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RE: Colleges that produced only one prominent runner
Anything above 61 meters all out in my mind is not worth it so who cares about distance running or which college produced the best so called " runner".

Anything above that was not designed for the human body to run all out at.

It causes too much lactic acid build up within the body thus destroying them from the inside out.

Anything above that prohibits protein synthesis within the muscle fibers thus making them weaker and smaller.

If you enjoy becoming an overall weaker and smaller human being by doing anything over 61 meters all out then have fun.

I personally don't. Which is why my body weight went from 210 lbs to 240lbs ever since I stopped running the useless and pointless 400 meter dash on January 21st, 2015.

The training for it was so intense and so destructive to my body that i'm now just beginning to fully heal from the damages.

I will no longer be destroying my body through useless human inventions such as the 400 meter dash or 200 meter dash that did nothing but make me a weaker human overall.

And I don't care that there are things that exist on this planet such as a 400 meter dash race or a 200 meter dash race.. Or even worse a marathon.

I will now finally be able to become bigger, faster, stronger, and on a side note hotter now that I stopped participating in these bad human inventions.

Because that's all they are. They are bad human inventions. And trust me there are alot of bad human inventions. This ranks pretty high up there. These are inventions that only exist in your brain.

Remember just because it's a so called official race doesn't mean that it was ever good for you.

Just because these things exist doesn't mean you have to race them. Do what is going to be best for your body. And anything over 61 meters all out isn't.

I thought that since I was only doing the 400 meter dash that I would be fine.

Wow was I ever wrong. I sat there and looked at just how far a 400 meter dash is. I took the track and unraveled it in my mind and said damn that's a quarter mile long and here I am like an idiot trying to run this neanderthal race all out.

I have now become faster in the 40 yard dash at 240 than I was at 210. My best events are now the 40 yard dash and the 60 meter dash. Anything over that I can't maintain top speed. And i'm fine with that because anything over that is not worth it.

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