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RE: Will you accuse Craig Mottram of doping if....
Whoa, Wwwhhooaa stop right there. Where do you get the idea that I was suggesting that all those runners that I listed were dopers?

I suggested that since so many runners have been able to eclipse the performances of the 80's(like those of the great Henry Rono and the indomitable Said Aouita by significant margins) and that this has been done with an unnatural increasing frequency that it is linked to the fact that NEW and powerful blood boosting drugs were available during that time. This assertion is supported by the fact that several runners have been suspended for EPO, not to mention that athletes in cycling, swimming and skiing have also been busted for erythropoeitin and darbepoetin alfa.

Then Pilja accused me of being disingenuous and making a thinly veiled insinuation that Africans were responsible for the rise in drug use. It was odd because he contended that there has been no rise in drug use, or he at least implied that those who have set the WR's recently are clean. I agree that there has not likely been an increase in the level or depth of drug use, it is the same as it has been for 30 years, it is just that there are better drugs now.

Anyway, I listed those runners as evidence that not all the top runners of the last 10-15 increasingly-faster years were East Africans. Most of the WR's have been set by Ethiopians and Kenyans (this we can all agree on), but there have been a bunch (and I listed some of them!) of runners who were non-East-African that have made the top-10 each year since 1990.

I, in no way, implied that these runners are on drugs. I, in no way, implied that any runner is on drugs.

The World has done that for me. A non-Kenyan wins multiple WCCC titles and starts looking like a super-Champion, runs 7:28/12:49/26:52 ... ooops, then he gets a suspension for EPO.

Brahim Boulami runs ridiculously fast steeple times, making Steeple greats and even other Africans who ran during the mid-90's like Kiptanui look slow at seven seconds back. Ooops ... busted for EPO.

IS EPO behind every WR and every WR holder of the last 15 years? No, I'm not saying that. I am NOT indicting ANYONE. But stop acting like this is just audacious and crazy to say that EPO and Aranesp are contributing to it.

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