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RE: Baby boomers - Northwestern U is now 70k / year...what do you have to say for yourselves?

alwayss be closing wrote:

Should young people just pull themselves up by their own bootstraps? Work a summer job to pay tuition? Nevermind that Northwestern was $3500/year in 1970, the same rules apply, right?

You don't need to go to Northwestern. Find a cheaper alternative, get good grades at a smaller/cheaper school and then go to grad school there and get your tuition covered and get paid by being a research assistant or T.A. Getting an undergrad degree at Northwestern is not going to distinguish you from the work force that much. However, a graduate degree will. Get good grades and get a academic scholarship to cover tuition. Work 10 to 20 hours a week on campus. Half the jobs are ones that you can do your course work while there (i.e. residence hall front desk) and still get paid $10 to $15 and hour. Plenty of alternatives here.

High School kids are stupid (I was too looking back at my choice and resulting student loans) and don't look at how going to a particular school will affect them financially in the long run. They get their heart set on one school even if financially it will make it hard to afford. It is not until after they graduate from a place like Northwestern or NYU with a History degree with 100K to 150K in student loans that they see the magnitude of their decision.

Should you work a summer job to pay tuition? Yes. It may not cover much, but at least you can pay for books and avoid you taking out as much in private loans vs your federal loans. Try to find jobs that coincide with your major. GET AN INTERNSHIP every summer! Can't stress this enough. Your chances of finding a job after college increase exponentially as you now have some experience and you now have connections. Your summer job as a life guard won't cut it on your resume.

Yes, in 1970 tuition was a lot cheaper, but you also did not have as many people going to college. In some areas, colleges would reduce tuition as students became Juniors and Seniors to provide incentives for them to stay and not drop out. Most graduated high school and entered the work force in blue collar jobs, enter apprenticeships, or joined the army. Now everyone thinks they need to go to college and it has become more of a commodity. Hence more administration positions at colleges causing more overhead costs that result in higher tuition.

So to answer your question 'Should young people just pull them selves up by their boot straps?'...Yes. Learn to figure things out without relying on Mommy and Daddy. Does it suck that things cost more, yes, but that is life. Figure out how you can reach your end goal and work to overcome obstacles to get there. If you don't learn to figure out things on your own and be accountable for your own actions now, it is going to be hard for you when you finally enter the work force.

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