]Run Wild wrote:

Yes, I had gastroc release on both calves in Oct 2016. I also had a release of the flexor hallicus longus tendon at the "knot of Henry" in each foot at the same time. The recovery for the gastroc release was fairly long since you prettymuch lose all that muscle mass and strength. It was very awkward trying to run again at first because the calf muscles were so weak. I started back a little near the end of December (mostly on the Alter-G). I was able to run in the pool once the stitches were out and I could ride by bike on the indoor trainer really soon after. I started on the eliptical some time in November. It probably wasn't until February where I felt like I was running more normal. In March I switched from light re-hab type strengthening to really heavy weights (4-6 reps, 4-6 sets) and that made a huge difference. I also do a lot of jump rope to strengthen my calves back. I use the leg press machine for my calves doing 2 up, 1 down calf raises. I also do the seated calf raise. Anyway, I still have some bad days, but for the most part I'd say the surgery was a sucess. I'm primarily a trail/ultra runner and have run 2 55Ks and one 100K so far this season sincing returning to running post surgery. I'm happy to answer any other questions about the surgery and recovery based on my experience.

-How bad did it get before you decided to get surgery? What was training like? Off and on; streaky?
-Did you lift heavy before deciding to get surgery?
-Did you try massage and/or accupuncture?
-Did you try other stuff? I don't suppose PT would do much...

Basically to what degree was surgery your last option if at all?[/quote]

Yea same questions.

@Steve from Florida: Utah

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